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DDDV Ch 46 Part 1 – Sun Wukong Also Popped Out of a Stone (I)

Under many expectant gazes, Yin Si opened his backpack and took out two plates of beautifully stacked cakes.

“Wow!” The cubs exclaimed. The ignorant cubs had never seen such beautiful food before. Their little noses quivered at the extremely sweet smell in the air. They curiously asked, “What is this?”

At first, Yin Si didn’t know what gift his mother asked him to bring. But after saw it, he proudly said: “This is the cake my Mom made personally. It is soft, flaky, and sweet…very delicious!”

Yin Si’s description made the cubs gulped. Although they all couldn’t wait to taste such delicious-sounding cakes, they didn’t rush forward or fight to be the first. Instead, after confirming that this was a gift from Xiaosi’s mother, they tidily lined up according to age. Lu Yaoyao was the youngest cub in Duanping, so she ranked first.

Lu Yaoyao looked at the dumbfounded little silver wolf and asked, “Xiaosi, how old are you?”

“I’m four.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up. She was almost five, so Xiaosi must be younger than her! Finally, she was no longer the youngest cub! Lu Yaoyao quickly beckoned: “Come here!” Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt that she had a great responsibility. She was an older sister now!

Under Lu Yaoyao’s guidance, Yin Si stood at the forefront. After listening to Lu Yaoyao’s explanation, he took a piece of the cake. Then other cubs came forward in order and took a cake from one of the two plates. The cakes happened to be exactly the same numbers as the cubs, so each of them got one cake.

They sat together to eat. Eating with friends made the delicious cake even more delicious.

Lu Yaoyao sat on a rock. Her short legs dangled as she nibbled on the cake the size of her palm. It was delicious. She wondered whether her Father could also make one.

Lu Yaoyao recalled all the food her Father had cooked…forget it, she shouldn’t have too much hope.

Perhaps due to the environment, Yin Si felt that the cake tasted more delicious than usual. His eyes became brighter. Yin Si glanced at the only cub in a human form. She looked very happy, and he was also very happy. The fluffy ears on top of Yin Si’s head trembled slightly in joy.

After eating the cakes, the cubs complimented Yin Si’s mother. They then took out their little bag and shared their snack with him. They then took the little silver wolf back to Cangshan Mountain, ready for the day’s games.

Other mountains didn’t have as many playing sites as Cangshan, nor were they as fun. The cubs brought their new playmate to play jumping on the rocks and other amusements.

The cubs were noisy and lively as they jumped around everywhere. The relationship between Yin Si and his new friends quickly warmed, but the one he was best with was Lu Yaoyao. After playing together, the little silver wolf slowly became lively and followed Lu Yaoyao to jump around.

Since that day, Yin Si dashed out every day at dawn and ran to Lu Yaoyao’s house. He couldn’t get into the barrier, so he waited outside. After Lu Yaoyao came out, they went to find other cubs to play together.

The fun days passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, autumn was halfway through.

Lu Yaoyao finished her assignment for today and looked up at the gloomy weather: “Father, is it going to rain?”

Yao Jiuxiao nodded.

Is it impossible to go out to play today?

But it’s okay. Father and Daddy are at home, so she can play with them instead.

However, not long after, Lu Yaoyao sensed that the little wolf was coming, so she ran out quickly.

After Lu Yaoyao’s cultivation base was going up, she suddenly could perceive the barrier surrounding the house as well as any movement within ten meters radius. She was no longer ignorant when her friends came.

At first, when Lu Yaoyao suddenly said that Xiaosi was waiting for her outside, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were surprised. Although this barrier was not very strong, it was still surprising to find that Lu Yaoyao, who had just started cultivating, was able to perceive it. Was it perhaps due to her bloodline?

“Xiaosi, why are you coming today?”

Yin Si was squatting on the gravel road, looking like a small white ball. They had known each other for almost a month, but his body was still as small as the first time they met. Except that he seemed to be chubbier, Yin Si didn’t grow up at all.

Lu Yaoyao pointed to the sky, “Look, it’s about to rain! Playing in the rain is not fun, so we don’t go out.”

Whenever it was raining or heavily snowing, Cangshan cubs wouldn’t come out to play. This was a tacit understanding among them. If the snow was thick, the cubs would get buried under the snow. They also equally hated rainy days. Most of the cubs had fluffy fur, which became wet and sticky under the rain. The ground also got wet and muddy, making their paws dirty.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly reflected on herself. Xiaosi had just joined not long ago, and it was natural that he didn’t know. It was her fault for not telling him beforehand.

Yin Si raised his head and looked up at the sky in disappointment. He couldn’t play with his friends today…

In fact, before Yin Si went out, his mother said that it might rain and told him to stay home today. But Yin Si still left. This period of time was the happiest in his life, and he didn’t want to miss even a single day with his friends.

“Then when can we play again?”

“When the rain stops, you have to look at the ground. If it’s too wet, we still won’t go out!”

Winter in Duanping came very quickly. Usually, heavy snowfall began after a few autumn rains, and the cubs were trapped indoors for a long time.


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