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DDDV Ch 44 Part 1 – Sharing Fruits (I)

The little silver wolf plunged into the beautiful woman’s arms. His little fluffy head rubbed against the woman’s face, and his big, round eyes were full of love and dependence.

“Mom…” Yin Si didn’t see his parents for only one day, but he already missed them very much.

Qianniang picked up her son with a gentle smile. Her husband stood on the side, looking at his wife and child with a soft gaze. With Yin Hui hugging Qianniang, the family of three walked home together.

“We’re home.”

Yin Si was lying in his mother’s arms with his four limbs faced up. His fluffy, triangle-shaped ears fluttered as he said happily: “Dad, Mom, I’ve made so many friends today.”

“Did you have fun?”


Yin Si’s face was full of joy. When they were still in the Demon Capital, other cubs didn’t like to play with him and always laughed at him. This was the first time he had such a good time with cubs of his age.

Yin Si was born with severe congenital defects. When Qianniang was pregnant, she had accidental premature labor, which caused the child to be born much weaker than other cubs of the same clan. Now Yin Si was three, but his body was still as small as when he was just born. It took all Yin Hui and Qianniang’s effort to raise him into such a chubby and cute little wolf.

On the one hand, Qianniang blamed herself for being the cause of her son’s premature birth and congenital defects, so she pampered and showered the child with much love. On the other hand, the little silver wolf was so cute and lovable that people couldn’t help but falling in love with him.

When Yin Si secretly left the clan’s new settlement today, the guards naturally noticed it. Yin Hui and Qianniang were immediately notified and rushed out to catch up with their son. The two secretly followed behind and saw the little silver wolf running into the Duanping Mountain Range and met a beautiful little cub. Yin Hui immediately recognized the cub to be the daughter of the two mysterious demons who gave him an unfathomable feeling that day.

While Yin Hui was busy building his new territory, he did not forget to dispatch his subordinates to inquire about the situation here. The local demons who lived in Duanping Mountain Range were much simpler than Yin Hui initially thought. Maybe it was because they had been living here in seclusion for so many years, far from prosperous places such as the Demon Capital with its intrigues and conflict. The longtime peace inadvertently made the local demons develop relatively naive and innocent temperaments. This made Yin Hui a lot more relieved. Anyway, it was better to have such simple-minded neighbors rather than violent and bloodthirsty ones.

Yin Hui focused his investigation on the two stone demons he met that day. In no time, he knew that the two were newcomers who moved here only four or five years ago and that their origins before were a total mystery. Other Duanping demons only knew that they came from outside, but for where they came from or what prompted them to suddenly appear here, no one knew the truth, even though there were plenty of gossips and speculations.

There was another thing that confused Yin Hui even more. Other Duanping demons seemed to unanimously think these two male demons to be a couple and that the little cub was their daughter. Yin Hui recalled the little girl’s appearance. He could see that she was related by blood to both of them. But…a couple? Those two? He totally couldn’t see it at all.

According to the local demons’ gossip, the two stone demons must be very much in love with each other. Their eyes were full of love, and there was an atmosphere of tacit understanding between them. It took only one gaze or one gesture for them to understand each other minds…unfortunately, Yin Hui didn’t see such a ‘mutual expression of love’ from them.

Yin Hui believed that their relationship was not as simple as the local demons thought. However, since he couldn’t find more information, he kept this doubt in his heart.

After seeing Yin Si was so easily accepted by other cubs, Yin Hui subconsciously smiled. Deep in his heart, he suddenly thought that maybe it was not bad to stay here permanently. At least, he and his wife had never seen their son look so happy before.

After the family of three returned to their house, Qianniang put her son on the table. The little silver wolf jumped happily. His round and big eyes were full of joy, “Mom, I picked a lot of delicious fruits today! They are for you and Dad!”

Qianniang helped untie the small cloth bag from Yin Si’s back, who used his two small fat paws to quickly pour out several big red fruits from it.

Qianniang praised her son with a gentle voice: “Si’er is awesome. Dad and Mom are very happy.”

Yin Hui also warmly praised.

The family of three happily ate the fruits together. Yin Si had a rather awkward personality in front of his peers, but he openly expressed his joy and excitement when he was alone with his parents. The little silver wolf couldn’t wait to share the joy of picking fruits with new friends today. His four limbs moved around enthusiastically. However, when he saw his parents loving and gentle eyes, Yin Si remembered the sadness that caused him to run away from home today. Despite what had happened, his parents were still very good to him and never blamed him. But this made Yin Si felt even more guilty and sad. The little silver wolf hung down his head and wailed sadly: “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry…”

He was the one who harmed everyone…

Yin Hui and Qianniang looked at each other, feeling helpless and sad. They both knew that if they didn’t untie the knot in their son’s heart, the child might truly disappear from their sight one day.


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