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DDDV Ch 45 Part 2 – Your Little Cutie Suddenly Appears! (II)

Lu Yaoyao went out of her house and took a turn on the mountain path. The adults she met on the way told her where the cubs were playing today, so she quickly found the group and gave them a heartful surprise.

“Your little cutie suddenly appears!”

The voice was cute and milky. Lu Yaoyao’s playmates turned around and saw her suddenly popped out and greeted her very happily.

“Yaoyao, you are here!”

“Yaoyao, didn’t you say that you can only play with us after five days?”

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao! I miss you so much!!”

Lu Yaoyao and her friends enjoyed a long-lost reunion. After a while, Lu Yaoyao looked around eagerly, but didn’t see the little silver wolf. She asked in confusion: “Where is Xiaosi?”

Song Xiaoqi tilted his head, “Xiaosi is not here!”

Ah? Lu Yaoyao was stunned, “Is Xiaosi still shy and doesn’t dare to come? Let’s go find him!”

“Okay, okay!” Others had no objection. The more cub to join, the livelier and more fun it was.

So the group of cubs began to loudly move in the direction of Xiaosi’s house.

Yin Si had a nice dream all night and woke up full of joy the next day. After the family of three had breakfast, Qianniang asked her little son: “Do you want to look for your new friends today?”

The little silver wolf’s big eyes brightened, but he soon hesitated. Could he go to his new friends again today? Would they stop playing with him?

“This is a gift Mom prepared for your friends. Would you like to help Mom to give it to the children?” Qianniang put a backpack on her son’s back. This backpack was small, perfectly fit the little wolf’s small body. Its straps steadily hung on his forelegs.

Yesterday, Qianniang noticed that all the cubs were bringing either a cloth bag or backpack, so she made one for her son overnight. It was small and very compact, but could hold a lot of things. Although Qianniang didn’t have any extra storage bags or storage rings for Yin Si to take out to play, the fabric she used to make this backpack was very special. The fabric was one of the raw materials for making storage bags. Even if it was just an ordinary backpack, it also came with a room expansion.

Qianniang prepared an excuse for the little silver wolf, who then pretended to say nonchalantly: “Okay. I will help Mom do the errand.”

Then he ran out impatiently, leaving only a silver afterimage behind.

Qianniang smiled as she watched Yin Si leave. In this life, her only wish was for her son to live happily and peacefully.

Despite his short legs, the little silver wolf ran very fast, and he soon arrived at the place where he and his new friends picked fruits yesterday. However, the place was very quiet. There was nothing there except for a few birds flying among the branches. Of course, there were no signs of other cubs either.

The little silver wolf stepped down his limbs on the ground listlessly, and his small head hung down very low.

His new friends are gone!

He turned his body and walked back listlessly.

After walking for a while, Yin Si heard lively noises from a distance. His ears instantly erected, and his fur trembled.

That’s his new friends’ voice.

Yin Si hesitated, but he firmly told himself that he had to help deliver his Mom’s gifts, so he ran towards the source of the voices with his short legs.

The laughter was getting closer and closer. The little silver wolf came out of the grass and saw a group of young cubs chasing each other and playing in the forest. A big white rabbit jumped over and pressed the little silver wolf that appeared suddenly.

Bai Shi’er could feel something moving under his abdomen, and he pressed it tighter. His rabbit ears flickered as he hurriedly called his playmates, “Everyone, come here! I seem to have caught something!”

“What is it? What is it?”

Other cubs hurried over and surrounded Bai Shi’er.

“I just seemed to see a little white animal.”

“What is it?”

“Let’s see…”

Bai Shi’er moved his fat body aside, and then a small white head came out from underneath. His fur was totally disheveled, and his round eyes were wet.

H-he almost suffocated to death…

The cubs saw the little silver wolf and recognized him instantly.

Lu Yaoyao said: “This is Xiaosi!”

“Shi’er, you are pressing Xiaosi!”

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly reached out and tried to pull out Yin Si from underneath Bai Shi’er.

Bai Shi’er’s head trembled. Heaven, he was crushing his natural predator!

Bai Shi’er jumped aside hurriedly.

Lu Yaoyao exerted her strength and directly pulled Yin Si out. Her chubby body fell back against Song Xiaoqi, who was behind her.

The cubs then happily surrounded Yin Si.

“Xiaosi, are you okay?”

Yin Si enjoyed the care of his new friends. He inhaled deeply, then sat on the ground with his hind buttocks and forelimbs. He tried his best to put on a solemn face as he said: “I’m fine.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at the little silver wolf. He was so small, so round, and so fluffy. Unable to hold back the urge, Lu Yaoyao moved her hand to touch Yin Si’s fluffy fur. Lu Yaoyao seriously reasoned to herself. Xiaosi’s fur was too messy, and she just helped him smooth it out!

“Xiaosi, your backpack is very beautiful!”

Lu Yaoyao noticed that the little silver wolf was carrying a small backpack that fit him perfectly, just like the appearance of a human cub carrying a schoolbag in her previous life’s memory. Two shoulder straps were hung firmly on his forelegs, which secured the backpack in place. A picture of a small wolf was even embroidered on its surface, which looked exactly the same as Yin Si.

The little silver wolf raised his head proudly, “My Mom made it.”

“Your Mom is amazing!”

Other cubs also noticed the beautiful little backpack. In contrast, their cloth bags were really simple. They were made of coarse cloth or animal skins with simple styles and no patterns, totally different from Yin Si’s backpack.

Lu Yaoyao also looked down at her little pouch. The pattern on it was not cute, but it was still very beautiful, so she proudly said, “My father made this for me!”

Then Lu Yaoyao also received the same envying gazes from her playmates.

Lu Yaoyao said to Yin Si, “You came just right. We are going to find you. Let’s play together!”

Yin Si’s eyes instantly sparkled, “Are you looking for me?”


Yin Si was so happy that he wanted to howl, but he controlled his urge and said coolly, “Then it’s okay. We can play together.” However, his tone was very excited.

Then he remembered something and hurriedly took off his backpack, “My Mom asked me to bring you gifts.”

“What gifts?” Except for birthdays, the cubs rarely received gifts from their elders, so they were all surprised and curious.


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  1. The plot barely moves but I love reading about kids playing although I can’t stand irl kids lol.
    Thank you for the translation.

    1. California Maki

      Gd! I laughed at the part where the rabbit realized he was crushing his predator! 🤣🤣🤣

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