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DDDV Ch 43 Part 2 – The Harmless Stone Demon (II)


“Xiaosi, ‘Little Four’? your name is just like us!”

“Yes, yes!”

“I want to ask my dad to change my name too. I think the name Xiao’er is better…” A cub who felt that his name was not fit the group suddenly said.

“Then I should be Xiaoyi?”

Yin Si listened for a long time before he barked, “I am not Xiaosi (小四), I am Xiaosi (小巳)!”1

The cubs looked at him in doubt. Was there any difference?

“It’s not ‘Si’ of four. It’s ‘Si’ from the hour of the snake. My mom said that she met my dad for the first time in the hour of snake, so she named me Yin Si!”

“Oh, so it’s like that. But your name just like us, ah!”


Even if Xiaosi’s name was not a number, the cubs decided that he should be one of them. Thanks to the similarity in names, they felt closer in an instant.

“Xiaosi, let’s pick fruits together!” Lu Yaoyao couldn’t wait anymore. She looked up and saw very attractive red fruits hanging on the tree. Her big eyes were full of eagerness.

Song Xiaoqi immediately said: “Yaoyao, we kept the tree with the largest and sweetest fruits. Let’s pick them now!” The cubs had tasted each fruit tree. They knew which tree with the largest and sweetest fruits and especially kept it for later, waiting for Lu Yaoyao to arrive so they could pick together.


The cubs rushed towards the fruit tree. Lu Yaoyao saw the eagerness and longing in the little wolf’s big eyes. Seeing that he didn’t move for a long time, she picked him up again and ran towards the tree.

The little silver wolf resisted again. When he fell to the ground, his head hung down in frustration.

“I’m leaving.”

Lu Yaoyao was looking at the fruits hanging on the tree. But hearing this, she looked back at her new friends. Feeling that she had the responsibility to take care of him, she asked: “Why are you leaving?”

“I’m running away from home…”

“What?” Lu Yaoyao doubted her ears. “What did you say?”

The little silver wolf wailed sadly. His tender and milky voice yelled, “I’m running away from home!”

As soon as these words came out, the cubs who were climbing the tree instantly froze, and the lively scene quieted down in an instant.

“You are all very good to me, but I still have to leave…” Yin Si’s eyes were full of tears. He didn’t expect to meet such good friends before leaving. He now liked this place more than the Demon Capital. But no matter how much he liked it here, he couldn’t change the fact that this place was not good for his dad and the others. It was him who caused his dad, mom, and other clanpeople to be driven here.

Yin Si felt that he was a bad child, a star of disaster…

When the cubs heard that their new friend wanted to run away from home and didn’t want to pick fruits with them, they quickly came down from the tree and surrounded the little silver wolf.

“Running away from home is bad.”

“Yeah, you will get spanked by your parents! It hurts, really hurts!”

“Grandma will spank you too!”

Lu Yaoyao still had a lingering fear, “You will also get punished to stand facing the wall and reflect.”

“There are big, scary monsters outside!”

“Yes, the big monsters have a very big mouth. They can eat a little cub in one bite…”

The little silver wolf was dumbfounded. Listening to the serious consequences of running away from home, he also became afraid.

So, so scary??

“The outside world is not fun at all. It’s not as fun as our mountains.”

“Yes, there is nothing for us to play.”

“There are no delicious fruits outside!”

Lu Yaoyao concluded: “Therefore, you shouldn’t run away from home!”

Yin Si hesitated, “Then what I…” …should he stay here?

“Well, that’s right!” Song Xiaoqi handed the biggest fruit in his paw to the little silver wolf, “Here for you. Eat it. The fruits are delicious. Let’s pick them together!”

Yin Si hesitated. At first look, the fruit had no fragrance of the fruits he had eaten back in Demon Capital. But seeing its appetizing look, he tentatively took a bite and immediately jumped up in joy: “It’s delicious!”

His new friends grinned happily.

The cubs climbed onto the tree again, which swayed heavily along with their cheerful laughter. After playing hard for a day, they only dispersed and went home in the evening.

Yin Si, who had a good time that he temporarily forgot his trouble, was now depressed again. The little silver wolf walked back with his head and fluffy tail down. Thinking about the consequences of running away from home that his new friends had described to him, he was scared enough that he didn’t dare to try.

Yin Si didn’t have a storage bag, nor did he carry a small bag like other cubs. Lu Yaoyao wrapped the fruits he picked with a piece of cloth and tied it on his back. The knot of the cloth bundle was buried among his neck’s fur, almost invisible.

“Si’er, are you back?” A gentle voice called in front of him. When the little silver wolf raised his head, he saw a beautiful couple stood against the sunset, smiling gently at him.

“Dad! Mom!” Yin Si immediately rushed into their arms.


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  1. The ‘Si’ in Yin Si’s name is written 巳, but Yaoyao and other cubs think that his name is written 四, which means ‘four.’ Other cubs’ names are basically in numbers: Xiaoqi (Little Seven), Shi’er (Twelve), Xiaoyi (Little First), Xiao’er (Little Second), Xiaosi (Little Four).

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