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DDDV Ch 38 Part 1 – What are You Doing? (I)

“The road of cultivation is long and insipid. You must have a high determination and be able to bear what ordinary people can’t bear. Your heart must be firm, to be able to press forward with an indomitable will…” His daughter took the initiative to learn swordsmanship, which greatly pleased Yao Jiuxiao. His effort these past few days to subtly influence the child’s curiosity was not in vain. However, he didn’t immediately teach sword moves to her. Instead, he began with a basic lesson of cultivation.

Two people, one big and one small, sat face to face, floating above the rippling blue lake. Lu Yaoyao’s legs were too short to sit cross-legged like Yao Jiuxiao. Her two chubby legs were stretched out in front, and her little head looked around, shaking the two small buns on the top of her head. The buns were tied with a pair of red threads. Each was decorated with two small beads that flickered under the sunlight.

Lu Yaoyao’s bright and energetic eyes were full of curiosity. Her chubby hands touched the space under her little butt and legs, feeling nothing. There was nothing here, so why could she sit steadily? How mysterious!

“Understand?” The cold voice rang again, somewhat helpless.

Lu Yaoyao raised her head and looked back at Yao Jiuxiao. Her eyes blinked as she tilted her head, and her milky voice repeated: “Understand.”

After speaking, her face suddenly became confused. What did Father just say? She didn’t listen carefully.

“…” Yao Jiuxiao sighed helplessly. Forget it. The child was still young. She would slowly understand as she grew up.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. Just keep my words in your heart, and you will understand later.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded and then asked curiously, “Father, why can we sit in the air?”

“When you achieve success in your cultivation, you will naturally be able to do it.”


“When will I achieve success in my cultivation? Will it be tomorrow?” Lu Yaoyao was full of expectations.

“…Cultivation cannot be done overnight. You need to be steadfast…”

Lu Yaoyao blinked. Father’s teaching was so profound. She couldn’t understand. But from what Father had just said, it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to do it tomorrow, so Lu Yaoyao was disappointed.

Yao Jiuxiao stared at his daughter. If his disciple dared to do this when he was giving a lesson, he would punish the disobedient disciple with a cold face. But facing his own little daughter, he was reluctant to speak harshly.

After Yao Jiuxiao instilled a lot of profound lessons in her brain, Lu Yaoyao was finally put down.

Lu Yaoyao stepped on the ground with her feet and hurriedly swung her small wooden sword, “Father, teach me the sword!”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” He spoke for a long time, all for nothing.

Yao Jiuxiao was entangled by Lu Yaoyao’s persistent demand and quickly compromised. He began to teach her the simplest move. Lu Yaoyao tried her best to imitate, but she tried too hard. The wooden sword in her hands swung half a circle, turning her small body around and made her lose her balance. The next moment, Lu Yaoyao fell butt-first on the ground. The little girl lifted her chubby face and looked confusedly at her Father, as if she didn’t understand why did she fall.

A smile flashed across Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes. He warmly said, “It doesn’t matter, just practice more.”

Lu Yaoyao smiled happily. She picked up the small wooden sword and continued to practice the move. Yao Jiuxiao only taught her a very simple sword move. Lu Yaoyao was quick to recover, but because her small body was still undeveloped, she lost balance easily. After practicing a few times, she finally stopped falling.

“You two…what are you doing?”

When Lu Qingyu came back from hunting, he saw Lu Yaoyao standing by the lake, practicing swordsmanship with Yao Jiuxiao. Lu Qingyu’s eyes squinted slightly, and when he looked at Yao Jiuxiao, his eyes were full of murderous intent.

Lu Yaoyao was totally oblivious of the dangerous aura emitted by her Daddy. Seeing Lu Qingyu was back, she happily skipped over and exclaimed: “Daddy, Daddy, look! I am learning sword with Father!”

Lu Yaoyao was full of excitement. Her cheeks flushed, and she immediately showed the result of today’s practice to Lu Qingyu. After proudly showing off, the girl raised her head and looked up. Her bright eyes sparkled, clearly asking for praises.

Lu Qingyu barely restrained his murderous intent and did his best to smile and squeeze out praise: “Yaoyao is very amazing.” Then he took out a whip and said calmly: “Look well. Daddy will show you something more amazing.”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head. Something even more amazing?

