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DDDV Ch 49 Part 2 – Father and Daddy Tell a Story (II)

Yao Jiuxiao finished the last stroke of the painting. His eyes were gentle, “This is Guiyuan Sect.”

Guiyuan Sect? Lu Yaoyao had never heard this name before. She looked at the painting curiously. Where was this Guiyuan Sect? Was it as beautiful as Father’s painting?

“Guiyuan Sect is the largest sect in Cultivation Realm.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded, seemingly understood. She knew that Cultivation Realm was the Human Realm! Had Father visited the Human Realm before?

She was very curious. Was the Cultivation Realm so beautiful? Would she be able to see it herself one day, just like Father?

“Father, can you tell me more about Cultivation Realm?” Lu Yaoyao suddenly became curious about the world outside Duanping Mountain Range.

Lu Qingyu snorted disdainfully, “What’s good with Cultivation Realm? Devil Realm is more fun.”

Lu Yaoyao turned her head and asked, “Daddy, have you been in the Devil Realm?”

“Of course. Devil Realm is much more interesting.” Lu Qingyu said, “There is a Devil Palace built on a suspended high mountain, very grand and majestic. There is also a magnificent valley full of glowing devil flowers.”

“There is also a ten thousand year devil tree in the Devil Realm, towering into the clouds. Each of its branches is spacious enough for a small village to be built on, and the tree is full of cute little devil beasts.”

Lu Yaoyao listened with great gusto. She couldn’t imagine what kind of tree was large enough a small village could be built on just one branch.

Yao Jiuxiao said: “Guiyuan Sect is located on the largest spiritual vein in Yuanqi Continent. The sect is full of aura, which can sustain countless spiritual plants and spiritual animals. Everyone in the world paid attention to the thirteen peaks of Guiyuan Sect.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s words instantly drew Lu Yaoyao’s attention. “When I grow up, I want to go and see Guiyuan Sect!”

Yao Jiuxiao was happy, “Yes.”

Lu Yaoyao raised her fingers, “I also want to travel the Cultivation Realm, want to travel the Demon Realm, and also want to travel the Devil Realm. I want to see the entire Yuanqi Continent!”

“Your age is small, but your ambition isn’t small.” Lu Qingyu leaned back on the recliner, “This Daddy of yours has been living for so long, but cannot say that I have traveled throughout the entire Yuanqi Continent.”

Lu Yaoyao said sweetly: “I want to travel the entire Yuanqi Continent with my Father and Daddy!”

But she was still young now. When she grew up and became very strong, she could take her Father and Daddy to travel together!

Lu Yaoyao was very excited.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao did not speak for a while. It was such a simple request, but the two Venerables didn’t know whether they could fulfill it or not. They trapped each other in this corner of Demon Realm, and no one was willing to give up. Before one of them made a compromise, this little girl might not be able to leave this place at all.

Neither Lu Qingyu nor Yao Jiuxiao instilled the antagonistic relationships between the three races of human, devil, and demon in Lu Yaoyao. They didn’t know how this lack of knowledge would affect Lu Yaoyao in the future, but thought that this might be for the best.

This child had the blood of human and devil in her vein, which trapped her between two opposing sides. On top of that, she was born and raised among the demons in the Demon Realm. How would she suffer if she knew the truth one day and was indoctrinated with hatred towards other races?

No matter which side she was on, it was a difficult choice for her.

Not noticing her two father’s long silence, Lu Yaoyao asked coquettishly: “Father, Daddy, tell me more about the outside world! I want to hear stories!”


Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t bear his daughter’s request and began to tell the stories from his youth. He didn’t know how to make up stories, so he simply narrated what he saw and heard during his practice outside the sect. Yao Jiuxiao’s tone was flat, but there was a charm in his cold voice which hooked Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Qingyu sneered disdainfully.

When her Father finished telling the adventure story, Lu Yaoyao jumped to her Daddy: “Daddy, it’s your turn to tell me a story!”

Lu Yaoyao was very fair. Father and Daddy took turns to tell her stories, so no one was left in the cold.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

The temperature outside the house was freezing, and the frigid wind blew by incessantly. However, Lu Yaoyao’s house was very warm. Since the day her two fathers told her stories, Lu Yaoyao had fallen in love with listening to stories. Every day, she would demand her two fathers to tell her at least one adventure story.

Of course, there was also the lullaby. However, after finding out that her Daddy sang lullaby too badly, Lu Yaoyao decisively gave up listening to his lullaby.

With nothing else to do, Lu Yaoyao poured all her attention on cultivation and made rapid progress. She recently started learning how to do spells. She was very interested and had a lot of fun every day.

The first spell Lu Yaoyao learned was the dirt-removal spell. After learning, she used the spell to clean every corner of the house. After Lu Yaoyao cleaned everything in the house, her gaze moved to the outside. The snow at the door is so thick, could she clear it away with the dust-removal spell?

Lu Yaoyao ran to the snow outside the house and began to use the spell.

The uppermost layer of the snow was instantly blown away. Lu Yaoyao added more effort and repeated the spell: blow, blow!

Lu Qingyu leaned against the door, smiling at the sight of the little girl playing among the snow.

Yao Jiuxiao also watched with a gentle gaze. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he walked into the snow towards the outside of the barrier.

Outside the barrier, a tall man stood silently.


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