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DDDV Ch 5 Part 2 – Who Do You Like? Me or Him? (II)

Lu Qingyu tidied his clothes and said casually from the side: “Since Zhu’er is so happy, just take her out frequently in the future.”

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his head and looked at the little child who was still moving around in excitement. His thin lips slightly curled up.

Lu Yaoyao had been babbling and yelling for a long time, but both her fathers didn’t understand what she meant. In the end, she pursed her lips and used her trump card: crying!

“Whaaaa!! Whaaaa!!”

Lu Qingyu immediately jumped back five steps away: “Why is she crying again?”

“She must be uncomfortable in your arms.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

After one incense stick of time, Lu Yaoyao finally got what she wished and was successfully swimming in the lake. Her short legs swayed comfortably. She patted the water surface with her chubby little hands, making a happy laugh.

It was not easy, ah. Finally, she can take a bath and wash her body.

She is no longer a stinky baby.

Lu Yaoyao reminisced. From birth to now, she had never touched any water. Every time she felt sad that she was a dirty baby, she would always be attracted by other things and forgot her sadness.

Thinking back now, it was truly depressing.

But starting today, she can wash cleanly every day!

On the shore, Yao Jiuxiao controlled a spell expressionlessly, letting the child float on the water without drowning.

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Lu Qingyu sat on the ground with a relaxed posture, completely disregarding his image. He sighed: “This kid is too difficult to raise.” She was too squeamish. Crying at every turn, and he had to be careful whenever he touched her.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t reply, but he agreed with Lu Qingyu. This child was indeed a bit difficult to raise.

“You humans are too troublesome.” Lu Qingyu complained. If this kid had his devil race characteristics, she could run and jump right after she was born. Devil cubs also had thick skins, and they would be okay after falling down or getting beaten.

“We cannot keep on like this.” Lu Qingyu recalled all the chaos that happened these few days. He leaned forward slightly, approached Yao Jiuxiao, and said in a low voice: “Why don’t you go back to Cultivation Realm1 and find a human who knows how to raise a child?”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t answer. He could tell what Lu Qingyu was thinking at a glance. Obviously, Lu Qingyu didn’t make this suggestion out of good intention. If he really went to the Cultivation Realm as Lu Qingyu suggested, he knew that Lu Qingyu would immediately run away with the child.

To reach a compromise, they imposed three layers of restrictions. The first layer was themselves. They suppressed each other’s cultivation base, and now were only at the late Foundation Establishment stage. The second layer was the barrier enclosing this house. The third and last layer was the entire Duanping Mountain Range, including the Cangshan Mountain.

They also made a heavenly oath. Whoever unlocked the restriction on their cultivation base first would be foul, and the child would belong to the other person. If one of them walked out of the barrier surrounding the house or the restricted area of Duanping Mountain Range, the other person would also immediately notice. This prevented the other party from snatching the child when the other wasn’t paying attention.

Even though they seemed to be living in peace now, but in fact, as long as one of them made the slightest blunder, they would immediately leave this place with the child and return to their respective territory. Now they were trapped here, but on the contrary, was suppressing each other.

There was no trust between them.

“It’s a pity that Zhu’er doesn’t speak our demon race’s language. Otherwise, I will be able to understand her. Or, I can go to the Devil Realm and bring back a servant.” Lu Qingyu said with a regretful tone.

“Zhu’er speaks your human race’s language, but you also cannot understand her…”

“If you are wary, we can go together.”

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Yao Jiuxiao’s face turned colder. The journey out there would be far. No one could predict what would happen on the road. Precisely because Lu Qingyu put forward this proposal that Yao Jiuxiao became even more worried.

However, it was also true that they had to do something. He also didn’t know how to raise a child. In just three short days, he was totally exhausted both physically and mentally. These three days were even more exhausting than his experience thousand of years ago when he went out to practice and killed monster beasts for a month without stopping.

Apart from fighting, the three races of humans, demons, and devils usually never communicated with each other. For example, the demons of Cangshan Mountain had never left the Demon Realm before. Of course, some people would hide their identities and go to the realm inhabited by opposing races. But only powerful people dared to do this. Otherwise, once they were discovered, they might meet an unfortunate end.

The demons living in Cangshan Mountain naturally didn’t know a thing about human babies. Otherwise, he could ask one of them to take care of his daughter.

Lu Qingyu lowered his voice, full of temptation. His peach blossom eyes2 seemed to be affectionate, “Don’t you want the kid to be taken care of? If someone takes care of her, you don’t have to worry about anything, right?”

“As long as we go to the human world and bring back a person…”

Yao Jiuxiao stood up silently. His face was icy with frost. With a movement of his finger, the little girl who was still playing excitedly on the water instantly flew into his arms.

Holding his daughter, Yao Jiuxiao directly walked back towards the wooden house.

“Ah?” Lu Yaoyao was having fun when she was suddenly fished out of the water. She babbled in confusion and looked up at Beautiful Father. She instinctively felt that her father was not in a good mood at the moment. Lu Yaoyao no longer cared that her fun was suddenly interrupted. She stretched out her hand, trying to reach Beautiful Father’s face. Her small body bounced up.

Seeing her movement, Yao Jiuxiao raised his hands, holding her small butt and supporting her back straight.

Once Lu Yaoyao properly sat on Beautiful Father’s hand, she raised her head. Her small toothless mouth gnawed at Beautiful Father’s cheek, leaving a wet mark on his face.

Father don’t be upset, baby gives you a kiss!

Yao Jiuxiao’s footsteps halted. Feeling the wet touch on his cheek, his body froze.

Lu Qingyu followed from behind: “Are you really going to raise her by yourself—”

Lu Qingyu’s expression suddenly sank. He saw the little girl reached out and kissed Yao Jiuxiao’s face. This kid hasn’t kissed him yet!

He stared at the little girl until she looked over curiously, and then quietly asked, “Zhu’er, who do you like? Me or him?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…???”


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  1. Cultivation Realm: The realm where the human race lives.
  2. Peach Blossom Eyes: One of the types/shapes of eyes. Peach blossom eye is long and slender, with a wavy shape (tails slightly tilted upwards) that resembles a peach flower petal. Peach blossom eye is usually considered seductive and has a high charm.

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