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DDDV Ch 37 Part 1 – Who Taught You to be So Daring? (I)

The wooden house illuminated by several luminous pearls was as bright as day. On the corner of the main room, a small red dumpling stood motionless, facing the wall with head hanging down.

Even from her back figure, it could be seen that she was an adorable little girl.

Sitting on the black carved chair, Lu Qingyu slowly drank the tea seeped using the black spring water. The misty water vapor on the tea surface covered his overly handsome face.

The house was so quiet that one could hear a needle dropped on the floor.

Lu Yaoyao’s big eyes darted around. She was being punished to stand facing the wall in reflection, but couldn’t stand still. She wanted to turn her head and peep at Father and Daddy. After standing for a long time, Lu Yaoyao felt a little tired, and she tried stretching her foot in secret.

“Stand still.”

Hearing the emotionless words, Lu Yaoyao obediently stopped moving.

The two venerables looked at the child who was receiving her punishment for running away from home. Hitting or spanking was impossible, because neither Lu Qingyu nor Yao Jiuxiao could bear to do it. But the girl must be punished; otherwise, she wouldn’t remember her wrong.

When Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao saw their daughter crying and waiting to get her just beating, neither of them could move their hands. In the end, they took the crying child home.

After being neglected for a while, the scratched left by grass blades on Yaoyao’s skin had become deeper, and the red marks on her white jade-like skin looked very conspicuous. When she got scratched, Lu Yaoyao didn’t feel any pain, just some discomfort, but after returning home and saw the red scratched on her hands, she suddenly felt painfully hot and ran to her Father to act coquettishly: “Father, baby hurts so much!”

She showed Yao Jiuxiao her chubby palms: “Blow it~”

Yao Jiuxiao clumsily blew her palms.

Lu Yaoyao giggled.

Yao Jiuxiao put the girl on the couch, then took out a jade ointment bottle and applied it to her scratches. The refreshing and slightly cold liquid instantly relieved the hot pain. Lu Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed, feeling comfortable. Seeing that Father and Daddy didn’t seem to give her a beating, she thought that the matter was over. But she no longer dared to mention her heroic deeds today. What if Father and Daddy suddenly remembered to beat her? So Lu Yaoyao began to babble endlessly, constantly blowing rainbow farts to her two fathers, with a degree of sweetness that was far beyond the usual.

The red scratches on Lu Yaoyao’s face and hands disappeared at speed visible to naked eyes, instantly returning to her flawless jade-like white skin. Seeing this, Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze softened. As he listened to the girl’s sweet and tender voice praising him and Lu Qingyu again and again, he wondered how to punish her.

If they were in his sect, any disciple who made a mistake would have to reflect on the cliff of reflection. But now, there were not in the Guiyuan sect…

After Yao Jiuxiao checked the girl and made sure there was no problem with her body, he re-tied her now messy little buns, picked her up, and then walked to the corner before putting her down against the wall.

Lu Yaoyao looked up puzzledly at her Father.

What she saw was Yao Jiuxiao’s stern face: “Stand against the wall and reflect on your wrongs.” Since they had no cliff of reflection, a wall of reflection would make do.

Lu Qingyu was also thinking about a suitable punishment for the little girl. Upon seeing this, he felt that the punishment was very good. It was rare that he didn’t say anything against Yao Jiuxiao.

Lu Yaoyao blinked confusedly, but soon realized that she was being punished. She looked at Lu Qingyu, trying to avoid punishment by acting cute like a baby: “Daddy~”

However, her two fathers were hard-hearted. Facing her pitiful little face, they were not at all softhearted. Lu Yaoyao had to turn her head and stand still, obediently facing the wall and reflecting. She had been standing for a while now, and couldn’t help it anymore. Like a hyperactive child, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but tentatively move one of her feet time by time.

Her tiny body shook. She was so tired!

Lu Qingyu said again: “Don’t move.”

Lu Yaoyao was aggrieved, but she stopped moving.

In Devil Realm, cubs were raised under their parents’ protection for a period of time until they had the ability to protect themselves. However, when they learned to hunt, the cubs would have to leave their parents and lived alone to hunt no matter how young they were. Once a devil cub ran out of their parents’ protection, they only had themselves to rely on and blame for anything. Devil race believed in the strong preying on the weak, and Lu Qingyu was a strong believer of this creed. But when he faced his own daughter, Lu Qingyu found that he couldn’t keep his calm. Even though he knew that the child would only suffer a little injury at most, he still couldn’t bear it. Therefore, he became annoyed when he saw that the little girl still didn’t know to reflect on her wrongs.

“Do you know your wrong?”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and quickly replied with her tender voice: “I know I did wrong!”

“What is your wrong?”

Lu Yaoyao hesitated for a moment, “Everything?”

Lu Qingyu’s expression darkened. This stinky kid clearly still didn’t know her wrong.

“You don’t have the ability to protect yourself, yet dared to run to dangerous places. Have you ever thought about what consequences you will face if we don’t arrive in time?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked and couldn’t help turning her small body to face Lu Qingyu, “But Daddy, you and Father arrived in time!”

“Dare to talk back?”

Lu Yaoyao pouted.

Lu Qingyu continued his scolding with a stern face: “At a young age, your walk is still not stable, but dare to run away from home? Who taught you to be so daring, huh?”

Instead of replying, Lu Yaoyao’s big eyes stared at Lu Qingyu silently.

Yao Jiuxiao’s cold gaze also turned to him.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

He thought of his winter ‘excursion’ and immediately refuted in anger: “This Venerable didn’t run away from home!” He wanted to take the child for his own!

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes blinked. It was not?

Lu Qingyu slapped the couch, “Say! Why did you run away from home?”

Lu Yaoyao remembered the reason why she ran away from home, and looked at her two fathers aggrievedly. Her tender, babyish voice was even fiercer than Lu Qingyu: “You two don’t want me anymore!”

Lu Qingyu: “?”

Yao Jiuxiao: “?”

What nonsense? When did they say that they don’t want this child? They wanted her so much, okay? They never stopped scheming for a way to monopolize her and kick the rival aside!


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