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DDDV Ch 47 Part 2 – Congenital Deficiency (II)

“Father, Xiaosi is just like me. He doesn’t grow up too.” Lu Yaoyao remembered what Xiaosi said during the day. Although the reasons of not growing up were different, she still felt a mutual sympathy with the little silver wolf. Both of them were very pitiful!

“Is he also like me, and it will take him dozens to hundreds of years before he can grow up?” Lu Yaoyao forgot to ask this.

She also wondered whether Xiaosi had to study so much every day like her.

Before Yao Jiuxiao answered, Lu Qingyu said, “No, he will die soon.” That wolf cub could only live until ten years old.

“?!!!” Lu Yaoyao was shocked, “Daddy, don’t talk nonsense! I’m going to be angry!” How could Daddy say that about her friend? Daddy is so awful!

“I didn’t talk nonsense. Ask him if you don’t believe me.” Lu Qingyu pointed at Yao Jiuxiao.

Lu Yaoyao quickly turned to Yao Jiuxiao, waiting for his denial. But contrary to Lu Yaoyao’s hope, Yao Jiuxiao nodded, affirming Lu Qingyu’s words.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes instantly filled with tears. How could this be? Xiaosi was very lively and healthy! Apart from not growing up, there was nothing wrong with him!

“Is Xiaosi going to die because he cannot grow up? Am I going to die too?”

Yao Jiuxiao patted Lu Yaoyao’s head. “Your situation is different. He should have died at birth, but his life was forcefully prolonged by consuming many rare and expensive medicines. Although he barely survived, he was born with deficiencies. His internal organs are underdeveloped, and his body is weak as a result. He couldn’t cultivate, and the steady flow of spiritual medicines can only maintain his life, so he cannot grow up.”

Because as the little silver wolf’s body grew bigger, the burden on his organs would also increase, which only shortened his lifespan.

Hearing Yao Jiuxiao’s explanation, Lu Yaoyao was depressed. “I don’t want Xiaosi to die…can he cultivate with me?” After he cultivated, his lifespan would also extend, right? Xiaosi was still very young…

Lu Yaoyao burst into tears.

Seeing her crying, Lu Qingyu blamed Yao Jiuxiao: “Look, you made her cry again.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” It wasn’t him who mentioned it first.

Yao Jiuxiao said: “It’s not that there is no solution.”

Lu Yaoyao immediately stopped crying. She jumped off the stool and ran over to hug Yao Jiuxiao’s thigh: “Father, you must save Xiaosi! Xiaosi is so cute. He is my good friend. If he died, I would be very sad!”

Of course Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t bear to refuse. Facing her daughter’s request, he nodded.

Lu Qingyu’s lips twitched: “Alright. Now go back to your seat and take your dinner.”

Her Father had agreed to save Xiaosi. Only then did Lu Yaoyao finally regain the mood to eat. She returned to her stool and drank the black broth in one gulp.

Lu Qingyu looked at Yao Jiuxiao and mocked: “You are very kind.”

This guy actually agreed to save a little demon? Was he still the Dao Venerable of the human race?

Yao Jiuxiao said nothing. He just didn’t want his daughter to be sad.

When Lu Yaoyao heard her Daddy’s sarcastic remark, she sternly reprimanded: “How can you say that, Daddy?”

Lu Qingyu snorted, “Kid, what’s with your attitude? Do you know who are you talking to?” Dared to reprimand him? She probably wanted a good spank!

“Even if you are my Daddy, I should correct you if you do something wrong.” Lu Yaoyao said solemnly, “Daddy, you are being bad.”

Lu Qingyu laughed in anger: “Do you know who I am? This Venerable is the dignified Lord of Devil Realm. You dare to reprimand me?”

Lu Yaoyao sighed in helplessness. This again. Although it was already dark outside, it was not bedtime yet. Why did Daddy begin to sleep talk again?

Here was the Demon Realm, not Devil Realm. And he even claimed to be the Lord of Devil Realm?

A stone demon living in the remote and barren area of Demon Realm was actually the Lord of Devil Realm? How could this be possible? Although she was young and ignorant, she wasn’t stupid enough to be fooled by this obvious lie.

Lu Qingyu knew that the stinky kid didn’t believe him at all. He had no idea where her perception came from. Why was she so determined that they were just a few ordinary demons who happened to live in Cangshan Mountain?

If Lu Qingyu asked Lu Yaoyao, she would definitely answer: It’s because I have memories from birth!

Lu Yaoyao still remembered that her two fathers were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy spiritual milk, and they even lost their hair once because of the great stress of raising her.

What kind of Devil Lord would be so poor?

The corners of Yao Jiuxiao’s lips raised slightly, very pleased. Even though half of the child’s blood was of the devil race, her personality and worldview leaned towards humans.

Lu Yaoyao continued debating with Lu Qingyu. With both hands on her hips, she asked sternly: “Are you going to tell me that Father is actually the Lord of Human Realm?”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” Well, it’s not wrong.

Lu Yaoyao stared at Lu Qingyu in disbelief.

Really? Couldn’t Daddy dream more realistically? For example, saying that they were Demon Kings or something?

Lu Qingyu was suffocated with anger. In the end, he was too lazy to persuade the child again. One day, he would take her back to the Devil Realm. See if she still didn’t believe him then!

Lu Yaoyao didn’t care about her sulking Daddy. She hurriedly ran to her Father and asked how to save her new friend.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say much, but he told her to invite the little silver wolf to stay at their home for a few days.

It was easy. The weather had begun to turn colder, and it seemed that it would be raining for a few days. So Lu Yaoyao directly invited Yin Si to stay at her home for a few days.

Yin Si was naturally very willing, but he had to ask his parents for permission first to stay for a long time at someone else’s house.

Yin Si looked up at his parents eagerly.

Qianniang touched her son’s head and said gently: “Si’er, you may go if you want.”

The little silver wolf jumped up with joy. He quickly packed a large bag of luggage, and then Yin Hui sent him to the stone demons’ home.

The two cubs were naturally very happy. The autumn rainy season brought the winter closer. After days of successive rain, the weather was getting colder day by day. However, Yin Si’s body was covered with thick fur, and Lu Yaoyao’s clothes made her immune to weather. The two cubs spent all day playing around without being affected by the changing temperatures.

To slowly cure Yin Si’s congenital deficiencies, Yao Jiuxiao prepared a medicated bath and medicinal pills every day. Yin Si was totally ignorant. He only felt that it was particularly comfortable to take a bath at Yaoyao’s house. Staying a few days here, he had endless energy and ate a lot of delicious snacks.

Yin Si had so much fun that he was reluctant to leave.

It would be better if Yaoyao’s Daddy didn’t occasionally make him feel afraid to approach…

When winter came and the first snow fell, the little silver wolf finally returned to his home.


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