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DDDV Ch 42 Part 2 – Report Your Name! (II)

For the next few days, Lu Yaoyao no longer dreamed about her previous life. Therefore, it was confirmed that the Meng Po soup she drank had really passed its shelf life. The soup had little effect, but was not totally ineffective.

Lu Yaoyao propped her chubby cheeks sadly. What was the use of remembering a little bit of her previous life? Just to let her know that not only was she reborn, but even no longer a human?

Precisely because she only recalled a bit about her previous life that Lu Yaoyao didn’t feel scared or repulsive after knowing her species had changed after she was reborn. In fact, she had a higher sense of identity with her current life. Her previous life was more like a dream she had in her sleep: vague and without a sense of reality.

Hmm…maybe it was better to treat those memories as mere dreams.

Lu Yaoyao thought of her two beautiful fathers and suddenly felt happy about her current life. She was reborn into an unscientific world with demons and devils and cultivators. There must be many handsome brothers and beautiful sisters too! What a feast to her eyes! Lu Yaoyao was thrilled. Maybe she eventually would even have a sweet love…

Lu Yaoyao was immersed in happy thoughts when she lowered her eyes and suddenly saw her short, chubby figure. Recalling that she would be stuck in this figure for tens to one hundred years long, she cried heartbrokenly.

Her beautiful long legs and sexy S curve were all gone. Whaaaaa!!!

How could she experience a sweet love with this body?

Lu Yaoyao was so sad that she cried.

Lu Qingyu saw the little girl fell into serious contemplation, then suddenly crying out loudly. He asked baffledly: “What’s the matter?” He didn’t seem to tease her, so why did the kid cry again?

Was she using a trick to evade punishment? Lu Qingyu immediately turned vigilant.

“Nothing…” Lu Yaoyao rubbed her eyes. She gripped a brush with her chubby hand and continued writing, but her mind was still grieving over her lost sweet love.

Forget it. After all, if she was to have a boyfriend, she wanted someone who at least was as handsome as her Father and Daddy. Unfortunately, her two fathers were too handsome. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to find someone more handsome than them even after one thousand years. After adjusting her perspective, Lu Yaoyao felt that she had been shedding tears in vain, so she resolutely wiped her tears and stopped crying.

After writing the last character, Lu Yaoyao pushed the paper in front of Lu Qingyu, “I’m finished!” She made too many mistakes in her lesson recently, which resulted in her getting punished. However, it wasn’t her fault. Those dreams made her absent-minded!

Lu Qingyu frowned immediately upon seeing the ugly writings. The crooked lines and messy ink seemed to hurt his eyes. However, since the characters themselves were written correctly, he barely gave a passing grade.

“Daddy, I’m going to play!” Lu Yaoyao finished her assignment and quickly hopped away.

Lu Qingyu: “…” This kid slipped really fast.

Lu Yaoyao was ignorant of her Daddy’s complicated mood and quickly ran to meet her little friends. A demon saw her running towards the squirrel’s house and said: “The cubs are going to the mountain next door.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Lu Yaoyao smiled sweetly and then changed direction to the mountain next door.

Following the snack incident, Lu Yaoyao was detained at home to study under her two fathers. At day, she had to practice sword and whip. At night, she had to study literacy and basic knowledge about Yuanqi Continent. After one month, Lu Yaoyao rebelled. With tears as her invincible weapon, she howled and rolled on the ground, easily obtaining the privilege of five days of study and one day off.

Today was Lu Yaoyao’s day off. In the morning, Song Xiaoqi and the others came to take her to pick fruits, but her recent mistakes in her study were too high, so she was grounded by Daddy to copy the lesson several times before she could go out and play. Her friends wanted to wait for her, but Lu Yaoyao didn’t know when she would finish copying, so she told them to go first.

She had finished copying by now, so she rushed to find her little friend. Lu Yaoyao’s speed was now very fast. She ran quickly and accidentally collided with a silvery figure that suddenly jumped out of the bush.


Lu Yaoyao rubbed her fat butt. She turned her head to look at the little thing she bumped into. When she took a closer look, her eyes suddenly lit up, “A puppy!”

In front of Lu Yaoyao, a small white dog around the size of an adult’s palm was knocked to the ground. His short and chubby limbs slashed in the air before he turned over and lay on his back, exposing its fluffy white belly. A milky voice of a young boy came out of the little dog’s mouth: “I am not a dog! I am a wolf!”

Lu Yaoyao blinked and tilted her head hesitantly, “Not a dog?” But it looked like the cute little puppies she saw in her previous life’s memory, ah!

“I am a wolf! I am a silver wolf!” The little silver wolf jumped angrily and howled at Lu Yaoyao: “Awooooo~”

However, his voice was tender and cute, not at all threatening or majestic.

Lu Yaoyao wasn’t scared: “So cute!”

“I’m mighty and majestic, not cute! What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you even tell this?” The little silver wolf curled his eyebrows and examined the little cub, who was sitting on her fat butts and short hindlimbs. Her forelimbs were propping her chin, and her voice was tender and milky. The little silver wolf did his best to make his voice more majestic: “Which mountain’s little demon are you? Report your name!”

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she jumped up immediately, “You are a little demon. Your whole family is little demons!”


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