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DDDV Ch 46 Part 2 – Sun Wukong Also Popped Out of a Stone (II)

Lu Yaoyao saw how disappointed Yin Si was. Thinking that there was still some time until the rain really fell, she said: “We can play nearby!”

Lu Yaoyao made a decision. She and Xiaosi could play around here. Once it rained, they could run back home to take shelter quickly.

Yin Si jumped happily, “Okay! Okay!”

They usually played with a large group of cubs, and there were so many games they could play. But there were only two of them today….Lu Yaoyao thought for a while before saying to Yin Si: “I will show you the swordplay I learned!”

Yin Si had no objection.

So Lu Yaoyao held her small wooden sword and began to perform the sword moves she practiced every day. There was no such thing as ‘graceful body like an immortal being.’ Lu Yaoyao was short and chubby, with equally short hands and feet. She was holding a small toy-looking wooden sword to poke here and there, which was very cute and childish.

But Yin Si praised her heartily: “Yaoyao, you are amazing!”

After completing a set of swordplay, Lu Yaoyao raised her nose with pride and said with a humble tome: “It’s just average! When I grow up, I will be more amazing!”

The little silver wolf didn’t want to lose: “I will also be amazing when I grow up!” But he then looked down at his short limbs and fat paws, and his eyes instantly dimmed again.

Lu Yaoyao noticed the changes in her friend’s mood, “You will be very amazing in the future.”

The little silver wolf whimpered lowly, “I can’t grow up.”

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she lifted Yin Si’s front paws excitedly and pressed her fingertips on his pink and soft pads: “You can’t grow up too?”

Too? Yin Si’s front paws were held in Lu Yaoyao’s soft hands. His fluffy ears quivered slightly, “You cannot grow up too?”

“Yeah!” Lu Yaoyao always felt depressed whenever she remembered that she would stay being this small for dozens of years.

“Me too. People said I won’t grow up.” He was already four years old, yet his body was still as small as a newborn cub. Other cubs in the clan who were of the same age as him, their bodies were several times his size.

Yin Si didn’t expect that Yaoyao also could not grow up just like him. Could it be the reason why he couldn’t help but want to get close to her?

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were full of tears. They were the same! No wonder she liked Yin Si at first glance. It definitely was not because the little silver wolf was so cute that she wanted to hug him!

Yin Si blinked, “I have a congenital deficiency, are you too?”

Lu Yaoyao thought of the reason why she was not growing up, then she nodded with all seriousness: “Yes! I also have a congenital deficiency!”

She definitely couldn’t tell Yin Si that she couldn’t grow up because she was too greedy for snacks. Otherwise, her mighty image as an older sister would be gone.

Yin Si honestly believed Lu Yaoyao’s explanation. He moved forward and tried to comfort his friend. He knew that Yaoyao always wanted to touch his ear, so he especially let her today.

Lu Yaoyao saw Yin Si’s head leaning in front of her. The fluffy, triangular-shaped little ears fluttered slightly. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t hold it anymore. She held out her chubby hand and pinched the ear carefully.

Yin Si asked curiously: “So a stone demon can also be born with congenital deficiencies?”

Lu Yaoyao replied solemnly, “Yes! Demon of any species can.”

Yin Si was even more curious, “Why did you take transformation leaf so early? Can I see your original form?” He had never seen what a stone demon’s original form looked like.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Why were all her friends so eager to see her original form?

She replied seriously: “No. After taking the transformation leaf, a demon cannot return to its original form for a long time.”

“Oh!” Yin Si was disappointed. Other cubs hadn’t seen it yet, so he wanted to be the first one who saw Yaoyao’s original form.

“My uncle said that there are so few stones that can become demons. Yaoyao, you are so amazing!”

“Nothing.” Lu Yaoyao lifted her small chin and said, “Sun Wukong also popped out of the stone!”

“Eh? Who is Sun Wukong? Is he also a stone demon? Is he amazing?”

“Of course he is amazing!” Lu Yaoyao said proudly. She popped out of the stone, and so did Sun Wukong. This made them related a bit!

“Sun Dasheng is not a stone demon, but a monkey.”

“Monkey? Why did a monkey pop out of the stone? I think all little monkey demons are born of mother monkeys?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” This question was too hard for her. She came out of the stone already transformed into a human form, so why did Sun Wukong come out of the stone as a monkey? Maybe it was because she took a transformation leaf?

But how did she take a transformation leaf when she was still a stone? Lu Yaoyao suddenly thought of this question and immediately became curious. She didn’t remember when or how did she take a transformation leaf.

She imagined a small mouth growing up on top of a pretty rainbow-colored stone…maybe her original form was like that?

Lu Yaoyao fell into deep thought. For a moment, she forgot about Yin Si, until she lowered her head and saw that he was still waiting for her answer curiously. She immediately answered: “A monkey that popped out of a stone, didn’t it make him even more powerful?”

Yin Si tilted his head, “That’s right!” Yin Si accepted the explanation that a monkey who popped out of the stone was very powerful. He still wanted to continue to ask when cold raindrops suddenly hit his nose.

The little silver wolf shook his head and sneezed.

Lu Yaoyao quickly picked Yin Si up and ran back, “It’s raining! It’s raining!”

The slanting raindrops from the dark clouded sky quickly became heavier. Before the heavy rain really fell, Lu Yaoyao had already returned to her family’s wooden house with the little silver wolf.

As soon as they entered the house, the rain turned into a heavy downpour.

So close! Lu Yaoyao patted her chest. They almost became two wet chickens!

At this moment, Lu Qingyu walked into the room. As his gaze fell on the male Lu Yaoyao held tightly in her hand, his eyes narrowed slightly.

The little silver wolf nestled in Lu Yaoyao’s arms suddenly pricked his ears and looked around vigilantly.


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