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DDDV Ch 45 Part 1 – Your Little Cutie Suddenly Appears! (I)

Lu Yaoyao had just made a new friend, and she was so excited that she couldn’t wait to go out and play every day. However, the fact was that it would be five more days before she could have a break from her study and go out to play.

Lu Yaoyao swung the small wooden sword in her hand listlessly. Her face was sullen. She was seriously thinking about the possibility of having one play day for every two days of studying.

What to do so Father and Daddy agree?

Suddenly, there was a light tap on Lu Yaoyao’s wooden sword. She looked up and saw her Father’s cold and strict face: “Your angle when swinging the sword is wrong. Focus and don’t be distracted.”

Lu Yaoyao put her thought away and continued swinging the wooden sword seriously. After a while, she finished the number of sword swings demanded by Yao Jiuxiao. She then put down the wooden sword and looked up with an aggrieved face: “Why can other children play every day, but I have to learn the sword, practice the whip, and study the letters?”

Lu Yaoyao had asked around, but none of her friends studied the same things as her. Their practice consisted of going out with their parents and learning how to hunt. Lu Yaoyao was very envious. Their practice seemed to be more interesting than her study.

They were all the same demon cubs. Why was there such a big gap in their childhood life?

She was still a baby under five years old. She wanted to play happily every day instead of studying these boring things!

Yes. Except for the first few days of novelty and interest, Lu Yaoyao found that repeatedly swinging sword and whip every day was very boring. After practicing these basic move sets, she still had to meditate.

This was different from the cultivation she had imagined at the beginning. She thought that she could learn how to be mighty and domineering like her Father and Daddy, not doing these boring things!

In fact, Lu Yaoyao’s daily routine was essentially the same. For example, when she practiced the sword. Her Father didn’t teach her much and only made her swing the wooden sword countless times.

On top of that, she also had to get up when it was still dark every day.

Lu Yaoyao felt wronged and no longer liked to study.

Facing his daughter’s teary eyes, Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t keep his cold face. He tried to be as gentle as possible: “Cultivation depends on one’s persistent effort. The foundation is the most important. Laying a solid foundation now will benefit you a lot in the future.

It was precisely because Lu Yaoyao was highly talented that Yao Jiuxiao paid even more attention to her foundation. If her basic training was solid, it was only a matter of time to reach the next realms of cultivation.

Lu Yaoyao slammed herself onto Yao Jiuxiao’s legs and hugged his thigh. She understood what Father said, but she still wanted to play.

Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t help but hesitate. Did he push her too hard? Yaoyao was only four years old. No matter how talented and clever she was, she was still an ignorant little child.

Yao Jiuxiao’s heart softened, and he lifted up his daughter: “Do you want to go out and play?”

Lu Yaoyao replied: “Yes.”

Yao Jiuxiao sighed silently. Alright then. This child was still young. There was no need for her to spend all day with dry and boring practice.

“After you finish your basic practice, you can go out and play.”

Lu Yaoyao’s teary eyes immediately brightened, “Father, is it true?”


Then she could get up early, finish both sword and whip practice, and then have a great half-day long to play!

It was much more time-efficient than studying for two days and playing for one day!

“Thank you, Father! I love you the most!” Lu Yaoyao puckered her small lips and gave Yao Jiuxiao a few hearty kisses.

“Father~ I love my Father the most!” Lu Yaoyao hugged Yao Jiuxiao and acted like a baby.

“Yaoyao, who do you say you love most?” A dark voice came from one side.

Lu Yaoyao froze, “…” Oops, she forgot that Daddy was still at home.

Lu Yaoyao turned around and gave Lu Qingyu an innocent smile, “Daddy!” She twisted her small body, got out of Yao Jiuxiao’s arms, and ran over to hug Lu Qingyu before raising her face and saying cutely: “I love Daddy too!”

Lu Qingyu still had a gloomy face. He lightly pinched Lu Yaoyao’s chubby cheek and asked darkly: “I just heard that your father is the one you love the most?” In the end, he couldn’t bear to use any force.

“Nonsense. Daddy, you must have misunderstood.” Lu Yaoyao blinked innocently and retorted in a serious manner, “I love not only Father but also Daddy! You two are my most beloved people!” Lu Yaoyao said cutely. “My heart is very small and can only accommodate you and Father. If I were to tell who between you two that I love the most…” She held her chubby face and said helplessly. “…I can’t! You are tied first in my heart!”

“Oh? Only the two of us? If you have a Daoist couple in the future…” Lu Qingyu’s face was grim, and his killing intent suddenly skyrocketed. He couldn’t imagine having his daughter stolen away by someone else…

Daoist couple? Lu Yaoyao blinked. She pointed out her left little finger and used another finger to divide a very small part: “Even if I have a Daoist couple, he will only occupy this little bit of my heart. Not more!” She then acted like a baby again: “However, I don’t want a Daoist couple! I want to stay with Father and Daddy forever~”

“I love Father and Daddy the most~”

Lu Qingyu was coaxed by the child’s sweet words and didn’t know whether to stay angry or laugh. He poked her little nose: “Clever brat.”

Anyway, there would never be a man better than him in the whole Yuanqi Continent. If someone was so bold and dared to steal his little princess…then let see whether the bastard could survive under his hands or not.

Lu Yaoyao giggled. She opened her hands and jumped up, “Daddy, hug me~”

Lu Qingyu picked up the girl with one hand.

“Daddy, Father promised that I can go to play for half a day every day!”

Lu Qingyu glanced at Yao Jiuxiao coldly. As expected, humans were very scheming. He actually used this method to please the child.

“Daddy, can I?” Lu Yaoyao kissed Lu Qingyu’s face and said coquettishly, “I will practice whip in the morning and play in the afternoon, okay?”

“Of course.” Lu Qingyu said, “My little princess can do whatever you want. You can go out to play now.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” Lu Yaoyao was very happy. After she got off the ground, she immediately rushed out with her short legs.

Yao Jiuxiao just watched from the side and didn’t stop her.


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