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DDDV Ch 50 Part 2 – Giving Their All to Help Her (II)

A man whose face was as refined as the jade, who liked to wore red clothes…

Yin Hui knew about one person whose rumor fit this description.

Was he Devil Venerable, who went missing at the same time as Dao Venerable Hengwu?

Yin Hui thought of the news he had investigated, but really couldn’t combine those identities with the two. No one in the continent didn’t know that Dao Venerable and Devil Venerable were deadly enemies. He once heard the King say that those two were separated by a sea of blood and vengeance. Therefore, as long as the two venerables were still alive and well, the demon race never needed to worry that the other two races might unite to seize the Demon Realm.

Things happened more than one thousand years ago, and those in the know never talked about it openly, so Yin Hui didn’t know the specifics about the hatred between the two venerables. However, he was now seeing the two supposedly deadly enemies were actually living together and even raising a child!

Was that little girl adopted? No, she clearly looked seventy percent similar to Devil Venerable and thirty percent similar to Dao Venerable…

Yin Hui’s mood was full of turmoil: complicated and indescribable. He felt that he had broken a great secret. He had followed his king to various battlefields and had a natural prejudice against other races. His hands were stained with blood from many humans and devils, and he had also witnessed his comrades killed by those two other races.

But, it was a human and a devil who saved his son’s life…

Yin Hui was someone who could distinguish grievances and graces, and he was also a grateful person. He knew that if he secret reported this information to the King, he would make a great contribution and surely would be allowed to return to the Demon Capital again.

But his King was now fascinated by that woman, doting on the concubine and destroying his wife. Even the loyal generals who had served him for many years were nothing in front of his concubine’s pillow talk.

Yin Hui and his clan were lucky to get exiled, as one of the colleagues he had made friends with for many years were directly killed.

One by one, the King’s misconducts kept piling up, completely chilling Yin Hui’s heart. In his opinion, what if the person was really a human race? A devil race? He would naturally be inclined towards those who treated him with grace. As for loyalty? The lord he swore allegiance to had abandoned him, so what was the use of clinging on the so-called loyalty?

Before Yin Hui came to Yao Jiuxiao, he originally wanted to repay this grace by unconditionally fulfilling three requests the family made. But the moment he opened his mouth, he changed his words. He knew that he shouldn’t be too hastily betting the future of his whole clan, but his instinct urged him to do so.

Yin Hui thought of that lovely little girl and thought: no one would be unwilling to help her to solve her problems.

After standing silently for a while, Yin Hui finally turned around and left. He buried all the doubts in his heart and determined not to pursue the truth. He only needed to know that whatever request that little girl Lu Yaoyao made in the future, he and his clan would definitely give their all to fulfill it.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t know, and also didn’t care, about the turmoil raging inside Yin Hui’s mind. The moment he returned to the barrier, a pile of snow came crushing right onto him.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

“Ah!” Lu Yaoyao rushed over with her short legs, “Father, are you okay?”

“Hahahaha…” Lu Qingyu burst into laughter. As long as he saw Yao Jiuxiao’s misfortune, he would be happy for a long time.

Lu Yaoyao has been practicing the dirt-removal spell. This spell could remove dirt and dust on people or things, so it should also be able to remove the snow from the ground. Lu Yaoyao wanted to clear the snow at the door. After many attempts, she finally achieved the effect she wanted.

In the beginning, she could only move a small pile of snow and clear out a little bit of the ground. But Lu Yaoyao kept improvising the spell, and the effect became better and better. Finally, the spell was strong enough to directly lift a large pile of snow, which happened to hit Yao Jiuxiao, who had just come back.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t notice when her Father left, and also didn’t notice when he came back suddenly. It was already too late when she found out. Lu Yaoyao quickly patted Yao Jiuxiao’s clothes with her chubby hands, trying to clean the snow from his clothes. Finished, she then looked up. Seeing that he wasn’t angry, she immediately began to show off: “Father, look, I can blow the snow!”

She then used the spell again. A gust of wind blew, and a piece of snow piled in front of her was blown away, revealing a patch of snowless ground.

Yao Jiuxiao was very surprised. The dirt-removal spell couldn’t achieve such an effect on snow. His daughter was still so young, and she had only learned this one spell so far. Yet, she was able to modify the spell on her own?

Was this….the talent of a Dao and Devil dual physique?

Lu Yaoyao lifted her chin proudly: “Father, am I awesome?”

Yao Jiuxiao patted the girl’s head and replied sincerely, “Awesome.”

Lu Yaoyao broke into a wide grin. “I will be more awesome in the future!” When the time come, she would bring Father and Daddy with her, and their family of three would travel the world together!

“Yes.” Yao Jiuxiao nodded approvingly. He then pointed to a large area outside the house, full of snow within the line of sight. “Since that’s the case, then I will entrust you to clean this snow.”

Lu Yaoyao patted her chest and replied confidently: “No problem!” Then she stepped forward with her short legs and continued blowing the snow happily.

Yao Jiuxiao walked aside and watched the enthusiastic little girl with a gentle gaze.

Lu Qingyu curled his lips in disdain, too lazy to care about the other guy’s pretense.

Lu Yaoyao was blowing the snow for a while when she caught a glimpse of the ice on the lake. She ran over, stepped on it, then bounced to test the ice’s hardness before shouting at Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao: “Father, Daddy, the lake is frozen!”

Lu Qingyu walked over and lazily hummed in response.

“Daddy, can I invite my friends to play skate tomorrow?” Lu Yaoyao asked. She ran over, hugged Lu Qingyu’s thighs, and looked up with her big, sparkling eyes.

Lu Qingyu said, “Of course, you can do whatever you want.”

“Daddy, then can you accompany me to invite them?” Lu Yaoyao glanced at the ground. “The snow outside must be so thick, but it is no problem. I will blow them all!”


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