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DDDV Ch 52 Part 1 – Why are the Cubs Fighting? (I)

Once Lu Yaoyao made up her mind, she was quick to act. She prepared a gift and went to ask Granny Taohua’s help. Later, Xiaosi’s Mom also found out somehow and came to offer her help. Lu Yaoyao thought of the delicious cakes Xiaosi occasionally brought them and immediately agreed.

After many twists and turns, the day finally arrived. The weather was perfect today. Not only it wasn’t snowing, but it was even a rare sunny day. The sun shone brilliantly, adding a touch of warmth to the cold winter.

Before dawn, Lu Yaoyao had woken up and started her daily practice. She was very enthusiastic today and didn’t try to dawdle in bed. In order to finish her practice before her friends arrived, she even woke up earlier than usual. Lu Yaoyao swung her sword, then continued swinging her whip repeatedly, and finally finished her lesson not long after dawn.

Yao Jiuxiao dispersed the barrier, revealing a small, lovely wooden house.

Yin Hui and Qianniang came first, accompanying their son Yin Si. The little silver wolf leaped happily and dashed at Lu Yaoyao.

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao!”


Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si bounced up and down for a while. After calming down, Lu Yaoyao looked at the little silver wolf who had obviously grown bigger and said: “Xiaosi, you’ve gotten fatter.”

Yin Si’s fur immediately exploded, which made his fluffy body look even rounder. He cried out in protest: “I’m not fat. I’m growing up!”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “Didn’t you say you cannot grow up?” Did her little playmate deceive her naive heart?

Speaking of this, Yin Si was very grateful to Lu Yaoyao, but because they were friends, he wasn’t very honest when expressing his feelings: “I know what you have done. Yaoyao, thank you.”

After Yin Si returned home from Yaoyao’s house, his parents carefully asked what he had done during the time. Yin Hui didn’t have any doubt and easily told all the things he remembered.

Yin Si’s parents also didn’t hide anything from their young son and openly told him that Yaoyao’s fathers had cured him.

Yin Si recalled the warm and comfortable days at Yaoyao’s house. So his illness was cured like that?

Because of Yin Si’s stunted growth and weaker body, the cubs in Demon Capital disliked playing with him. And because of Yin Si’s status and the fact that he had to be careful of his health all the time, the cubs of his clan didn’t dare to approach. Yin Si very much yearned to have a healthy body, but he forced himself to be sensible. Dad and Mom were already very sad because of him, so he didn’t want to trouble them even more.

So, this big surprise that came suddenly was something Yin Si didn’t even dare to hope before. His Dad and Mom taught him that Yaoyao’s family had saved his life. A drip of grace was like a gushing spring. Because of this, Yin Si firmly decided to protect Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “No thanks. We are good friends. I believe that if it were you, you would definitely help me, right?”

Yin Si nodded.

“That’s right, so it’s normal for you to help me, and I help you.” Finished speaking, Lu Yaoyao fell into contemplation. At first, she thought that Yin Si would be like her after he was cured, and both of them would need a long time to grow up. But it turned out that Yin Si quickly began to grow up right after being cured!

Lu Yaoyao was happy for Xiaosi, but she also felt sorry for herself…

While the children were busy with themselves, the parents exchanged greetings. Qianniang said with a smile, “My husband and I come to help.”

Yin Hui cupped his hands towards Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, “Excuse us.”

Yao Jiuxiao nodded slightly, “Trouble you.”

Yin Si said, “Come to my house tomorrow. My house also has a lot of fun!”

In fact, Yin Si was not the only cub in Silver Wolf Clan’s settlement. Other clan members who followed Yin Hui also brought their families along. Compared to Demon Capital, there were few places for cubs to play around. To prevent them from getting bored and secretly running out of the settlement, Yin Hui led his subordinates to specially prepare an area for the cubs to play. Many of the amusements in the play area were made in the Demon Capital style, so Lu Yaoyao and her playmates surely had never played with them before.

Qianniang talked about the toys made by her fellow clansmen and said with a smile: “We always welcome Si’er’s friends to visit our house to play.”

Hearing this, Lu Yaoyao was very interested and immediately promised to go when she had free time. Her chubby face was very serious when she made the promise. Actually, she wouldn’t care what kind of toys were there in Xiaosi’s house. She promised because she couldn’t bear to disappoint Xiaosi’s parents, alright!

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were not good at hospitality, but both watched attentively, trying to learn fast to not lose their daughter’s face in front of her playmates. In the end however, exchanging pleasantries seemed to be beyond them, so they just stood there in silence

After the Yin Hui family came, other cubs also came one after another with their parents. Soon, the place was full of cubs’ cheerful and noisy voices. Lu Yaoyao tried to do her best as a host. She brought her playmates to the frozen lake. The group of cubs used wooden planks made by Yao Jiuxiao to step on the ice and quickly slide around.

The cubs were not the only ones curious about Lu Yaoyao’s house. After the parents sent their cubs over, they didn’t want to leave. Wanting to get close to their idols, the parents used the excuse of helping to watch over the cubs to stay openly.


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