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DDDV Ch 4 Part 1 – How to Coax a Child (I)

Seeing Father and Daddy no longer forced her to choose a name, Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief. She was secretly happy that she had successfully passed this hurdle.

Unknown to her, this was just the beginning.

But for now, Lu Yaoyao, who was full and content, was playing by herself. When she lifted her feet, she noticed something was tied on her ankle. She tried hard to fold her feet towards her face, wanting to see what it was. However, her current small body couldn’t do such a difficult maneuver, so her effort was useless.

Lu Qingyu watched his daughter playing on the couch with great interest. He and Yao Jiuxiao argued long over her name. The argument only came to an end because they saw that the little girl was still ignorant and couldn’t make a choice yet. They put down the topic for the time being, and decided to wait until the child could speak before letting her choose once again.

Lu Qingyu secretly planned to call her “Zhu’er” as much as possible, so that his daughter could get used to and accepted this name. Yao Jiuxiao, this thousand-year-old iceberg who cherished his words like gold, wasn’t his opponent. At that time…hehe!

Lu Qingyu stared at the little girl, squinting his eyes slightly. This kid had better known what was good for her. Otherwise…

Lu Yaoyao, who was trying hard to reach her feet, suddenly became vigilant. Her eyes squiggled quickly. Someone was plotting against her?!

After being alert for a while, the feeling disappeared, so she continued flailing her limbs vigorously.

Lu Qingyu watched his daughter for a moment, then turned to ask Yao Jiuxiao: “Do you have low-grade spirit stones?” As for him, he didn’t even have a single middle-grade spirit stone, so he had to ask his rival.

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression stunned, “No.”

Anything he obtained by himself or gotten from juniors in the sect were all top-rank items: rare spiritual herbs, highest-grade spirit stones, powerful magic artifacts…His grotto-space had several highest-grade spiritual veins, but nothing of the lower grades.

“You don’t even have a single low-grade spirit stone?”


“What about this child’s spiritual milk?”


When Yaoyao overheard her two fathers’ conversation, she finally realized. So this family was so poor? They couldn’t even afford the spiritual milk she just drank. Could they afford to raise her?

Lu Yaoyao was worried. Father and Daddy wouldn’t throw her away, would they?

Should she drink less milk?

Lu Yaoyao was anxious about her food situation. After worrying and worrying, sleepiness surged. She put down her tiny hands and feet. Her eyes blinked sleepily, and she soon fell asleep.

This child finally quieted down.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao stopped talking. They sat on the left and right sides of the couch and began to meditate.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly woke up, feeling an unignorable physiological signal from her body.

She, she wants to…

Lu Yaoyao babbled twice in a loud voice.

Father, Daddy, your daughter is going to pee her pants!

As soon as Lu Yaoyao woke up, the two men guarding on her sides opened their eyes. Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao saw their daughter yelling loudly. Her tone seemed to be different from before, as if urging anxiously.

“Ah, ah, aaaah!!!”

Lu Yaoyao was anxious. Why are Father and Daddy still don’t move?

Lu Qingyu tilted his head in doubt, “What’s wrong with Zhu’er?”

“It’s Shu’er.” Yao Jiuxiao first righted the name, then he said confidently: “She is hungry.” Yao Jiuxiao took the jade bottle next to them, opened its plug, and then handed it to the child.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She yelled in protest. Her little hands pushed the jade bottle away.

She isn’t hungry! She wants to pee!

Lu Qingyu stroke his chin, “Zhu’er isn’t hungry.” Then he guessed: “Zhu’er must want to get coaxed. Didn’t the peach flower demon say so? When a cub cries, they must be coaxed.”

Yao Jiuxiao remembered the previous chaos. His face stiffened.

Lu Qingyu rolled his eyes. A smirk appeared on his lips: “You hug her.”

Yao Jiuxiao was expressionless.

Lu Qingyu said: “I already hugged her. Now it is your turn. Otherwise, Zhu’er will think that you don’t love her, and she definitely won’t like you.”

“Just hug her. It’s very simple.” Lu Qingyu completely forgot how stiff his daughter was when being hold by him before. He wholeheartedly encouraged Yao Jiuxiao, wanting to see his rival’s joke.

“Aaaah!! Aaaah!!” Lu Yaoyao yelled loudly. Her pink and tender face turned red, and she tried hard to reach out her hands.

Lu Qingyu pointed at her, “See? Zhu’er also wants it.”

Yao Jiuxiao fell silent for a moment, then made up his mind. He flicked his fingers, flying the little girl into the air and landing her on his open hands. The moment they touched, the soft, light, and delicate feeling made him straighten his body instinctively. Yao Jiuxiao even forgot to breathe, for fear that the soft little creature in his hands would be hurt if he moved even slightly. His whole body stiffened, especially his hands, totally motionless.

The child on his hands flailed about vigorously, babbling and yelling in a loud voice.

“Aaah, aaah!!” Beautiful Father knew nothing about hugging a baby, and Lu Yaoyao was so uncomfortable in this posture. But she didn’t have time to care about such a trivial matter for now, and anxiously tried to send an urgent signal.

Beautiful Father lowered his head to look at her, completely unaware of the message she was sending. Lu Yaoyao could no longer resist her bodily instinct, and warm water finally gushed out.

Lu Yaoyao’s small body stiffened.


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Translator note:

Number one parenthood insight: the road of raising children is full of pee and poo hardships.

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