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DDDV Ch 35 Part 2 – Running Away from Home (II)

The next morning, Lu Yaoyao woke up energetically. When Yao Jiuxiao fed her breakfast, her small mouth couldn’t stop babbling, happily sharing yesterday’s interesting things with her two fathers.

Seeing his daughter was so excited, Lu Qingyu thoughtfully asked: “Do you like this kind of lively event?”

“Like it.” Lu Yaoyao wagged her head pleasantly. It was so fun and exciting, of course she liked it!

Lu Qingyu said, “In the future, Daddy will give you something more lively.”

Lu Yaoyao blinked. She took a bit on the meat that her Father fed her before turning to look at her Daddy: “What’s more lively?”

“You’ll know later.” Lu Qingyu said mysteriously.

Lu Yaoyao snorted. Adults were like this. They always used words like ‘later’ and ‘after you grow up’ to fool children.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly discovered that Father and Daddy were very secretive these days. They seemed to be doing something behind her back, but she didn’t know what. She originally wanted to stay home with Father today, but Father actually told her to go play with her friends!

This was the first time Father refused her companion!

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t believe it. Didn’t Father and Daddy always like to stick with her?

Although they never said it aloud, they were obviously very happy whenever she stayed by their side!

How long had it passed? Why did they suddenly disliked their little baby?

Lu Yaoyao was hit hard by the shock.

Was she no longer a little cotton-padded jacket1 beloved by Father and Daddy?

They now disliked her!

Because of this great shock, when Lu Yaoyao went out to play with her friends, she had no enthusiasm and became a listless little dumpling.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s depression, Song Xiaoqi and other cubs walked to her and asked with concern: “Yaoyao, what’s the matter with you?”

Lu Yaoyao was squatting on the ground. Her chin was resting on her hands, making her chubby face wrinkled like a deflated ball. Her pair of beautiful eyebrows were deep in a frown. Facing her friend’s concern, she replied without energy: “I’m fine. You go and play. I will watch here.”

A child’s feet were easy to get off balance. Before Yaoyao finished her words, her small body wobbled, and she fell with her buttocks on the ground.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t try to stand up and simply sat on the ground.

Seeing her like this, how could other cubs felt assured to leave her alone and go to play on their own? They crowded around and asked Lu Yaoyao why she was unhappy.

Feeling touched by her friends’ sincere concern, Lu Yaoyao finally replied depressed: “I think my Father and Daddy don’t love me anymore.”

The little dumpling sighed like an adult.

The cubs looked at each other. Song Xiaoqi tilted his head and asked: “Why?” How could Yaoyao’s fathers dislike her?

“I want to accompany my Father today, but he told me to go out to play.” The more Lu Yaoyao said, the more she felt wronged. Her tender little heart was broken whenever she thought that her Father and Daddy didn’t love her anymore.

Did Father and Daddy have a new little cotton-padded jacket and no longer wanted her?

When Lu Yaoyao’s friends heard her answer, they were relieved. So it turned out to be like this. As demons, the cubs were not surprised and even took it for granted: “Adults are like this! They dislike us cubs for being troublesome and noisy, and they always wish that we can grow up overnight.”

“Yeah, My parents always dislike me for disturbing them.”

The cubs spouting out complaints one after another.

“In fact, we cub also don’t like to play with adults. They don’t understand us at all.”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“We accompany them because we are worried that they might be lonely, but they think we are noisy.”

“Daddy and mommy are too hateful!”

“Do you know, Yaoyao? My Dad throws me out of the house before dawn every day. If I come back early, he will look at me in disgust and ask why I come back so early! He hates me for disturbing his and Mom’s world of two people! Dad is too hateful!”

“My father is even more hateful…”

The cubs were full of righteous indignation!

Lu Yaoyao blinked in confusion.

Was, was it true?

Did Father and Daddy tell her to go out to play because she disturbed their world of two people?

But why did she feel something was not right…

“Yaoyao, don’t you agree?”

Lu Yaoyao was deep in her thoughts and didn’t pay attention to her surrounding. Hearing Xiaoqi’s question, she looked up with her big round eyes confusedly, totally was at a loss: “Eh, what?” What were they talking about?

“Running away from home!”

Song Xiaoqi clenched his fat paw, “Let’s run away from home!”

“Yes! Let our parents know that we cubs are not easy to mess with!”

“Well, let’s go!”

The cubs vigorously nodded to each other and left in a lively group with Lu Yaoyao in the middle. Lu Yaoyao followed her friends out of Cangshan in a daze. She was still confused. Why did she suddenly run away from home?

On the shore of the small like, Yao Jiuxiao, who was doing the final polishing on the small wooden sword in his hand, suddenly stopped his movement.

At the same time, Lu Qingyu, who was lying on the wooden recliner, also opened his eyes.


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  1. Cotton-padded jacket: Euphemism for daughters, because they are warm, caring, and close.

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