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DDDV Ch 54 – Better than Their Parents

The sharp fangs glowed coldly as they gnawed towards the mutant beast’s weakest point: its neck. The beast’s senses were very sharp, and it quickly jumped aside to avoid the attack. The mutant beast then turned its head and roared before biting back. The imposing silver wolf leaped in the air and jumped to the other side of the beast. At the same time, the little dumpling in the red dress jumped out of her hiding place and swiftly released a sword aura with her wooden sword. Several other fluffy cubs also jumped out from all directions. Brandishing their claws and tails, the cubs nimbly distracted the mutant beast and assisted the silver wolf and the little red dumpling.

A sword aura hits the mutant beast’s head. It howled in pain, and its movement stopped for a moment. Seizing the opportunity, the silver wolf bit the mutant beast’s neck. As the sharp fangs pierced the fragile neck, the wolf used his limbs to firmly press the mutant beast’s huge body.

“Roar!” The mutant beast let out its dying struggle.

Seeing this, the little red dumpling jumped into the air and kicked its head fiercely. The skull cracked with a loud voice, hastening the mutant beast’s demise. Its dying struggle gradually became smaller until it eventually died, silently and unwillingly.

Only after the silver wolf confirmed that their prey was completely dead that he release his fangs from the neck. Blood dripped from his bloody fangs, and his gaze was sharp as he stepped on the mutant beast’s dead body. The silver wolf then raised his head and howled.

The wolf’s howling spread far and wide, very imposing.

The next moment, the silver wolf wagged his tail and ran towards the little red dumpling: “Yaoyao, Yaoyao, how am I just now? Am I great?”

His sharpness was no longer, and the imposing silver wolf instantly turned into a naive and silly dog.

When Lu Yaoyao saw Yin Si run to her with his still blood-stained mouth and tried to rub his head against her, she instantly blocked his head with her chubby hand.

“There is blood in your mouth.” If he touched her, wouldn’t the blood smear on her body too? Dirty!

Yin Si immediately stopped. His tail continued to wag left and right. He rubbed Lu Yaoyao’s soft palm with the top of his clean head. “I’m going to wash!” With that, Yin Si dashed back to the swamp.

The other cubs hurriedly gathered around, “Yaoyao, Yaoyao, I am the best, no?” Song Xiaoqi was not convinced. In terms of physique, a wolf was indeed better at hunting than a little squirrel. But he had made great progress over the years, even more than Yin Si!

Bai Shi’er snorted, “If it weren’t for me to lure the prey over, the hunt would not go so smoothly!”

Lu Yaoyao patted the little squirrel and the big white rabbit, then said with a wide smile: “Each of us is the best!”

“The most important thing is that we cooperate in perfect harmony, utilizing each of our greatest advantages and assisting each other to kill a mutant beast while avoiding injuries. This time, we finished the hunting half an incense stick of time faster than the last time, so we are even stronger than before!”

The cubs jumped up in joy.

Time flew like water, and ten years had passed in a blink of an eye. It seemed that nothing had changed in these ten years. Except that some of the cubs had gotten fatter, they were all still as playful as before.

Lu Yaoyao was now fifteen, but still had the small body of a four or five years old child. Playing with the pure-hearted group of demon cubs every day, her character had not grown much, and she liked to play the games Duanping demon cubs usually played.

After washing away the blood in his mouth, Yin Si ran back and saw a group of fluffy cubs surrounding Lu Yaoyao. He threw other cubs away with his tall and stronger body and occupied the best position next to Lu Yaoyao.

The traces of time were the most obvious on the silver wolf. From a palm-size fluffy ball, he had grown into twice the size of Bai Shi’er, who previously was the largest among their peers. Now, he already took the form of an adult wolf, with only a pair of bright eyes that showed his youthfulness.

The cubs who got thrown away roared angrily: “Yin Si! Yaoyao is everyone’s good friend. You cannot monopolize her alone!”

Yin Si shook his head proudly, “You can’t beat me.” After he grew up, he learned hunting skills under his father, and these little cubs were no longer his opponents.

Seeing Yin Si’s shamelessness, Song Xiaoqi suddenly jumped onto Yin Si’s head. His paws grabbed the wolf’s ears, and his tail slapped the face in a whirlwind motion.

Bai Shi’er also took the opportunity to kick fiercely.





The rest of the cubs quickly joined the fight.

Lu Yaoyao watched her playmates, who started to fight again. Having been used to it, she took the small civet cat and the green snake with her, walked to the mutant beast, and put its carcass into her pouch. As the only cub with equipment that could hold large items, Lu Yaoyao had been responsible for carrying back their prey since they started hunting three years ago.

Lu Yaoyao said, “Junjun, Maomao, let’s go back first. It looks like the fight is going to be long!”

“Okay, meow.”

Lu Yaoyao used to worry about her friends who always fought because of her. But over the years, such fights basically happened every three days, and Lu Yaoyao was now used to it. Moreover, she also observed that the cubs’ relationship actually got better even if they liked to fight each other.

Yin Si disliked other cubs who always tried to grab Lu Yaoyao for themselves, but he actually valued them very much. Even though their fight looked fierce, they never harmed each other, and their attacks were no stronger than a tickle. Lu Yaoyao tried to mediate once, but it didn’t affect their constant fight and reconciliation, so she simply left them alone.

Sure enough, Lu Yaoyao had just walked a short distance when the cubs immediately stopped fighting and chased after her.

“Yaoyao, wait for us!”

After being cleaned up by the silver wolf clan, the wasteland within a hundred miles radius of the Duanping Mountain Range was relatively safe now. It was no longer as dangerous as when Lu Yaoyao and her playmates ran away from home.

After the cubs grew up a bit, they secretly went to the wasteland to play hunting. After hunting a small mutant beast and returning, the cubs got another beating, but they were finally permitted to hunt together without adults’ supervision.

Of course, the scope of their hunting was carefully limited, and the mutant beasts they might encounter had been screened by the adults and could be used as training materials to hone the cubs’ hunting skills.

After running back and forth several times, the cubs figured out the most effective way to hunt. Every time they went into the wasteland, they would return with a full load.

At the foot of the Duanping Mountain Range, Lu Yaoyao took out the beast carcass from her pouch and put it on Yin Si’s back. The rest of the cubs walked around him, proudly raising their heads and tails.

The cubs proudly held their heads up and entered the mountains with their prey.

Whenever they ran into adults, they met with lavish praises—

“What a large prey! Awesome!”

“Right, right. They are still small but already can feed the family…”

“They are even better than their parents…”


Listening to the praises, the cubs raised their heads and tails higher. Their eyes were shiny. They were very happy with praises, but they kept their mouths shut like small adults. Only their flapped ears showed the cubs’ inner thoughts.

The adults adored these cubs, spared no effort to praise them endlessly.

The cubs liked to listen to the praises from the adults to satisfy their little vanity. Every time they returned from a successful hunt, they would parade around.

The cubs were indeed worthy of praise. Just like today’s prey, it generally would take two or three adult demons cooperated in killing such a mutant beast, and there was no guarantee that no one would get injured. These cubs were still small, but their hunting achievement was extraordinary, and their excellence was already beyond the imagination of Duanping demons.

The cubs went around several mountains where most people gathered. After hearing enough praises to satisfy themselves, they brought their prey to the Old Leopard’s house on the neighboring mountain, who had the best roasting skill in the entire Duanping Mountain Range.


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