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DDDV Ch 40 Part 1 – The Silver Wolf Clan (I)

The room was full of heavy silence as Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao looked at the sleeping little girl. After another round of accusing each other and quarreling, the two fathers finally guessed the truth of the matter.

—It seemed that the little girl secretly approached one of them when the other was absent and used her sweet little tongue to coquettishly make them give her more snacks.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao both thought that their daughter only did it to themselves. They were extremely pleased and secretly proud. Feeling complacent, they were willing to give her all the pills, fruits, and treasures she wanted. As a result, when the child was staying with the other guy, she also gave him the same sweet talk?

Imagining how the child blew the same rainbow farts to the rival, the two venerables’ mood was extremely complicated. Unexpectedly, there would be a time when they got fooled by a little girl. The two never had any doubt before. Both of them firmly believed that it was them, and not the other guy, whom the little girl regarded as her most beloved and most special parent.

Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao also assumed that Lu Yaoyao would immediately eat the fruits and pills she got from them. Feeling no abnormality on her body, they thought that it was okay to occasionally give her extra ‘snacks.’ How could they guess that she would actually stockpile such a huge amount and then secretly ate so much in one go?

Half-amused and half-angry, the two venerables didn’t know what kind of expression they should make at this moment.

What a clever brat!

Lu Yaoyao slept for a long time and finally woke up on the evening of the fifteenth day. Upon waking up, she felt more energetic than ever. She was so overwhelmed with energy that she couldn’t help waving her short limbs around before jumping off the bed.

Huh? Her body seemed to be very light. It was very easy to jump.


A calm voice suddenly rang in the room. Lu Yaoyao looked up and saw her Father and Dad sitting not far away.

“Father! Daddy!”

Lu Yaoyao pounced at them and soon nestled in Lu Qingyu’s arms, rubbing her face all around his robe. The corners of Lu Qingyu’s lips were slightly upturned, but quickly flattened again. He slightly lifted his chin and motioned at the pile of physical evidence on the table: “Explain.”

Lu Yaoyao looked over and saw all the snacks she hadn’t finished eating yet, all piled neatly on the table.

…It’s bad. She fell asleep too fast and forgot to put back the snacks into her pouch. To made it worse, she woke up late and was caught red-hand by Father and Daddy.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes quickly moved around: “Daddy, please listen to my explanation!”

Lu Qingyu smiled slightly: “Alright. Say your defense. This Venerable is listening.”

“Because I love Father and Daddy so much, I can’t bear to eat the snacks you give me. As a result, I have saved so much without realizing it…” Lu Yaoyao straightened her waist and spoke very earnestly: “Those things: every fruit, every candy, every toy, are proof that Father and Daddy love me. I want to keep and treasure them well!”

Finished speaking, Lu Yaoyao hurriedly climbed down from Lu Qingyu’s knees and ran to the table, wanting to quickly put back her precious stash of snacks. However, as soon as Lu Yaoyao’s feet landed on the floor, her back collar was grabbed by Lu Qingyu, who lifted her up without giving her the chance to resist.

Like a cat being caught by its neck, Lu Yaoyao instantly stopped moving and put down her hands and feet in submission. Although the little girl seemed to be obedient, her eyes moved around quickly as she thought hard of a solution. Lu Yaoyao then deliberately made her voice as sweet as honey: “Daddy~”

Lu Qingyu turned the child around and gave her a meaningful gaze. His smile deepened as he said: “Kid, let me tell you a piece of good news.”

Lu Yaoyao blinked in curiosity. What good news?

“Your cultivation level has reached the late stage of Foundation Establishment.”

“???” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head. She didn’t quite understand. But from Daddy’s words, it seemed to be very awesome, so she clapped her hands in joy. “Really? Great!” How awesome!

But why did she become so powerful all of a sudden? After a bout of joy, Lu Yaoyao was struck with puzzlement. She didn’t seem to have started cultivating seriously, ah!

Lu Qingyu continued: “Because your cultivation has reached the Foundation Establishment stage, you are stuck with this appearance and won’t grow up in the future.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at Lu Qingyu blankly. It took her a long time to understand what her Daddy had just said.

Did Daddy just say that she will no longer grow up in the future?

She won’t grow up?!

Did she hear it right? Did she hear it right?

After Lu Yaoyao digested the hard truth, she broke into a loud cry.

From now on, she would forever be stuck in this short chubby figure and couldn’t grow into an amazing S-curve with beautiful long legs?

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know what an S-curve was, but it didn’t prevent her from crying in heartbreak.

She is so sad!


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  1. Bet they’re going to say something like ‘we can make it so you can grow in the future, but you can never eat the fruit and candies until you’re an adult’.

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