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DDDV Ch 51 Part 1 – A Smart Cub Never Gives Up Easily! (I)

Lu Qingyu brought Lu Yaoyao across the whole Duanping Mountain Range with a sullen face. No way. Who let the kid’s playmates spread all over the mountains? Lu Yaoyao sat on Lu Qingyu’s shoulders and invited her friends to skate at her house. Lu Yaoyao was extremely popular. None of the cubs she invited refused her invitation.

A few days ago, some cubs were eager to play. They ran out on a cold day, causing them to lie down sick at home. When they heard Lu Yaoyao’s invitation, the cubs suddenly became lively again. Even under their parents’ iron fist of love, they cried loudly and resolutely, expressing their wish to go to Lu Yaoyao’s house no matter what.

In the hearts of Duanping’s cubs, Lu Yaoyao’s home was a very mysterious place. In the beginning, when Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu had just moved here with the unborn Lu Yaoyao, many demons would come to take a look at their new neighbors, and some of the cubs also followed their parents once or twice. But after the barrier appeared around the house and its periphery, no demons ever entered again except for the peach blossom demon, who once taught the two novice fathers how to take care of their newly transformed cub.

In the cubs’ perception, best friends would visit each other’s house to play. After Lu Yaoyao grew up a bit and could play outside, other cubs naturally wanted to visit her house. Especially because her two fathers were also the strongest in the entire Duanping Mountain Range and were the idols of many demons. No cubs didn’t dream of visiting Lu Yaoyao’s house!

Therefore, when they knew that this dream was about to come true, the cubs were greatly excited. They couldn’t wait for three days to come quickly!

Lu Yaoyao ran with her Daddy for a whole day, conveying all the invitations in person before slowly returning home after dark.

Lu Qingyu’s handsome face was totally dark, thinking himself a fool for taking the kid to personally deliver the invitations. If they were in the Devil Realm, him wanting to hold any banquet was just a matter of one sentence. He gave the order, and his subordinates naturally would work to their bones to arrange everything perfectly. The only thing he needed to do was attend the banquet when the time came.

Of course, no devil was worthy enough to make him come to them in person to invite. Let him come personally? Weren’t they afraid he would annihilate them?

But these ants, so weak that he could pinch them all to death with one finger, actually needed the dignified Devil Venerable to come in person…

Lu Qingyu gritted his teeth in annoyance. Suddenly, his scalp tightened. The child sitting on his shoulder was pulling his hair in dissatisfaction: “Daddy, I’m talking to you! You don’t listen…”

Lu Qingyu casually replied, “I hear you.” But inwardly, he thought: this little kid is really troublesome!

So, right after they returned home, Lu Qingyu threw the child on his shoulder into Yao Jiuxiao’s arms and went straight into his room, closing the door in annoyance.

Lu Yaoyao fell into Yao Jiuxiao’s arms. She adjusted herself to a comfortable posture and sighed like an adult: “Daddy is so troublesome.”

This temper of his, sunny now and cloudy next, was the typical example of moodiness. If it weren’t for her to be his daughter, how could she stand him?

Forget it. A child shouldn’t dislike her daddy. She must be more tolerant of his temper.

Lu Yaoyao hugged Yao Jiuxiao’s neck and said sweetly: “Father, I set the time in three days!”

At first, Lu Yaoyao wanted to make it tomorrow, but suddenly thought tomorrow was too fast. She didn’t have anything ready!

So she pushed it back to three days, which was enough time for preparation!

Yao Jiuxiao responded with a low voice. Seeing that her Father didn’t seem to understand what she meant, Lu Yaoyao reminded: “Father, when other children entertain friends at home, their parents will prepare food for everyone.”

Each parent might have been good at different things, but all of them would do their best to make delicious foods to entertain their cub’s guests. Lu Yaoyao has visited other cubs’ homes several times and was already familiar with the process. Now that it was her turn to be the host, Lu Yaoyao was very excited. But she couldn’t help but sigh when she recalled her Father’s cooking skill that hadn’t grown since she was a baby.

Having been used to Father and Daddy’s cooking skills for many years, her sense of taste had long been skewed thousands of miles away. Although she felt that the charcoal-like roasted meat, bubbly black broth, and burnt egg custard…actually tasted not bad, she knew that other cubs’ taste might not be as ‘strong.’

Lu Yaoyao stared at Father’s handsome and cold face. She sighed sadly. What could she do to remedy Father’s cooking skill, ah!

When Yao Jiuxiao thought of his cooking skills that hadn’t improved after a few years, his face stiffened very slightly.

Lu Yaoyao gave up hope for her two fathers and decided to take matters into her own hands. That night, she hardened her resolve and began to cook by herself. In her limited memory of previous life, she had never worked in the kitchen. She seemed to be trapped in that white room all the time and had never been anywhere. However, she had been watching her Father cook for so many years, so she already knew what to do.

Lu Yaoyao solemnly began to cook a spirit egg custard. From the outside, the custard looked more delicious than Yao Jiuxiao’s custard. The slightly better appearance made Lu Yaoyao full of confidence, so she took two spoons in both hands and dug two spoonfuls of custard for her taste-testers.

The surface of the custard was not silky nor tender, but at least it seemed edible. Lu Yaoyao’s only taste-testers — Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao — glanced at the spoon that almost touched their mouth and took the bite.

Lu Yaoyao stared at her two fathers, waiting for their reaction with bright eyes. She quickly asked: “How is it? Is it delicious?”

As soon as the custard entered the mouth, the two venerables’ expressions froze simultaneously. But their reaction was so small that Lu Yaoyao didn’t notice it.

Unable to disappoint his expectant daughter, Lu Qingyu said firmly: “Delicious, it’s delicious! Very delicious!” Then he patted Yao Jiuxiao’s shoulder and said very warmly: “We must not waste the kid’s filial piety. You have been working hard to take care of her recently, so I will hand over her first personal cooking to you. I believe you can.”

“…” Yao Jiuxiao stiffened even more.

Lu Yaoyao was very happy to find that she actually had a talent for cooking. Seeing that Daddy, who was always jealous of Father, was suddenly so tolerant and sensible, she became happier. She quickly pushed the big bowl of egg custard in front of Lu Qingyu to reward his ‘sensibility.’

“Daddy, you can eat it! I will cook more if it is not enough!” Daddy is very sensible today. She must reward such a sensible Daddy and cannot make him wronged!


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