Lu Qingyu’s lips curled up into a cold smile. Suddenly, the whip in his hand flicked. When it appeared again, the tail of the whip wrapped around Yao Jiuxiao’s sword, which had moved to block the attack. Then the two venerables began to fight again. Lu Qingyu’s whip was merciless, and his attacks were overwhelming, suppressing Yao Jiuxiao. At first glance, it seemed that he had the upper hand.

Lu Yaoyao’s mouth gaped wide in awe.

The whip in Lu Qingyu’s hand seemed to be alive. It flew into the air, looking extremely powerful and domineering. After beating his rival for a while, Lu Qingyu stopped. He then smiled at his daughter: “How? Isn’t Daddy amazing?”

“Amazing! Daddy is amazing!”

“Want to learn?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded instantly, “Yes!” She also wanted to be as domineering as Daddy!

Lu Qingyu instantly broke in a full smile, like a spring flower: “Good child.”

Yao Jiuxiao who was beaten one-sidedly: “…”

Lu Qingyu squatted down and patted Lu Yaoyao’s head. His voice was very gentle: “If you learn the whip, then you must stop learning sword from that guy!”

Huh? Is that so? Lu Yaoyao was unwilling: “Cannot I learn both?” She wanted to be as elegant and powerful as Father, and she also wanted to be as awesome and domineering as Daddy. It was very difficult for her to choose only one.

Lu Qingyu’s smile deepened, “This Venerable’s little princess is really ambitious.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyebrows frowned, “It’s not appropriate.”

Although learning more than one weapon was possible, very few cultivators could use dual natal weapons. Therefore, Yao Jiuxiao disagreed. Initially, he felt that he had taken advantage by subtly influencing Yaoyao to practice swordsmanship, so he didn’t fight back and let Lu Qingyu vent his anger. But now, he looked at his daughter, who was greedy to learn everything. This child had yet to understand the significance of choosing a natal weapon.

Lu Qingyu laughed happily, “What’s wrong with that? This Venerable thinks that it’s very appropriate.”

His little princess should be unique.

“Daddy supports you to learn both.” Lu Qingyu turned his head to look at Yao Jiuxiao, his smile turned cold: “If you don’t agree, then she should just drop her sword practice.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” Did he just get beaten for nothing?

Lu Yaoyao didn’t understand the jabs hidden between her two fathers’ conversation. Hearing that she could learn both sword and whip, she jumped up with joy.

However, Lu Yaoyao’s joy didn’t last long. She soon realized that Father and Daddy had started quarreling again, and the atmosphere between them was very tense.

“From tomorrow, Yaoyao will learn the whip during the day and learn the sword at night.”

“Sword during the day and whip at night.”

“During the day…”

“At night…”

Lu Yaoyao stared at Father, then stared at Daddy. Her eyes were hollow. She found this scene to be familiar and felt that soon, the fire would burn at her.

Sure enough, after a while, Lu Qingyu looked at Lu Yaoyao and said, “Yaoyao, what do you think?”

Lu Yaoyao was put under her two father’s intense gazes. The pressure was very high. She averted her eyes and quickly said: “Father, Daddy, how about you fight once again? Whoever win, I will practice with him in the morning and then will practice with the one who lost in the afternoon.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Lu Qingyu asked quietly, “What about the night?”

Lu Yaoyao was panicked in an instant. So harsh? Father and Daddy didn’t even let her go at night? Did she have to practice all day and all night?

Lu Yaoyao straightened her waist and declared self-righteously: “I’m going to accompany Father and Daddy at night!” She also needed time to play! Although it seemed fun to learn new things, she still wanted to have free time to play with other things!

Hearing this reason, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t object. They also stopped quarreling. Lu Yaoyao was still young and didn’t need to practice all day long. It would also take her at least another two or three years before she formally started to cultivate. Until the time came, at most they would only let her learn by playing. Therefore, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao decided that whoever stayed at home with the child would be responsible for accompanying her playing and practicing.

Seeing that her two fathers finally stopped quarreling, Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief and wiped away the non-existent sweat. She really didn’t have it easy!


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