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DDDV Ch 56 Part 2 – Go to the Devil Realm or the Cultivation Realm? (II)

As soon as they entered the house, Lu Yaoyao immediately kissed Yao Jiuxiao twice before saying mysteriously, “Father, I have something for you later!”

Lu Yaoyao’s large eyes shone in satisfaction. She hugged Daddy first today, and now she kissed Father twice. No one would feel that she was partial to the other!

The corner of Yao Jiuxiao’s lips curled up slightly. He began to pour the water from the spiritual spring in his grotto-space into a huge wooden barrel, then put a fire below it to slowly burn. After putting his daughter down, he went out and closed the door.

Lu Yaoyao ran over with joy and began to wash.

When Yao Jiuxiao came out, he met Lu Qingyu’s dark face, but he merely ignored it. The two Venerables indeed took a truce in front of the child, but they both knew that for each day this problem remained unresolved, the conflict would only deepen.

Yao Jiuxiao would never compromise when it came to Lu Yaoyao, and the same was true for Lu Qingyu.

Lu Yaoyao was completely unaware that her two fathers outside were ready to break into a total fallout at any time. After playing in the water for a long time, she washed well and changed into another set of white clothes with red linings. Maybe she was influenced by Lu Qingyu, but Lu Yaoyao also liked to wear red clothes.

The warm water made Lu Yaoyao’s skin slightly red. Today she was still a super beautiful cub!

Lu Yaoyao went out with wet hair and ran towards Lu Qingyu happily, “Daddy, help me comb my hair!” She landed onto Lu Qingyu’s lap and sat with her messy black hair facing him.

Lu Qingyu’s handsome face scowled. When drying Lu Yaoyao’s hair, he asked quietly: “Kid, what do you want to give your Father alone that you keep secret from me?”

Lu Yaoyao dangled her short legs. Her pair of large eyes rolled accusingly, “Daddy, you eavesdropped my conversation with Father.”

Lu Qingyu scoffed, “What? Do you want me to cover my ears anytime you two talking?”

“Of course not. But—” Lu Yaoyao asked back, “When I whisper to Daddy, is Father also listening to us?”

“Impossible.” Lu Qingyu was full of a self-righteous double standard. “When you and I whisper, there is no way I will let your father eavesdrop.” Moreover, was that a whisper? She spoke loud enough.

Lu Yaoyao continued dangling her short legs while lecturing her Daddy: “Daddy, you are being bad.”

Lu Qingyu laughed angrily, “Is it your turn to lecture your Daddy? Stinky kid!”

“Father said teaching has nothing to do with age. You cannot think that what I say is unreasonable just because I am young. Even I can also be right sometimes. Daddy, you must admit your mistake and reflect on it.”

“How is it my mistake?”

“You are wrong anyway.” Lu Yaoyao frowned. “Us cubs know that we have to apologize if we do something wrong. Daddy, you are a big adult, but you cannot even compare with cubs.”

Lu Qingyu was speechless. This kid really learned all the bad things from Yao Jiuxiao. Each of her words was eloquent and annoying. Lu Qingyu was too lazy to argue with a little brat, so he changed the topic, “Do you want to go to Devil Realm with Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes flashed instantly. She turned her head and said expectantly, “When?”

“Any time.” Lu Qingyu ignored Yao Jiuxiao, whose face immediately turned dark. With a seductive tone, Lu Qingyu said again: “Devil Realm is really fun. There are beautiful red flowers there, which scatter all over the air when blooming, very beautiful.”

Yao Jiuxiao suddenly interrupted: “Go to Cultivation Realm.”

The Devil Realm was in chaos now. With Lu Qingyu’s method, the conflict would definitely end with a bloodbath. How could he let his daughter go to such a cruel and bloody place?

Lu Yaoyao quickly turned to look at Yao Jiuxiao. The Cultivation Realm! She has been fascinated for a long time!

Were Father and Daddy going to take her to the Cultivation Realm?

Lu Yaoyao knew that once a cultivator reached a certain bottleneck in their cultivation, they would go out on a journey to practice. Was it finally her time?

Lu Yaoyao had many questions: “Is the polar sea really a dead place without any living beings? Is Devil Realm really dark? Are there cultivators flying with swords everywhere in Cultivation Realm? Are there any secret realms where we can find many rare treasures? Is it true that devils are so cruel and like to kill anywhere they go?”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

“You’ll know when you see it with your own eyes.”

“Okay.” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were full of longing. After listening to many adventure stories from her two fathers, she knew how big the world was and has longed for the outside world ever since. However, she also heard that the outside world was very unfriendly to demons. With her cultivation base, Lu Yaoyao was afraid that she would end up being food for others, so she never clamored to go.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao looked at her, “Where do you want to go?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” This routine was too familiar.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and blinked innocently, “Can we travel the Demon Realm first?”

Lu Yaoyao spread her hands to explain, “The Demon Realm is also very big! Xiaosi said that the Demon Capital is prosperous and lively, and there are five Demon Capitals in the entire Demon Realm!”

The five Demon Capitals were where the demon kings resided. Each capital had its own characteristics and was scattered all over the Demon Realm. It was said that the Dragon King’s capital was inside the sea, the Plant King’s capital was full of greenery, the White Tiger King’s capital was a large city, and the Peacock King built his capital atop a high mountain…

In Lu Yaoyao’s mind, it seemed that they would need ten or more years to finish exploring the Demon Realm alone. Moreover, they were demons. When they traveled Demon Realm, they would encounter only fellow demons, hereby reducing the danger.

Lu Yaoyao deeply believed that they should start their journey from the Demon Realm. Once they became more powerful, they could explore the two remaining realms. How could Father and Daddy didn’t understand such a simple truth? She felt that she was the only one who was responsible for IQ in this family.

Lu Yaoyao raised her hand and chirped, “Let’s go to Demon Capital first!”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Alright. Now they had three people and three opinions. Who should they listen to?

Lu Yaoyao was excited for a while before she remembered that she still had something to share with her two fathers. She pulled out two large plates of meat from her pouch, “Father, Daddy, I specially brought these back for you!”

Lu Qingyu praised his daughter’s filial piety.

Lu Yaoyao smiled happily. It was really not easy for her to bring the meat home. Although she and her playmates were all cubs, their appetites were not small, and they almost wiped out that huge mutant beast. Because Lu Yaoyao had the smallest appetite and ate the least food, other cubs especially let Lu Yaoyao bring some meat home for her late-night snack.

Lu Yaoyao touched her still bulging belly. They were all demon cubs; why was there such a big difference? She also wanted to be like Xiaosi, who could eat dozens of catties of meat in one meal, so that she could eat a lot of delicious food.


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