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DDDV Ch 41 Part 1 – First Meeting (I)

The territory where Duanping Mountains Range was located was technically under the jurisdiction of White Tiger King, one of the five demon kings of the Demon Realm. But because this place was too barren and remote, it was always seen as useless by White Tiger King, yet he also loathed letting go of it. The lords appointed to govern various territories sent tributes to White Tiger King every year, yet Duanping Mountain Range had never sent anything so far. On the contrary, the king had to send large amounts of spirit stones and spiritual materials to appease the lord there.

Over time, no demons were willing to govern the Duanping territory, and the king also no longer bothered to pay attention. Slowly, the place seemed to be forgotten by everyone. Because it was too barren, demons with a slightly high cultivation base were reluctant to come, and even when they passed by occasionally, they never cast the place a single glance. However, it was thanks to this fact that Duanping Mountains Range became a safe haven for a certain group of demons.

For weak demons, living in the cities under the governance of strong demons was not easy. Although the places were full of aura, they had to live very cautiously every day. Those demons, who had no high ambitions, were more than willing to live freely in a barren place with no existence of strong demons. Because of this reason, Duanping Mountain Range became a safe haven for such demons. They moved from the capital or other places one after another and began to live here a long time ago.

Most of the demons living in the Duanping Mountains Range today were the descendants of those demons who migrated from their original homes and settled down here more than a thousand years ago. Originally, there were more residents. But those original demons were unable to raise their cultivation level. Their lifespans were limited, and they got old and passed away one after another, making this place less populated than before.

On top of that, this place was too barren of spiritual aura, which made most of the original demons’ descendants unable to awaken their spiritual wisdom. Sometimes, a cub that could awaken their spiritual wisdom was only born once in decades. This was one of the reasons why there were fewer and fewer demon cubs in the Duanping Mountain Range.

Most of the demons here had been disconnected from the outside world. Many of them had never even stepped out of this place where they were born and grew up. Their life was no better than a reclusive life. They had never thought there would be a day when the demon capital would send a general to govern their homeland.

In such a remote place like Duanping, the arrival of a newcomer was exciting enough for the locals to gossip for one full month. Therefore, when they discovered that a large group of very powerful demons were approaching Duanping Mountains Range and showing signs of staying here for a long time, the locals became suspicious and worried that this group of newcomers might be harboring bad intentions.

There were no formal leaders in Duanping. Demons with the highest cultivation bases were only in the late stage of Body Refining, and they were numbered a few throughout the whole mountain ranges. However, since the arrival of the two stone demons Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, the locals subtly began to treat them as their leaders. The two were in the late stage of Body Refining, but even demons with the same cultivation bases still felt an indescribable pressure from the two and subconsciously regarded them to be much superior in strength.

Having been living in peace throughout their lives, Duanping demons had very sharp instincts. Therefore, after sensing a group of very powerful demons were taking a camp just outside the mountains range, some local demons immediately came to Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao. The first to come was the leopard demon, who regarded Yao Jiuxiao as his leader ever since the latter saved his life a few years ago.

Upon seeing Yao Jiuxiao, the leopard quickly explaining the circumstance and then said worriedly: “We still don’t know why they are here. This place doesn’t have anything that might attract the attention of the powerful demons outside, right?”

The older generation of Duanping demons frequently warned their descendants about how frightening were the powerful demons. Therefore, the younger generations were particularly wary that the group’s arrival might break their tranquil and peaceful life.

The group of unknown demons camped on the border of Duanping Mountain Range, outside the barrier erected by Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu, so the two didn’t know yet about their arrival until the leopard demon came with the news. Upon hearing the news, Yao Jiuxiao expanded the range of his spiritual sense and probed around.

Sure enough, there were indeed a group of wolf demons stationed just outside the barrier. From their stance, it seemed that they didn’t intend to leave in a short time. The leader of this group had reached the cultivation base of the Soul Projection stage1. Even under the command of a demon king, this level of strength was enough to make him a general. The rest of the wolf demons were not as strong as their leader, but a few had also reached the Demon Core stage.

What are they doing here?

Yao Jiuxiao also had the same question. Duanping Mountain Range was a very remote place that wasn’t under the jurisdiction of any powerhouse in the demon realm. Otherwise, he and Lu Qingyu wouldn’t choose this place to live incognito. Before and after they settled here, their spiritual senses had swept the in and out of the mountains countless times. Yao Jiuxiao was sure that this place had nothing that might attract the attention of outsiders.

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on Lu Qingyu’s shoulders, making a fuss with his hair. After overhearing the news Uncle Leopard brought, she looked over curiously.

Yao Jiuxiao said: “I will pay attention to this matter.” At present, he also didn’t want to break this peaceful life. If this group of newcomer demons was proven to be a threat, he would take necessary measures.

After receiving Yao Jiuxiao’s answer, the leopard demon left in relief.

Lu Yaoyao asked, “Father, are you going to take a look?”

Yao Jiuxiao nodded.

Lu Qingyu sneered, “It doesn’t matter who comes and for what purpose. Just kill them all.”

Lu Yaoyao frowned. She lightly smacked Lu Qingyu’s head with her little hand and said solemnly: “Daddy, you shouldn’t say ‘kill’ at every turn. It’s wrong for you to do this.”

Lu Qingyu’s face suddenly turned dark. He usually taught her a lot, so how come this girl listened more to Yao Jiuxiao’s teaching?

His little princess was taught crooked by this damn guy!

After Lu Yaoyao finished admonishing her Daddy, she turned to her Father and expressed her worry: “Uncle Leopard said that those demons are very strong. What if Father cannot beat them?”

What if those demons were bad guys, and they bullied her Father? Lu Yaoyao didn’t want her Father to get hurt.

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes softened, “Father will be fine.”


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  1. A quick reminder of demon race’s cultivation levels: Awakening, Body Refining, Transformation, Demon Core, Demon Soul, Soul Projection, Soul Transformation, Body Fusion, Crossing Tribulation, Great Ascension.

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