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DDDV Ch 58 Part 2 – Space-Time Crack (II)

“Dad, save Yaoyao!” The young wolf rubbed his head against the sturdy adult wolf. Tears couldn’t stop falling from his eyes, and his voice was full of panic, “Dad, save Yaoyao…”

The adult wolf was huge, twice the size of the young wolf, and every muscle on his body was very strong. When Yin Si was alone, his original form was large and imposing, but he was indeed still a cub and very petite compared with adult silver wolves.

Yin Hui changed back to his human form and looked at the space-time crack with a grave face. The clan’s guards patrolled this area every day — how come no one noticed anything abnormal? Did this crack appear suddenly?

Seeing his father’s lack of reaction, Yin Si rushed out and wanted to jump down, but was held back by Yin Hui. Space-time cracks had a terrifying nature, and not even demon kings dared to jump in recklessly. If their luck was good, anyone that got sucked in might end up getting thrown somewhere, but that was only a 1 in 10,000 chance. Most cultivators caught in space-time cracks were either torn to space or stranded forever in the void, never returning.

If Yin Si rushed in, he would be torn to shreds in no time.

Yin Hui himself didn’t dare to go in easily, but he once promised to protect Lu Yaoyao forever and naturally would not see her disappearing before his eyes without lifting a finger. However, the two had been faster than him. Only those two would dare to enter the crack without hesitation. Yin Hui deeply hoped that they could bring the little girl back. If even they failed, no one here, including himself, could do anything.

Not long after, two figures emerged from the crack. Yin Hui quickly looked at them. Seeing that both were empty-hand, his heart sunk, and he cupped his hands in apology: “We arrived one step too late.” Yin Hui then asked with concern: “Yaoyao will be alright, right?” With the status of these two, Yaoyao must have a lot of life-saving items on her, so she must be fine.

As Yin Hui comforted himself, his eyes observed the two. Seeing that they didn’t look grief-stricken by the loss of their daughter, he knew that the girl was definitely alright.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao stayed silent. The biggest responsibility for this incident lay with them, and they would not anger others. As soon as Yaoyao left today, the two venerables who were still vying to take her to their territory began another fight. Once again, both of them were determined to take the upper hand today. They were too confident that the child would not be in danger, so they didn’t bother to stop the fight even after hearing the wolf’s crisis howl.

Who knew that soon after, they sensed that Yaoyao was touching the barrier they had set at the edge of the chasm. Under what circumstances would the barrier be touched? It was when someone was falling into the chasm. Right when the two venerables’ attack coincided, their figures suddenly disappeared.

The next moment, they appeared in the chasm and rushed into the space-time crack simultaneously. But the void inside the crack was unstable. That very slight delay made them one step late, and they could only see their daughter swept away.

The artifacts and defensive tools they equipped Lu Yaoyao with were also affected, and the connection they had with the child was quickly weakening. In time, they could no longer sense her whereabouts and were only sure that her life was not in danger. Eventually, it didn’t take long for this remaining faint connection to be broken, indicating that the child was no longer in the crack.

The two venerables stayed in the crack for a long time. In the end, they couldn’t find out what was happening with their daughter and were forced to withdraw first. They stood on the edge of the chasm, sullenly watching the space-time crack slowly begin to shrink and disappear.

This space-time crack appeared once more than ten years ago. At that time, it was only a small crack, which soon disappeared on its own. Both of them initially thought that this crack wouldn’t be able to fully form for at least one hundred years, so they let it alone. Unexpectedly, the crack silently grew so big in just ten years and sucked away their daughter.

Lu Qingyu took out the concentric bell. Because this item was not activated, he couldn’t sense the child’s whereabouts, which also meant that she was not in danger, though he had no idea where she got thrown. Unfortunately, it seemed that the child was now in a special area very far away; otherwise, he would be able to trace her using blood traction.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao had been fighting for so many days, yet were still unable to receive a conclusion. As a result, now the child was missing…well, it also meant that they no longer needed to fight, and the child would belong to whoever managed to find her first.

But before that, they had something else to do and couldn’t go looking for her immediately.

Lu Qingyu had to solve the rebellion in the devil realm first. After that, he would decide whether to go into war with the other two realms or simply leave them alone.

Yao Jiuxiao also urgently needed to show his face in the Cultivation World to stabilize the unrest there and deter anyone trying to provoke a war between the three realms.

Since Lu Yaoyao was not in danger, the two were not in a hurry. In any case, it was time for the child to experience a real-world practice.

Lu Qingyu no longer suppressed his cultivation base. His eyes turned red, and devil lines appeared on his forehead as he looked at Yao Jiuxiao with undisguised killing intent.

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression remained unmoved, but a cold and sharp aura also soared from his body, as if a divine sword was unsheathed.

A spatial domain appeared between the two venerables, blocking all prying eyes.

The demons of Duanping Mountain Range knew nothing. At this moment, they were gathering around in concern, discussing what was happening with the wolf howl just now.

Yin Hui’s body froze. He subconsciously wanted to retreat, but under the mighty pressure, he turned into his original form and lay on the ground, shivering. The rest of the silver wolves behind him also couldn’t bear the pressure and fell to the ground.

Just as when they thought that the two people were going to break into a fight, the terrorizing pressure suddenly disappeared, and the two returned to their previous state.

Yin Hui was sweating profusely, but he was extremely relieved. If these two venerables began to fight here, this place would definitely be ruined. At the same time, the guess he had long kept in his heart was finally confirmed. Yin Hui couldn’t help but remember the shocking scene he had seen on the battlefield back then. The pressure just now was released by cultivators in the Great Ascension stage and was more than enough to crush them to the point of being unable to resist.

Without saying another word, Lu Qingyu flicked his sleeve and instantly disappeared.

Then the cold-faced Yao Jiuxiao also left without a trace.


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3 thoughts on “DDDV Ch 58 Part 2 – Space-Time Crack (II)”

  1. Guess Yaoyao getting sucked into the rift was just the author getting her out of the way for a while so that the war could be stopped. Once the war has been prevented, she’ll pop back, the two fathers will find her at the exact same moment so neither will have won and they’ll go back to living life the way they have been.

    1. It can be a way to do time skip and have her meet new characters too because otherwise there’s really no reason for her to leave the mountain when she’s going to be stuck as baby for a very long time.

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