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DDDV Ch 55 Part 1 – Chaos in Three Realms (I)

The prey the cubs hunted was their own snack, and adults didn’t take any share. Every time they hunted, the cubs would bring the prey to Old Leopard’s house and ask his help to roast the meat. In return, the cubs gave Old Leopard a portion of the meat.

Lu Yaoyao walked ahead of her friends. After arriving in front of Old Leopard’s house, she sweetly called: “Uncle Leopard! We’re here to trouble you again!”

When the Old Leopard saw Lu Yaoyao and her peers, his fierce face instantly bloomed into a gentle smile, “What trouble? You guys can come every day!” Seeing the splendid prey on Yin Si’s back, he praised heartily: “You guys are amazing! The meat of this mutant beast is as tasty as a spirit beast’s meat!”

These cubs were very promising! This particular species was quite rare and very fierce, even among mutant beasts. Old Leopard was one of the strongest hunters in Duanping, but even he couldn’t guarantee to catch this prey without getting injured.

The Old Leopard’s proud gaze fell on the little girl in red. She deserved to be the daughter of his life benefactor. This girl was really promising!

The cubs were so proud that their eyes shone very brightly.

Old Leopard’s attention quickly shifted to the mutant beast, calculating how should the meat be cut and how should they be roasted. In a moment, he started to butcher the prey very skillfully and neatly.

The cubs stood aside. Their eyes kept moving between Uncle Leopard and the mutant beast.

The huge, mountain-like prey was quickly dismantled and butchered in no time. After the processing was done, Old Leopard quickly cut the tenderest meat into thin slices and fried them on a hot stone plate. This cooking method was introduced by Lu Yaoyao to Old Leopard. She even kindly provided this hot stone plate, which had since settled in Old Leopard’s house.

Originally, the Leopard had no idea that he possessed such a culinary talent. As an old bachelor, he lived a simple and rustic life, usually just roasting the meat he hunted himself for his three meals. Later, he heard that Cangshan demons often gathered together to have fun. Despite his mountain being too far away, the Old Leopard still ran over to Cangshan and cheekily joined the fun.

During one of those gatherings, he roasted some meat for Yaoyao. Unexpectedly, the little girl liked his cooking so much and kept boasting how he was like an incarnation of the God of Kitchen. After returning home, the Old Leopard was invigorated and began to hone his meat-roasting craftsmanship to the max.

The Old Leopard was indeed talented. In just a few months, no demon in Duanping could compare with him in the term of roasting meat. Since then, he was the most popular demon among the cubs at every large gathering, and adults even began to flock to try his cooking skill.

The Old Leopard was proud. His current cooking skill was not something everyone could taste at random. Only these little cubs deserved this special treatment from him.

After the hot oil started to sizzle, the meat was sprinkled with seasoning. The rich aroma flew straight into the cubs’ noses. Next to the hot stone plate was a large chunk of leg, roasted on an open flame. The fat melted and dripped on the fire, while the bones were removed and boiled into a thick and fragrant broth.

Lu Yaoyao sat on a small stool next to Old Leopard, lavishing him with endless rainbow farts. “Uncle Leopard is amazing! The meat smells more delicious than before. It must be super tasty! Uncle Leopard’s cooking skills are improving really fast! If Uncle Leopard has the opportunity to open a restaurant, people will definitely come in a crowd and have to line up to try your ultra delicious food!”

The Old Leopard’s face turned red by Yaoyao’s constant praises. The thin slices of meat were fatty and tender, and they were cooked quickly. Soon enough, a large plate of still sizzling stir-fried meat was delivered in front of Lu Yaoyao. The Old Leopard said gently: “Yaoyao is hungry, right? Pad your stomach first; there will be a lot of meat later.”

Lu Yaoyao took the plate and said sweetly, “Thank you, Uncle Leopard.” She didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she used a fork to take a piece of meat, raised her hand high, and stood on tiptoe: “Uncle eats too!”

The Old Leopard’s face creased into a big smile as he ate the meat with delish. After taking a bite, he let Lu Yaoyao eat the rest.

Lu Yaoyao first divided the meat with her friends. After everyone got a share, two pieces of meat were left on the large plate. She sat down, took out another fork, and started eating in happiness.

Whoops! Too delicious!

Once the plate in Lu Yaoyao’s hand was empty, and the Old Leopard put another pile of meat, “Eat slowly, don’t burn your tongue.”


Song Xiaoqi and the others ate the food deliciously. The thin meat slices were cooked quickly, but such a small amount of food was nowhere enough for the growing cubs. Their mouth was covered with greases, and the Old Leopard’s courtyard was full of their loud voices. Fortunately, the roasted leg was soon done. It was cooked on high fire and turned over from time to time. Once the outer side was cooked, it was split open.

Whole roasted meat was as delicious as thinly sliced stir-fry. The majority of the cubs preferred large pieces of meat, but Lu Yaoyao preferred thin cuts.

While the cubs were feasting at Old Leopard house, Yin Hui, wearing gray armor, was heading to the small wooden house at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. He stopped in front of the barrier and politely called: “Brother Yao, Brother Lu, I have something to talk to the two of you.”

After standing still for a while, Yin Hui walked into the barrier without getting impeded. Over the years, Yin Hui actively maintained the relationship with Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao. Although the two always treated him indifferently, they didn’t completely ignore him, thanks to the children’s friendship.

Yin Hui was satisfied, as it was already great luck for him to maintain this kind of cordiality. At this point, Yin Hui was already very sure that the identity of the two mysterious demons was actually the same as he had guessed. Regardless, Yin Hui couldn’t tell his guess to anyone else, so he kept pretending ignorance.

When Yin Hui entered the barrier, he saw two people on the shore of the lake. Lu Qingyu liked to place a recliner by the lake under the sunny weather and then lie on it to enjoy the comfortable breeze. As for Yao Jiuxiao, he generally would meditate above the lake whenever he had free time. Otherwise, he would busy himself by making something for his daughter.

Like today, Yao Jiuxiao saw that Lu Yaoyao hadn’t had new toys for half a year, so he sat by the lake and carved a piece of jade with a dagger to make a little toy for the girl.

Yin Hui approached the two. His expression was solemn. After a polite greeting, he directly mentioned the purpose of his visit: “A chaos is about to break between the three realms.”


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