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DDDV Ch 53 – Hunting

“Yaoyao, who do you like the most?”

Lu Yaoyao was surrounded by a group of fluffy animals, with their big round eyes staring firmly at her. Lu Yaoyao raised her eyes and stared into the sky, full of helplessness. Her two jealous fathers fought all day long to compete for her attention, but unexpectedly, now even her little friends also did the same! Each and every one of them was her soft and fluffy little friend. She loved them so much. How could she bear to hurt their feelings?

Lu Yaoyao blinked and asked curiously, “Then who do you like the most?”

Song Xiaoqi, Bai Shi’er, and Yin Si said in unison: “Of course I like Yaoyao the most.”

Lu Yaoyao solemnly said: “Whoever likes me the most, I also like them the most.”

When the cubs heard this, they immediately smiled. Each one thought: since I like Yaoyao the most, it means that Yaoyao also likes me the most!

The little green snake Junjun, coiled around Lu Yaoyao’s wrist, poked out his head and rubbed himself against Lu Yaoyao’s palm. He shyly said with a small voice: “I like Yaoyao and Maomao the most.” Maomao was the little civet cat who was with Junjun most of the time.

Lu Yaoyao patted the little snake’s head: “I also like Junjun the most.”

The cubs laughed merrily in ignorance. Before anyone had the time to notice her trick, Lu Yaoyao hurriedly waved her hand and pointed at the frozen lake: “Let’s go skating!” The girl ran out and rushed her friends, “Come on!”

“Yaoyao, wait for me!” When other cubs saw Lu Yaoyao dashing away, they hurriedly ran after her.

The cubs who had just been fighting were now happily playing together again. Lu Yaoyao watched the group of furry bounced around in harmony and secretly sighed in relief. As long as she kept her little friends occupied, no one would remember to question her.

She is so smart!

At noon, the parents cooked meals together. Initially, only Qianniang and peach blossom demon volunteered to be the chefs, but because not many adults were needed to look after the cubs, the rest came to help with the cooking. The parents showed off their various cooking skills. Since they were coming as guests, each family also brought food or ingredients, adding a lot to the menu. Some parents brought in a long table from somewhere and placed it by the lake. The table, full of food, was overflowing with a delicious aroma, enticing the cubs who rushed to the table and proceeded to share food lively.

Lu Yaoyao maintained the posture as the host. Although she wanted to eat with her friends, she prioritized taking care of her guests first, ensuring that everyone had enough food and drink.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, who had never seen such a down-to-earth banquet, stood motionlessly with indescribable faces.

Lu Yaoyao saw her two fathers were ‘at a loss’ and quickly arranged seats for them. She picked two plates, filled them with the exact same food, and placed the plates in front of Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu: “Father, Daddy, have a taste.”

This was the best food Lu Yaoyao had ever eaten. She had to get some to her Father and Daddy quickly; otherwise, it might be gone in no time.

Lu Yaoyao looked at her Father eagerly. She wished that Father could learn something and gain experience today. Even if he couldn’t make good-looking and delicious food, at least she wanted more varieties, not just drinking meat broth every day.

Yao Jiuxiao, who understood the meaning of Lu Yaoyao’s expectant gaze: “…”

Lively times passed by quickly. After the cubs filled their stomach, they continued skating on the ice. They had developed various ways to play on the frozen lake in just half a day, and the place was full of the cubs’ hearty laughter.

When the sky darkened, the parents called their cubs to go home. Most of the cubs still wanted to play more, but under their parents’ urging, they reluctantly bid farewell after making an appointment for another day.

Song Xiaoqi and Bai Shi’er kept clinging to Lu Yaoyao and refused to leave with their family. The reason? When they were about to bid farewell, Song Xiaoqi suddenly remembered that Yin Si had stayed in Yaoyao’s house, but he hadn’t!

He also wants to stay overnight at Yaoyao’s house!

Yin Si bounced around anxiously. He also wanted to cling to Yaoyao, but Song Xiaoqi and Bai Shi’er’s fat bodies surrounded Lu Yaoyao tightly, and he couldn’t make it through at all.

Song Xiaoqi hugged Lu Yaoyao and howled loudly, “I want to sleep with Yaoyao!”

Bai Shi’er also shouted, “I want to sleep with Yaoyao too!”

Yin Si jumped in anger: “Let go of Yaoyao!”

Lu Qingyu saw her daughter was tightly surrounded by male cubs eating her tofu1, and blue veins immediately popped out on his forehead.

Want to sleep with his daughter? These weak ants are daydreaming too much!

Angered, Lu Qingyu quickly grabbed the two cubs and tossed them out. Then he turned around and squinted slightly at the stunned Yin Si.

