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DDDV Ch 44 Part 2 – Sharing Fruits (II)

“Si’er.” Yin Hui picked up his son and said seriously, “It’s not your fault.”

Yin Si’s eyes were still wet, thinking that his father was just comforting him.

“Dad is a demon general. I won’t be punished just because a little cub like you made a mistake. The world of adults is very complicated. You don’t understand it now, but you will understand when you grow up.”

“Besides, leaving the Demon Capital is actually a good thing for us. Think about it. In the capital, Dad has to obey many people’s orders everywhere. But here, Dad is the most powerful one.”

Yin Si’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Si’er, tell Dad, do you like this place?”

Yin Si recalled the many friends he made today. His eyes brightened, but he said reluctantly: “I like it a little bit.”

“Dad and Mom also like this place very much.” Yin Hui rubbed his son’s head with his big rough hands, making the fur that was already a bit messy in itself even messier.

Yin Si smiled again.

After putting his son to sleep, Qianniang leaned against Yin Hui’s chest and asked, “Do you really like this place?”

Yin Hui’s expression softened, “I like it.” Although this place was too barren for cultivation, the environment here was very relaxed, and he no longer felt nervous all the time.

“I like it too.”

Even though the couple forbade their subordinates to talk about their reason for coming to Duanping, Yin Si still knew. The demons who followed Yin Hui here were all loyal to him. They also loved their young master, so they naturally didn’t blame the cub for the exile of their clan.

The whole silver wolf clan knew the real reason. Because they didn’t accept the favor from the King’s most favored concubine, the woman hated them and finally found a bogus reason to expel them by putting the blame on Yin Si’s mistake.

Even so, some people inevitably felt bitter and unfair for their general’s sake, and they would share their complaints with each other in private. Because the pretense of their exile was Yin Si, his name would inevitably be brought up in their talk. In the end, the little silver wolf who was running around the settlement accidentally overheard them, resulting in his so-called running away from home.

Yin Si felt that he had become a sinner of his clan and decided to leave because he couldn’t bear the guilt.

However, how could such a small cub like him survive alone outside? Fortunately, meeting with other cubs made him dispel this idea.

The resources accumulated by the clan were enough to be used for the next fifteen years of cultivation. Although they didn’t need to worry about cultivation resources for the time being, in a long time, the lack of aura and resources would badly affect everyone’s cultivation path.

These few days, Yin Hui and Qianniang had been thinking about the way out for their clan. At least before that woman lost power, they had to stay here. However, regardless of whether they could return to Demon Capital or not, they still had to make a plan.

Yin Hui has already thought about it. If the king summoned them back before all their resources were exhausted, he would take his subordinates and return. If the king forgot them, then he would dismiss his subordinates and let them free to continue their lives while he and his family stayed here permanently.

The spiritual aura here was too barren and not suitable for cultivation. Precisely because his subordinates were loyal to him that Yin Hui couldn’t bear seeing their future growth hindered.

Yin Hui hugged his wife and said softly: “Even though the road ahead is long, I will take care of everything.”

Qianniang looked at Yin Hui and smiled, “I believe in you.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know about what happened in the silver wolf clan settlement. She happily hopped back home and saw both her two fathers at home.

There was no conversation between Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu. Each was doing their own thing with only a frozen atmosphere between them. However, when Lu Yaoyao’s ran in, the frigid atmosphere instantly melted and became lively.

“Father, Daddy, I’m back!”

Lu Yaoyao had a bright smile on her face. She deftly climbed onto a chair and touched her small pouch. In an instant, more than a dozen red fruits appeared on the table.

“Father, Daddy, come here quickly!” She called loudly.

Yao Jiuxiao walked over.

Lu Qingyu also came and asked lazily, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Yaoyao happily replied: “These are the fruit that I picked by myself. I especially saved the biggest and the reddest ones for you two!”

Lu Qingyu suddenly broke into a smile, “You picked them by yourself?”

“Yes! They are so sweet and delicious!”

“Then I have to taste them too.”

Lu Yaoyao was very proficient and began to divide the fruit skilfully, “This is for Daddy, this is for Father.”

Lu Yaoyao divided the fruits one by one. In the end, each one got eleven pieces, but there was one last fruit left.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao both looked at their daughter, seemingly wanted to know who she would give this one.

Lu Yaoyao looked at her Father, then looked at her Daddy. She then quickly put the fruit that might cause another family conflict into her mouth and said sweetly: “Father, Daddy, quickly eat! They are delicious!”

Lu Qingyu carefully stared at the eleven fruits in front of him. He wanted to pick blame, but saw that the size of his fruits was not bad compared to Yao Jiuxiao’s. He even felt that his fruits were ever slightly bigger. This was enough to please Lu Qingyu. He decided to enjoy his daughter’s filial piety and put one of the fruit into his mouth.

“Well, it’s delicious.” Even if there was no aura, the fact that his daughter picked these fruits by herself made them better than any rare and precious treasures.

Lu Yaoyao curled her eyebrows happily, then she looked at Yao Jiuxiao in expectation.

Under Lu Yaoyao’s gaze, Yao Jiuxiao also picked up a fruit and put it in his mouth before nodding, “Very sweet.”

Lu Yaoyao’s smile widened. She then began sharing today’s experience with her two fathers——

“Father, Daddy, listen! I met a new friend today…”


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    1. They are biological although they’re not the one that give birth to Yaoyao.. Their blood running inside Yaoyao body even if Yaoyao is not born a normal birth

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