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DDDV Ch 41 Part 2 – First Meeting (II)

What if those demons were bad guys and they bullied her Father? Lu Yaoyao didn’t want her Father to get hurt.

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes softened, “Father will be fine.”

Lu Yaoyao was still worried, “Daddy is also very strong. Father, you should also bring Daddy when you go. Ask also Uncle Leopard, Grandpa Locust Tree…” Lu Yaoyao listed all the neighbor demons whom she knew to be very strong. After that, she looked at Yao Jiuxiao and said anxiously: “Father, you must not go alone!”

Yao Jiuxiao was silent for a moment. Then, under Lu Yaoyao’s worried gaze, he nodded.

Lu Yaoyao was actually very curious. She and her friends had explored the whole Duanping Mountain Range several times and fought many times with the cubs from other mountains. Hearing about the new demons who suddenly appeared, she really wanted to see what they were like. But Lu Yaoyao was a sensible baby, and she knew not to cause troubles to her Father and Daddy. So she only emphasized: “Father, you should tell me about those demons after you come back!”

However, before Yao Jiuxiao could do anything, another demon came to inform that the group outside had sent a messenger, saying they wanted to talk to the demons in charge of the whole Duanping Mountain Range.

“Alright.” Yao Jiuxiao nodded. He then decided the place and time for the meeting.

Lu Yaoyao heard that the other party was so polite. They shouldn’t be bad demons! She suddenly kicked around with excitement and said: “Father, I want to go too!”

The two venerables easily agreed to her request.

The next day, a group of Duanping demons departed for the meeting. Their number was not small. Originally, Yao Jiuxiao didn’t want to bring anyone, but other demons refused to let Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu go alone, fearing that the other party had a bad intention. If a fight really broke, although they couldn’t help much, their number would still be helpful.

Seeing their insistence, Yao Jiuxiao stopped saying anything.

The place for the meeting was at the junction on the border of the Duanping Mountains Range. When Yao Jiuxiao and the others arrived, three unfamiliar demons had already stood there; their appearances were unusual. One of them was a handsome man, wearing armor and looked very imposing. Behind the man were a pair of a man and a woman, wearing lighter armor and looked to be the man’s bodyguards.

When Yin Hui saw the arrival of the group of demons, he immediately noticed the two very extraordinary men walking in the forefront center and the cute little girl one of them was holding. The girl was also the only cub here.

At first look, Yin Hui somehow felt that he was facing a mighty power. For a split moment, he seemed to feel a tremendous pressure that was even heavier than the demon king himself. However, upon a closer inspection, he could see that the two men were stone demons and that their cultivation bases were only at the late stage of Body Refining.

Did he…feel it wrong just now?

But Yin Hui had no time to think deeply. As the group of local demons stopped in front of him, he cupped his hands and went straight to explain the reason for their sudden arrival: “I am the leader of the silver wolf clan. I am appointed a general under the White Tiger King’s command and was ordered to take charge of the territory around Duanping Mountain Range.” Because of the feeling just now, Yin Hui’s attitude was even more polite, regardless that the people he was facing now were weak demons with a very low cultivation base.

Yin Hui’s mood was heavy. The locals’ low cultivation base clearly showed how barren this place was.

When Duanping’s demons heard what Yin Hui just said, they looked at each other in a baffle. A general actually came to govern their remote and barren homeland?

The locust tree demon with white hair and white beard asked: “How will General governs us?”

Yin Hui replied, “I have no intention to disturb the local peace and custom. How it was before will be the same as how it is in the future. Please don’t worry.”

Hearing this answer, the demons quickly felt assured.

“However, I need to understand the situation and circumstance here. Therefore, we need your cooperation.”

“Of course.”


Yin Hui’s gaze swept over the two stone demons who hadn’t spoken so far. He could see that the rest of the local demons seemed to obey these two, so they might be Duanping’s nominal leader. However, he couldn’t help but wonder, did such outstanding demons really have cultivation bases only in the Body Refining stage?

Compared with the Duanping demons, who had simple minds and simple thoughts, Yin Hui was far more experienced. He grew up in the demon capital and had also seen a lot when working for the White Tiger King. He knew that some powerful personages would conceal their true cultivation bases when they wanted to be incognito. If these two were indeed like that, for Yin Hui to be unable to see their real cultivation bases meant that they were far more powerful than him. Yin Hui quickly searched his memory, but none of the powerful figures he knew to be in the Soul Transformation stage or above matched the profile of the two demons.

Regardless of his suspicion, Yin Hui always maintained a polite attitude and clearly informed the locals of what he and his clan were going to do. Yin Hui’s moved his gaze and inadvertently met a pair of big black eyes. Seeing the little girl’s face, Yin Hui was stunned a little, but when she gave him an innocent smile, he subconsciously smiled back.

Yin Hui inwardly thought. This little girl looked very similar to the red-robed stone demon. They should be either a father and daughter or at least have a very close blood relationship. But why did he feel that the girl also looked similar to the white-robed stone demon?

Lu Yaoyao was ecstatic. These newcomers were so friendly. It’s great that they didn’t have to fight!

Other Duanping demons also felt the same way. On their way home, one of them couldn’t help commenting: “This General Yin Hui is so kind. He ie very polite even to us weak demons.”

“Yes!” This remark was responded positively by others.

The demon realm was a place where the strong preyed on the weak. General Yin Hui was so powerful, and he was also the lord appointed by the great king himself to rule over this territory. Even if he and his clan were to monopoly the best mountain, the locals didn’t dare to object. But after the general knew that each mountain had already been occupied, he didn’t order them to relocate and vacate the best mountain for himself and his clan. Instead, he wanted to establish a new territory for the silver wolf clan in the wasteland outside Duanping Mountain Range.

The wasteland might be vast, but it was filled with dangers lurking in every corner. However, the general and his men were so strong that they didn’t fear the dangers of the wasteland. On top of that, the site they chose was close to the chasm, and the mountain there was indeed the only one without any inhabitants.

Yin Hui’s thoughtful arrangement and kindness quickly put the locals at ease. However, there was also the probability that it was only an acting to let them relax their vigilance. No matter what, the locals wouldn’t take the initiative to contact Yin Hui’s group in a short time. A period of observations was a must. It was not too late to accept them after determining that there would be no conflicts between the two parties.

However, one question was still left unanswered. Duanping Mountain Range had never had a lord for more than one thousand years. Why did the king suddenly think of this place?


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Author’s note:

Little wolf is not the male lead, but a childhood friend. I have not put the male lead’s name in the protagonist column because I haven’t figured out what his name should be…something with a ‘Yuan’ character, perhaps?

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