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DDDV Ch 55 Part 2 – Chaos in Three Realms (II)

Yin Hui approached Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao. His expression was solemn. After a polite greeting, he directly mentioned the purpose of his visit: “A chaos is about to break between the three realms.”

Lu Qingyu opened his eyes and glanced at Yin Hui. Yao Jiuxiao also stopped his hands.

Lu Qingyu sat up and exclaimed softly with great interest, “Oh?”

“Human Race’s Dao Venerable Hengwu and Devil Race’s Devil Venerable have disappeared without news for sixteen years. Although the Human Realm is still stable, there has been some turmoil in the Devil Realm…”

There was nothing strange with this news. The devil race was not as loyal to their leaders as the human race and the demon race did. Generally, the human race had the most loyalty, followed by the demon race. Devil Venerable unified the Devil Realm using his absolute strength. It was this absolute difference in strength and cultivation base that completely suppressed the cruel and violent devil race and made them dare not to harbor any rebellious intent.

Now that Devil Venerable had disappeared for sixteen years, the residual fear he inflicted on the devil race was gradually dissipating, and his loyal subordinates were unable to suppress some high-level devils on the rank of devil kings.

Both Dao Venerable and Devil Venerable had disappeared for too long, and the rumor of their demise was raging everywhere. Seeing the empty seat, some devils in the Devil Realm began to harbor a certain ambition.

Because of Devil Venerable’s absolute authority, no one in the Devil Realm dared to offend him. But the high-ranking devils who didn’t have much loyalty from the start no longer held back their ambition and began to launch a rebellion in an attempt to ascend the position of Devil Venerable.

At the same time, the Cultivation Realm where the human race resided was also in a bit of turbulence because of the rumor that Dao Venerable Hengwu had fallen. It was only some offhanded rumor at first, but who knew when, but the rumor spread rapidly, becoming more exaggerated each time until it seemed that the person talking actually saw the fall of the two Venerables with their own eyes.

Because of the rumor, some of Devil Venerable’s own subordinates were incited to attack the Cultivation Realm to avenge Devil Venerable.

Unlike the Devil Realm where the Devil Venerable ruled with absolute authority or the Demon Realm where five Demon Kings ruled separate territories, the Human Realm was divided into complex, multi-power leaderships. Dao Venerable Hengwu didn’t rule over the Human Realm, but his existence was the ultimate stabilizing force. Without him, the human race wouldn’t have any advantage when facing Demon Race and Devil Race.

However, the largest sect in the Human Realm, Guiyuan Sect, managed to stabilize the situation, thus preventing internal strife from happening. In no time, the human race united again to prepare against the threat from the Devil Realm.

Both Cultivation Realm and Devil Realm were in chaos. Naturally, the Demon Kings wouldn’t let this opportunity pass. If it weren’t for the existence of the two Venerables, the demons would have long started their ambition to annex the other two realms, especially the Cultivation Realm with its rich resources. If they could monopolize the resources of the entire Yuanqi Continent, the demons surely would reach the greatest height of the Dao.

The demon race was eager to profit from the situation, but before that, the five Demon Kings had to negotiate cooperation. All of them were Demon Kings, each with their own territory and equal cultivation base. Naturally, no one was willing to be under the other’s command. Everyone wanted to sit on the highest position — the Demon Emperor.

Before the kings reached a consensus, Demon Realm wouldn’t make any big move in a short period of time. But no one was a fool. With two realms were in chaos, the remaining Demon Realm wouldn’t be willing to miss the opportunity to profit as the final winner. It was clear that a Demon Emperor would soon emerge.

Yin Hui carefully narrated the situation while observing the two people’s reactions.

When Lu Qingyu heard about the turbulence in Devil Realm, he wasn’t at all displeased and even listened with gusto.

On the contrary, Yao Jiuxiao frowned. It was only a few years, why did the situation deteriorate so much? What did Junior Brother do? As a leader of the largest sect, he not only didn’t clarify the truth, but instead joined other sects to prepare for war.

Yin Hui continued his report: “I received a summon from White Tiger Demon King yesterday, ordering me to take my subordinates back to the Demon Capital.” Although Yin Hui had been living in Duanping Mountain Range over the years, he never lost contact with the outside world. A few of his remaining friends in the Demon Capital often passed him messages and kept him up to date about the latest situation in the Demon Capital thousands of miles away.

The transfer order from White Tiger Demon King arrived almost simultaneously with the flying letter from his friend. The Demon Realm was also surging now. The peace that had been barely maintained between the three realms for the last three to four hundred years was now showing signs of breaking. But this turbulence also meant opportunity. The White Tiger Demon King needed manpower now, and as a general, Yin Hui’s strength was not low, not to mention the group of loyal and equally strong subordinates under him who could help on the battlefield.

Even if war eventually didn’t erupt, Yin Hui’s return would still add significant strength to the White Tiger Demon King’s army, especially since it was now a critical time for the five kings to compete for the position of the Demon Emperor.

Yin Hui sneered inside. The King only remembered to call him back when he needed him to risk his life. The King probably wanted him to be cannon fodder, no? Did the King think he is still loyal after suffering such injustice? Yin Hui refused to comply. Every single life of his subordinates was very precious, and he didn’t want them to sacrifice their lives for such a king.

Yin Hui didn’t want to return. He knew very well that the two people who had been rumored to have fallen were now standing before his eyes, alive and well. If the demon race dared to cross the boundary and invade the other two realms, they would certainly be beaten back by these two.

Yin Hui couldn’t understand the complicated relationship between Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao. But he knew that if Demon Realm dared to fish in the muddy water, the Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable would immediately turn their heads to deal with the Demon Realm once they resolved the troubles in their respective realm. Yin Hui didn’t want to work for White Tiger Demon King anymore, nor did he want the Demon Realm to become a target of a concentrated attack.

As long as these two Venerables were alive, the Devil Realm and Cultivation Realm would never fall into chaos, unless they fought like they did hundreds of years ago.

Yin Hui then thought of the adorable little girl. As long as this little ancestor was here, such a thing would never happen.


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