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DDDV Ch 43 Part 1 – The Harmless Stone Demon (I)

Lu Yaoyao yelled: “You are a little demon. Your whole family is little demons!”

The little silver wolf retorted fiercely, “My family is all big demons!”

Lu Yaoyao continued to swear, “Your family is all demons!”

The little silver wolf jittered in confusion: “Of course my family is demons! Aren’t yours too?”

Lu Yaoyao was dumbfounded. Right, she was no longer a human. She was a stone demon.

She never thought that she couldn’t even stay as a human after being reborn. What kind of tragedy was this?

Blame all those memories. She disgested too much information at once and subconsciously thought the puppy’s phrase ‘little demon’ as a swear word. However, in this world, calling someone a ‘little demon’ was not necessarily derogatory. She was indeed a little demon, and her whole family were also demons.

Thinking like this, Lu Yaoyao puffed his chest proudly: “I am Cangshan’s little stone demon, Lu Yaoyao!”

Stone demon? Little silver wolf’s big yellow eyes became even rounder. He looked at the cub in the human form with a curious look: “Stone demon?”

“Yes!” Lu Yaoyao raised her chubby chin, “Which mountain’s little demon are you?” She knew all the cubs in Duanping Mountain Range, but she had never seen this puppy…oh, no, this wolf cub before. Such a cute little wolf, there was no way she would forget if she had seen him before.

The little silver wolf proudly raised his round and fluffy head: “I am the young son of the most powerful leader of the silver wolf clan, Yin Si!”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head. Indeed, she remembered that the newly moved neighbors seemed to be a wolf demon clan. She also heard that Silver Wolf General was now the lord of this territory. In other words, this little wolf was the Lord’s son?

After figuring out the relationship, Lu Yaoyao felt that she had a responsibility to bring the new little cub into her group. After all, the adults said that the General and his men were very friendly. So she warmly invited the little silver wolf: “Xiaosi, I’m on my way to my friends. We are going to pick fruits. Let’s go together.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed. Other demons named their cubs really casually. Yin Si, Yin Four. Why was it number again? It’s better to choose their own name!

Hearing this offer, Yin Si’s eyes lit up. But something seemed to bother him, and he shook his head hard: “I’m not going!”

“Go, go!” Lu Yaoyao insisted, “Don’t be shy. I will introduce my friends to you. Everyone is friendly, don’t worry!”

Lu Yaoyao understood very well that Xiaosi, as a newcomer, must be uneasy in such an unfamiliar and new environment without playmates of his own.

The little wolf’s cheeks slightly reddened under the fluffy white fur: “I don’t want to go. I…”

Before Yin Si finished his words, Lu Yaoyao bent down and picked him up. Her palms met the wolf’s soft fur, and her small hands were just big enough to hold the little wolf.

So furry! So fluffy! Super nice!

Yin Si was startled and immediately struggled in panic, “Put me down! I’m not going!”

Regardless of Lu Yaoyao’s small body, she could easily hug the struggling little wolf as she ran with her short legs.

Yin Si screamed in surprise. “Aaaah!! Let me down, let me down! Do you know who I am? My father is the leader of the silver wolf clan! He is the mighty and domineering general…”

Why did this little stone demon have so much strength? He actually couldn’t resist? He, a dignified silver wolf little prince, was actually kidnapped by a cub!

Lu Yaoyao hugged her new friend all the way and soon joined up with other Cangshan cubs in triumphant. She put down the little silver wolf. As soon as his four limbs touched the ground, the little wolf immediately turned his head to Lu Yaoyao. His expression was menacing.

“Who is your dad? Report his name!”

“My Daddy is also a stone demon. His name is Lu Qingyu.”

“I will tell my dad to beat your dad!”

“Why do you want your dad to beat my Daddy?” Lu Yaoyao wondered, “My Daddy is just an ordinary stone demon.” They shouldn’t fight. She would be distressed if Daddy was beaten.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. Her Daddy might be not as strong as the general. But for her, Father and Daddy were the most powerful demon.

“Because you hugged me!”

“Why do you want your dad to beat my Daddy because I hugged you?”

The little silver wolf flushed with anger. He was about to yell again when the group of Cangshan cubs, who had noticed their arrival, came and surrounded them.

“Yaoyao, who is he?”

Song Xiaoqi and other cubs didn’t dare to get too close to the little silver wolf. Although demons who awakened their spiritual wisdom were no longer part of natural food chains, their instincts still made them wary of getting too close with their natural predators. Regardless of the little wolf’s cute and unharmful appearance, herbivores in the bottom of the food chain like Bai Shi’er and Song Xiaoqi felt a natural sense of danger toward him.

Lu Yaoyao happily introduced: “This is Yin Si, our new friend. He recently moved here!”

Because of the sudden influx of new demons, the cubs were detained at home by their worried parents. It was not until a few days ago — when the adults finally were sure there was no danger — that the cubs were allowed to play outside again. The cubs’ mind was simple without complicated thoughts. Hearing Lu Yaoyao’s introduction, they immediately welcomed the new guy.

“Hello Xiaosi, my name is Song Xiaoqi.”

“My name is Bai Shi’er.”

“I am…”

The cubs yelled their names one after another. Yin Si blinked. The skin under his fluffy fur slightly reddened. He was shy. When he was still in Demon Capital, playmates of the same age were very bad and always bullied him. When was he ever met with such a passionate welcome before?


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