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DDDV Ch 57 Part 1 – Attacked (I)

“Father, Daddy, I’m going!” Lu Yaoyao ran out quickly. A tall and mighty silver wolf squatted on the slope outside the barrier. His beautiful silver fur was soft and smooth, reflecting the sunlight. His pair of wolf eyes watched his surroundings silently with a majestic, sharp, and penetrating gaze.

The moment the red figure suddenly appeared, the wolf’s fluffy ears trembled instantly. In an instant, the majestic and serene expression disappeared from his face as he stood up and ran down happily.

“Yaoyao!” The silver wolf’s brilliant eyes were full of joy, and his thick and long tail swayed heavily.

Lu Yaoyao patted Yin Si’s huge head. Her big eyes curved into crescents. “Xiaosi, don’t come so early next time!”

Lu Yaoyao had to finish her lessons every morning before going out to play, but Yin Si always waited outside her house early in the morning.

“I like waiting for Yaoyao.” Yin Si replied cheerfully. The cute babyish voice had faded from the young wolf, growing into a crisp juvenile voice that was very pleasant to the ears. “Yaoyao, quickly get up,” Yin Si squatted down again.

Lu Yaoyao climbed up and asked, “Where are we going?”

Yin Si stood up, jumped on all fours, and began to dash like a wind, leaving a flash of silvery afterimage. “I am taking you to a fun place!”

“We aren’t going to Xiaoqi and the others?”



Yin Si brought Lu Yaoyao to the depths of the wasteland and stopped after running for an hour. Lu Yaoyao slid down from Yin Si’s back and looked around. The weeds in the wasteland were taller than her, and it was hard to see anything.

“Xiao Si, are you taking me to hunt?” The wasteland had no place for the cubs to play. Although the silver wolf guards frequently cleaned the nearby area, the wasteland stretched thousands of miles vast, and the guards only cleaned the hunting ground within a thousand miles radius from their settlement. The cleanup reduced the dangers but couldn’t completely eliminate them. Spiritual beasts and mutant beasts — and sometimes dangerous mutant plants — often came from the depths of wasteland, so the silver wolf guards frequently had to clean up the area again.

Yin Si shook his head, “No.” He raised his forelegs and walked forward slowly, “Yaoyao, come with me.” Yin Si crossed a meadow and looked back at Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao followed with her short legs, wondering. What did Xiaosi want to do? He was so mysterious today.

The two cubs walked for a while, keeping their eyes and ears open. After a while, Yin Si suddenly stopped, “Yaoyao, look!”

Lu Yaoyao stood beside the silver wolf. She raised her eyes and saw a field full of red flowers before her. The sun reflected golden lights through the clouds, which fell on the red petals like flames.

Lu Yaoyao exclaimed in surprise. She never knew that there was such a beautiful field of flowers in the wasteland.

Seeing Lu Yaoyao’s reaction, Yin Si said proudly, “Pretty, isn’t it?” He overheard uncle guards talking about this flower field, so he wanted to take Yaoyao to see it.

Yin Si said again: “We are the first to see it, and I will bring Xiaoqi and the others here tomorrow.”

Still fascinated, Lu Yaoyao nodded quickly, “It’s so beautiful! I like it!”

After giving her compliment, Lu Yaoyao said again: “But Xiaosi, even if you bring others here today, it won’t affect our relationship!”

Xiaosi snorted, “It’s not the same.” Just the day before yesterday, he had another fight with Xiaoqi. They obviously didn’t get along, so he wouldn’t take the initiative to find them today, humph!

Yin Si stretched his limbs and rushed down, “Yaoyao, let’s play!”

Lu Yaoyao followed suit and ran towards the field. From a distance, the flowers looked clustered. However, upon closer look, there were thin and long stems between the flowers, interlacing and crisscrossing with no green leaves in sight. Lu Yaoyao was surprised to find that such ugly bald plants could produce such beautiful flowers.

Lu Yaoyao’s small body stood in front of the plants. Even on tiptoe, she barely saw the whole sight of a few flowers. But it didn’t stop her from pulling down the stems to pick the most beautiful flowers. She wanted to weave two flower crowns for Father and Daddy!

Seeing this, Yin Si also clamored for one, so Lu Yaoyao made an extra-large flower crown and put it on the silver wolf’s fluffy head. She then took a step back and nodded with satisfaction. Very beautiful!

Yin Si shook his large head. He knew he looked more handsome now, but unfortunately, he couldn’t take a look at himself.

Lu Yaoyao laughed and made another flower crown for herself. After wearing it, Yin Si jumped around and exclaimed happily: “Beautiful! Yaoyao, you are very beautiful!”

“Xiaosi is also very handsome!”

“Yaoyao is more beautiful!”

“Xiaosi is the most handsome!”

The two cubs flattered each other and laughed joyfully. In fact, the flower crown Lu Yaoyao’s made was crooked, and she looked a little silly when wearing it.

Lu Yaoyao made another flower crown, put it in her pouch, and continued to make the last one. Suddenly, the girl stopped her movement and turned alertly to the left. Yin Si just jumped to Lu Yaoyao’s left, blocking her sight. Lu Yaoyao patted him lightly and motioned him to calm down. The little girl’s chubby face was serious: “Xiaosi, we have to go back quickly.” As she spoke, Lu Yaoyao didn’t forget to put a bunch of flowers into her small pouch, thinking that she could make the last flower crown after they went back. Otherwise, there would be another war at home!

Yin Si’s ears quivered, but before he could react, Lu Yaoyao suddenly yelled, “Run!” The small body suddenly turned aside and ran in the other direction, leaving only a red back figure.

Yin Si quickly caught up and ran after Lu Yaoyao. While running, he asked, “Yaoyao, what’s happened?”

Lu Yaoyao replied, “Spirit beasts are chasing after us!”

Spirit beast! Yin Si’s eyes lit up, full of eagerness: “Then we should catch it!” Both Duanping Mountain Range and the wasteland bordering it were barren. Although there were many ferocious mutant beasts, there were very few spirit beasts. He and other cubs had never caught spirit beasts before!

“No, there is probably more than one behind. We cannot beat them. We have to run away!” Lu Yaoyao’s cultivation base was much higher than Yin Si, but the silver wolf had more advantages in hunting. If the two of them cooperated, they could indeed defeat a spirit beast, but Lu Yaoyao felt extremely uneasy. She had never felt like this before. She felt a chill in the back, which made her hairs stand on end. She sensed even more danger than the time she and her playmates encountered a mutant beast for the first time after running away from home.


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The plot finally moves!

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