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DDDV Ch 42 Part 1 – Report Your Name! (I)

“General, why are you so polite to them?” The female guard asked puzzledly. In her opinion, General’s attitude today was totally puzzling and had broken her perception about Demon Realm’s emphasis on the status difference between the weak and the strong. General was not only the strongest demon here, but he was also the territory lord assigned by the king himself. The locals had no choice but to obey the General, especially because they were all so weak.

No, General’s attitude was more than polite and could even be described as humble and respectful. Even if General was exiled by the king, he was still a powerful demon in the Soul Projection stage. Who dared to disrespect?

Yin Hui watched the group of local demons leave and was silent for a moment. Then he said: “We are newcomers here and don’t know anything about this place yet. There is nothing wrong with being cautious.”

Yin Hui was still thinking about the three demons he had seen earlier. The two male demons looked outstanding and extraordinary, while the little one was full of aura. His hunch told him that he should not offend them. His thoughts then floated to the Demon Capital a few months ago. He had served the king for many years. Even if there was no merit, he at least deserved credit for hard work. As a result, because his young son offended the nephew of the king’s beloved concubine, he, his whole clan, and the subordinates under him were mercilessly exiled from the capital, which truly chilled their hearts.

Although he was downhearted, but thinking about his wife, son, clan members, and loyal subordinates who willingly followed him away from the prosperous Demon Capital to this barren land, Yin Hui refused to be discouraged. He was determined to be a proper lord and bring safety and stability to his people.

His territory encompassed both the wasteland and Duanping Mountain Range. However, Duanping Mountain Range was the only habitable place. They might have to take root here, and the demons who lived here would become their neighbors and subjects. He would not exploit them. On the contrary, he wanted to build a good relationship between the two sides. Therefore, it was better to lower their posture from the beginning so that they could blend in as soon as possible.

Some of Yin Hui’s decisions were not understood well by his subordinates, but he had their absolute trust and loyalty, and they strictly obeyed the rules he set.

In the end, the silver wolf clan settled in the junction area between Duanping Mountain Range, the chasm, and the wasteland. The site they chose was of a higher elevation, with its three sides bordered the chasm and the vast wasteland and its front connected with Duanping Mountain Range. Yin Hui’s subordinates cleared away any possible dangerous objects nearby and built a settlement there. The old, the weak, and the children lived in the middle, while younger people with stronger cultivation bases lived on the periphery.

Duanping demons were skeptical at first and were wary of getting in touch with the newcomers. However, their leader promised that they wouldn’t disturb the locals, and so far, he had kept his words. After observing in private for many days, Duanping demons found that the silver wolf clan really seemed to prepare to live here permanently. Day after day, their routines were the same: either building houses or cleaning their settlement. They also went hunting, but instead of entering the area of Duanping Mountain, the silver wolf clan hunted directly in the wasteland. When the two sides occasionally met on the way, the silver wolf clan would greet Duanping demons kindly, regardless of their superior strength.

Over time, Duanping demons gradually let go of their guards and slowly got in touch with the newcomers. Silver wolf clan in the wasteland had become the center of gossip in Duanping Mountain Range. For quite a while, whenever Duanping demons gathered around, the topic of conversation would turn to the silver wolf clan. Sharing every updated news about their new neighbors.

Lu Yaoyao only paid attention for a day or two, but soon didn’t have the energy anymore. Recently, she was dreaming every night. Sometimes, there was nothing in her dream, except for a lonely little girl lying alone in a very strange room full of weird things.

Lu Yaoyao was ignorant at first, but felt that the little girl was so pitiful. She seemed to be able to read the little girl’s mind and slowly able to comprehend what the little girl knew.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly realized that she was dreaming of another world.

Lu Yaoyao also saw a lot of interesting things through the little girl’s eyes. It turned out that she lived in a hospital, and the weird box on the wall that played Monkey King every day was called a TV. There was also a square-shaped mobile phone and a lot of books…


Lu Yaoyao suddenly realized that she was recalling the memory of her previous life. The little girl who looked a bit like her was herself in her previous life!

Lu Yaoyao clenched her chubby fist. She must have drunk Meng Po’s soup that had been expired1Meng Po is the Goddess of Forgetfulness in Chinese mythology. In the Chinese underworld, she is tasked with feeding soup of forgetfulness for dead souls before they reincarnated, so they can start the next life without memory of previous life.2. No wonder she already understood a lot when she was just born, and strange words would pop up in her mind from time to time, despite never hearing her Father or Daddy spoke of them before. Those words, which didn’t exist in this world, must be the things she knew in her previous life.

However, in the memories she recovered, there were only modern knowledge and common sense that she learned from the TV, mobile phone, and books. As for whether she had any relatives or friends, she had no idea.

In her previous life, Lu Yaoyao only lived to sixteen.

As for why was she reborn into this world, she didn’t know.


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  1. I like the idea of inheriting the past life’s memory, slowly and late, guve MC enough time to create her own personality and common sense separate from her past life.

    1. Totally agree.. It’s kinda weird to see a grown ass adult mind in a small child body sometimes but then again I tend to forgot they’re actually an adult in child body

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