Qianniang, who was originally watching the cubs with a smile, hurriedly grabbed her son and said: “We are going home now.”

Lu Yaoyao thanked her again: “Thank you for your hard work today, Xiaosi’s Mom!”

Qianniang smiled at Lu Yaoyao and said gently, “You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to help. If you have time, go visit our home too.”

Then, despite the little silver wolf’s struggle, the couple quickly dashed out with their son.

The cubs who were tossed up cried loudly, but they were quickly taken home by their parents. After sending the guests off, Lu Yaoyao turned and looked up at her Daddy’s sullen face. Her eyes rolled, but she raised her hands high and flung herself, asking to be hugged.

Lu Qingyu lifted Lu Yaoyao; his face was still dark.

Lu Yaoyao gave him a kiss and said coquettishly: “Daddy, entertaining guests is so tiring!”

“Do you want to do this troublesome thing again in the future?”


Lu Qingyu: “…”

“Although tiring, but it was very fun! I am super happy!” Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu’s neck affectionally. Her little face flushed, and it was obvious that having her friends come to her house made her very happy.

Lu Qingyu snorted. Remembering the conversation he overheard during the day, he said sullenly: “You like those little brats the most!”

Not only did Lu Qingyu remember, but he was also totally bothered by what he heard!

Who this kid likes the most, huh?!

Lu Yaoyao: “…” No, wait, is Daddy jealous of the cubs? Does he remember his own age?

Lu Yaoyao coaxed: “I naturally like Father and Daddy the most. You two are the best Father and Daddy in the world and my most important people. No one can replace your status in my heart…” She quickly changed the subject, “Daddy, can I also start to grow up like Xiaosi after taking medicine?”

Lu Yaoyao kept being bothered by it. Since Xiaosi could grow up, maybe she could too?

Before Lu Qingyu could respond, Yao Jiuxiao answered, “No.”

He explained, “Your situation is different.”

“Then, is there any way I can grow up quickly?” Lu Yaoyao puffed her cheek. The little friend she thought could not grow up had begun to grow up. She was depressed whenever she saw that her small body was the only one who never changed.

“Cultivate diligently and study well.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed, “Okay.”

Lu Qingyu patted Lu Yaoyao’s head, “You are good enough now.” If she grew up, it wouldn’t be easy for him to hold her like this.

This year’s winter was very lively, completely different from the past. In the past years, Duanping demons usually huddled in their nests and quietly waited for the winter to pass. But this year, winter was no longer as lonely. Even if the snow outside was half waist thick, it didn’t stop the demons from visiting each other.

The newly moved neighbors also invited all the demons in Duanping Mountain Range to visit their new settlement on a certain day in the winter. After visiting once, the local demons completely accepted the existence of the silver wolf clan. As the Duanping Mountain Range lord, Yin Hui did not interfere with the locals’ daily lives. Both sides didn’t interfere with each other and coexisted in harmony. Lives didn’t change much, except that it became more lively.

Every winter since then, except for the demons who went hibernate by instinct, it became a custom for neighbors to visit one another, and going to Lu Yaoyao’s house to skating became a must-have winter entertainment for the cubs.

Another winter passed, and spring came. The world was rejuvenated, the weeds on the wasteland regrew, and spirit beasts and mutant beasts that had nested silently all winter began to come out to search for food. At this time, the process of hunting and being hunted filled the entire wasteland.

In the depths of the wasteland, a huge mutant beast stood by a swamp. It was lowering its head and drinking the water with its long, curled tongue. From time to time, the mutant beast looked around the surroundings vigilantly.

A silver wolf lay silently behind dead woods and a big rock in the direction opposite the wind. His silver-white fur was shiny and lustrous. His body was still a juvenile, but already possessed the mightiness of his clan. Next to the silver wolf was a little girl in a red dress, also lying motionlessly on the grass, followed by a few fluffy cubs.

All of them were holding their breath. Their eyes locked on their prey as they executed their hunting plan step by step. Bai Shi’er, who had grown even bigger and fatter, was used as bait. Under Lu Yaoyao’s instructions, he moved his big fat body to a certain distance before jumping out suddenly.

Seeing the mutant beast, the white rabbit pretended to be panicked and immediately turned around to run away in fear.

The mutant beast who noticed the delicious-looking demon beast cub immediately bared its fangs. Like a hungry tiger hunting for its food, it turned around and quickly chased Bai Shi’er.

The white rabbit suddenly dodged flexibly in a movement that didn’t fit its fat figure. At the same time, a silvery afterimage flashed like a flying arrow and swiftly dashed towards the prey that entered their hunting range.


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  1. Eating someone’s tofu: Physically taking advantage of someone.

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