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DDDV Ch 51 Part 2 – A Smart Cub Never Gives Up Easily! (II)

Lu Yaoyao was very happy to found that she actually had a talent of cooking. Seeing that Daddy, who always jealous of Father, was suddenly so tolerant and sensible, she became happier. She quickly pushed the big bowl of egg custard in front of Lu Qingyu to reward his ‘sensibility.’

“Daddy, you can eat it! I will cook more if it is not enough!” Daddy is very sensible today. She must reward such a sensible Daddy and cannot make him wronged!

The corner of Yao Jiuxiao’s lips curled up very slightly, and his expression softened. Seeing Lu Qingyu’s stiff face, he slowly said: “It’s the child’s filial piety. Are you willing to waste it?”

Lu Qingyu: “…” This is definitely a mockery, right? This guy is obviously gloating. Don’t think he can’t see it!

Lu Qingyu resisted the urge to take out his natal weapon and started a life-and-death duel on the spot. He slowly revealed a smile, which was charming enough to turn all living beings upside down, and patted Lu Yaoyao’s head before saying amiably: “How can I let Yaoyao’er work so hard? Don’t worry. I will definitely, absolutely, share this bowl of custard with your father.”

Lu Yaoyao was even more pleased. Father and daddy were really sensible today!

When Lu Yaoyao was about to boast about steaming two more pots of egg custard, Lu Qingyu held her chubby hand and asked seriously: “Aren’t you going to make something else?”

Right, she forgot! Father and Daddy had to leave some space in their stomachs to taste the food afterward! She couldn’t make them full at once!

“I’ll roast meat for you two!” Lu Yaoyao proudly said. She rushed happily to prepare the mutant beast meat that Father had processed for her, preparing to use Father’s fire to roast the meat.

Woohooo….the aggrieved celestial fire was forcibly put under the ugly mutant beast meat, roasting the meat under little master’s control. It was the one and only celestial fire in the world that all alchemists dreamed of. But it was actually used by its master every day to boil meat, cook broth, steam egg…its proud heart had long since worn away.

When the celestial fire was controlled by its master and fell into the little master’s hand, it was actually happy, thinking it finally escaped the devil’s claws. Unexpectedly, the little master still made it cook egg and meat…

The celestial fire suddenly found the world meaningless and fell into despair.

Lu Yaoyao squatted, learning to control the fire under Father’s guidance. Looking at the fire’s sparkle, she blinked, “Father, the fire seems to be sad?” Why does it look depressed? Does fire also have emotions?

Yao Jiuxiao was surprised by Lu Yaoyao’s keenness, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t plan to give this celestial fire to Lu Yaoyao for the time being. This celestial fire had grown spiritual wisdom and was rebellious by nature. It was not something that the current Lu Yaoyao could subdue. Even he had only subdued this celestial fire when his cultivation base was in the Soul Transformation stage.

Yao Jiuxiao gave the listless fire a cold glance. The fire froze for a moment. Holding back the urge to cry, it suddenly burned vigorously and became very lively.

“It’s happy now.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at the lively fire and nodded: “Oh.” This world is so amazing. Even fire has emotions!

Soon after, Lu Yaoyao used her miraculous chubby hands to roast the piece of meat into pitch-black charcoal. After knocking off the thick layer of coke, the blood-red raw meat was exposed, exactly the same as the meat roasted by Yao Jiuxiao.

Lu Qingyu folded his arms and commented leisurely: “Like a father, like a daughter.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

The self-confidence that had just inflated dwindled in an instant.

Lu Yaoyao was puzzled. The fire was well controlled. Why was it still not cooked? What was wrong?

Lu Yaoyao was not discouraged at all, “The first time was a mistake!” She can make delicious egg custard. She naturally can also roast meat!

Lu Yaoyao held her chubby face and stubbornly continued to roast another piece of meat for the second and third time. Her white and tender skin was covered with gray ashes in no time, but it didn’t affect her cuteness at all. However, no matter how many times she tried, the meat she roasted was always burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

After confirming that she did not have the talent for roasting meat, Lu Yaoyao refused to give up and switched to cooking broth. Although the black bubbled broth looked ugly, it was indeed very delicious. Moreover, it wasn’t hard to make, just put in that ‘delicious grass’ provided by Daddy. In the end, she was told that this broth was only suitable for her, and other cubs could not eat it.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” It doesn’t matter, she still has spirit eggs, she can make egg custard! A strong cub never admits defeat!

However, not long after, Lu Yaoyao discovered the truth about her two fathers’ so-called ‘sensibility.’ The egg custard she made was not as horrible as Father’s. However, the taste was still hard to describe. It turned out that they were generous to each other because they didn’t want to eat the egg custard she made?

This fact hit Lu Yaoyao hard. Even seeing her two fathers quickly eat the egg custard to prove that they didn’t dislike her cooking didn’t make Lu Yaoyao happy. Unable to bear it anymore, tears began to form in her bright eyes.

She actually inherited Father’s talent. She was also a horrible cook…

This truth was too cruel, and Lu Yaoyao was hit hard. The confidence she had in the beginning totally turned into depression.

What would she use to entertain her friends?

When Lu Qingyu saw tears begin to appear in Lu Yaoyao’s eyes, he was ready to call Yao Jiuxiao to immediately console her. Unexpectedly, the child quickly wiped her tears and clenched her small chubby fists. Although her tender young voice was a bit hoarse, her tone was full of confidence: “A smart cub never gives up easily!”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao: ” …”

Just when they thought that their daughter was determined to give her all and wanted to spend the remaining two days to hone her cooking skills, the little girl used her loudest voice to declare: “I am going to ask for outside help!”

Yao Jiuxiao: “???”

Lu Qingyu: “???”

Lu Yaoyao clenched her chubby fist and announced: “I am going to ask Granny Taohua’s help to make peach blossom soup so I can entertain my friends!”

The peach blossom demon Granny Taohua was very fond of small cubs. They often came to her house to play, and she would make them a bowl of peach blossom soup. The taste didn’t need to be mentioned. It was so delicious!

All cubs liked Granny Taohua’s peach blossom soup very much.

Lu Yaoyao’s thought was simple. Since she couldn’t do it and her Father and Daddy were unreliable, she could only ask Granny Taohua’s help.

Lu Qingyu patted his daughter’s head and complimented: “Smart!”

That’s right, why should she do this trivial thing herself? His little princess only needed to sit high above and give the orders, and others would do it for her.


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