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DDDV Ch 4 Part 2 – How to Coax a Child (II)

Yao Jiuxiao suddenly felt a wetness on his wrists. Water stains spread down on his pure white sleeves. Yao Jiuxiao was shocked. His face turned green and white, as cold as frost.

Lu Yaoyao was so ashamed that her whole body turned red in embarrassment.

She peed her pants! She peed on Beautiful Father!

This cognition made her extremely ashamed.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help it anymore, and was about to cry loudly. But she had just opened her small mouth when her cry was interrupted by a sudden burst of laughter.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were full of tears, but she was so startled that she forgot to cry. She looked over with her teary eyes and saw Beautiful Daddy was laughing on the couch. His body was half-reclining, his front flaps opened slightly, and the laughter made the tail of his eyes reddened. Very stunning.

Lu Yaoyao’s mouth opened slightly. She was mesmerized.

Beautiful Daddy is so beautiful!

“Hahahaha…” Lu Qingyu laughed wildly, his hands slapped the couch. The high and mighty Dao Venerable Hengwu was peed by a kid, hahaha!

Especially seeing Yao Jiuxiao’s face at this time, it was enough to make him laugh three days and three nights.

Yao Jiuxiao’s face darkened faintly. With no warning, he directly shoved the wet little girl onto Lu Qingyu.

Lu Qingyu’s laughter came to an abrupt end. He looked down at the little cub lying on his side and pressing his clothes with an innocent look.

Lu Qingyu’s face suddenly cracked.

Yao Jiuxiao felt refreshed. Thousands of years of glacier melt, and a spring breeze came.

The room was quiet. Yao Jiuxiao used a dirt-removal spell on the little girl to clean her body, then went out to change his clothes and cleanse himself.

Lu Qingyu also left for a moment.

Lu Yaoyao was lying on the couch with a dazed face.

She peed her pants. Why didn’t they change her clothes?

Although her body was suddenly dry, she didn’t feel comfortable without wiping her ass or changing her pants.

She yelled a few times, summoning the two beautiful fathers. Seeing that they both had changed their clothes, Lu Yaoyao became angry. Why did they change their own clothes, but forgot to change hers?!

“Ah, ah, ah, ya, aah!” Baby Yaoyao yelled fiercely, expressing her anger and dissatisfaction.

Lu Qingyu stood in front of the couch. He folded his arms and stared at his daughter: “Dares to yell at This Venerable?” He sneered: “A cub who doesn’t even have teeth yet. Truly overestimating your own ability.”

Lu Yaoyao was so angry. Daddy actually mocked her!

Lu Qingyu came over with a doubting look: “Why do you stop making noise?”

Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes. I don’t care even if you look beautiful. I’m angry, and I’m ignoring you!

“Sleeping again? Really too weak.”

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help it anymore and started crying: “Whaaaaa!!!!”

Lu Qingyu quickly took a few steps back. The child’s cry made his scalp numb: “Why is she crying?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was equally tense, “Hungry?”

Lu Qingyu commanded, “Give her the milk. Hurry up.”

The fragrant spiritual milk was stuffed into Lu Yaoyao’s mouth. She took a few gulps. She was indeed a little hungry. Just ate first and cried again later.

Lu Yaoyao finished half a bottle in one breath, pushed the jade bottle away, closed her eyes slightly, and resumed crying with a loud voice.

Father and Daddy didn’t change her pants and wipe her ass. She is a dirty baby!

And even laugh at her! Why are they so bad!

“Why is she crying again?” Lu Qingyu couldn’t understand why this small cub was so troublesome.

Yao Jiuxiao shook the jade bottle. There was still a lot of milk left in it. He remembered this child drank a whole bottle before. Thinking that she hasn’t yet full, he stuffed the bottle again into her mouth.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t see it was coming. The jade bottle’s hard tip knocked to her gums. Feeling the pain, her dry howling turned into a real cry.

It hurts!

Lu Yaoyao cried loudly.

“You made Zhu’er cry! Quickly coax her!” Seeing her crying irritated Lu Qingyu’s mood.

Seeing the child didn’t drink the spiritual milk, Yao Jiuxiao stood silently on the side. There was a helplessness in his usually cold face. He also didn’t know how to coax a child. Furthermore, his daughter’s cry made his mood unstable, and a strange emotion rose in his heart. Yao Jiuxiao tried to soften his tone and said awkwardly: “Don’t cry.”

However, the loud cry still reverberated, totally unaffected.

Finally, Yao Jiuxiao dug up a scene he had seen from his long memory. Children in the sect seemed to be very happy when taken to fly on adults’ swords.

Yao Jiuxiao activated a spell, and an invisible air current brought the crying baby up to fly in the air.

Lu Yaoyao felt her body was being held up gently. She opened her big teary eyes and found that she was flying. She slowly stopped crying, and couldn’t help but exclaimed twice.

In fact, her gums only hurt for a while, and the pain soon disappeared. But she felt very wronged and couldn’t stop crying. Now she was suddenly flying up and down, Lu Yaoyao forgot feeling wronged and became very happy.

She started to laugh.

Ah, ah, it’s more exciting than riding a roller coaster!

What is a roller coaster? It doesn’t matter. Anyway, she likes it.

Lu Yaoyao was so excited.

The little girl flew all across the room, letting out a string of laughter. Lu Qingyu watched from the side. Now that the child no longer cried, his irritable mood was soothed, and his heart calmed down again. Although he didn’t know what was so fun doing this, he didn’t expect Yao Jiuxiao to really coax the child.

Yao Jiuxiao sighed in relief. Finally, the child stopped crying.


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    1. What they need is not just the demon granny but a human one who can help sort out the normal human baby stuff and the stuff that isn’t normal for a human baby.

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