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DDDV Ch 58 Part 3 – Space-Time Crack (III)

Without saying another word, Lu Qingyu flicked his sleeve and instantly disappeared.

Then the cold-faced Yao Jiuxiao also left without a trace.

After a long time, the silver wolves changed back to their human forms and stood up. A beautiful female wolf came over and turned into a human figure, “Is Yaoyao really all right? Will she return safely?” Qianniang looked at the chasm anxiously. All these years, she had also loved Yaoyao like her own daughter. Now that something happened to the little girl, the feeling of powerlessness struck her with heart-wrenching pain.

“It’s alright.” Yin Hui said with certainty, “She’ll be fine.” If something happened to the little girl, those two would not be so calm. However, he didn’t know when they could see her again.

Yin Hui was now even more in awe of the two venerables. For the sake of their daughter, they could live under the same roof in harmony. Every time Yin Hui saw it, he always thought that the relationship between the two venerables was probably not as bad as rumored, or they maybe have turned their enmity into friendship for the sake of the little girl.

Once, Yin Hui thought of the possibility of the devil race and the human race teaming up to deal with the demon race…but this idea just flashed by and disappeared in an instant. With Dao Venerable Hengwu’s temperament, he would never break the peace without provocation. After all, the reason that the three races could maintain peace for almost four hundred years was mainly facilitated by the human race led by Dao Venerable Hengwu. Now that Yin Hui looked at the two again, it was clear that their relationship had not improved after so many years, and it was impossible for them to lead their respective race for cooperation.

“Let’s go back.”

“Okay.” Qianniang’s eyes fell on her son, who was carried away by a clan member. A trace of worry flashed in her eyes, “Si’er…”

“We are going back to the capital.” Yin Hui said to his wife. The King had issued several summoning orders this year, and he could no longer ignore them. Even his old friends had also written many urging letters, telling him to return as soon as possible.

No matter what, he had to go back to the Demon Capital.

After living in Duanping Mountain Range for years, Qianniang truly liked such tranquil and peaceful days. However, she knew about the threat outside, so she never lost her vigilance and sharp claws. Hearing her husband’s words, gentleness faded from Qianniang’s face and was replaced by a sharp and heroic look: “Alright, we should go back.”

When the silver wolves returned to their settlement, many local demons were waiting for them. The demons saw dozens of sturdy wolves coming back from the wasteland — some with prey in their mouths, still dripping with blood.

The demons were not afraid. They stepped forward and asked with concern: “What happened in the wasteland?”

Yin Hui answered: “Nothing major. We found a few spirit beasts in the wasteland and solved them.”

Where did these spirit beasts come from, and why did they suddenly appear in the wasteland? Before leaving for the capital, Yin Hui decided to conduct a thorough investigation and kill all the dangers around Duanping.

When the demons saw the spirit beasts in several silver wolves’ mouths, they easily believed Yin Hui’s explanation: “So that’s it. If you need our help, just tell us.” Although they might not be of much help, they would try their best to not be a burden.

“I hope you can keep the little ones at home and don’t go to the wasteland until all the dangers are solved.” Yin Hui said politely, but his tone left no compromise. “Please convey this message to the rest.”

“Of course.”

“We will definitely not go there for now.”

Duanping demons generally hunted in the mountains area, and only the cubs often went to the wasteland.

A demon noticed the little silver wolf being carried back and suddenly asked, “Where’s Yaoyao?”

“Yeah, where’s Yaoyao?” Other demons also noticed something was wrong. Heaven, did these two encounter the spirit beasts in the wasteland?

Yin Hui’s expression remained unchanged, “Yaoyao was taken away by her fathers.”

The demons were immediately relieved.

“By the way, those two also asked me to send a message. They have left Duanping. Because they left suddenly, they entrusted me to say goodbye to everyone on their behalf.” Yin Hui knew that without the little girl, those two would definitely not stay here and leave silently without saying anything to their neighbors. However, the two venerables who were about to break into a fight calmed themselves in the end and even put the trouble to mask their presence, showing that they still cared about the bit of friendship they had with the local demons and didn’t want to cause them troubles.

If the Demon King found out that the human race’s Dao Venerable Hengwu and Devil Venerable had been living in Duanping Mountain Range during their years of disappearance, the peace here would definitely be broken, and the demons who had been in contact with the two venerables for such a long time would definitely not meet a good end. Even, they might end up losing their lives altogether.

For this reason, Yin Hui dared to fake the goodbye for Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu, thinking that they would not blame him even if they knew his action. He also hid the true reason for the family’s sudden disappearance. If Duanping demons knew that Lu Yaoyao was swallowed by the space-time crack, it would only increase their worry for nothing, so it was better for them to think that the little girl and her two fathers had left.

“They left?” The demons were surprised. They immediately surrounded Yin Hui and asked one after another—

“So suddenly? Did something happen?”

“Are they returning to Demon Capital?”

“Did they say when they will come back?”

These demons actually always felt that this family of stone demons was not ordinary and somehow had always known that they would eventually leave again. But when this day really came, the demons were both very reluctant and sad. It had only been ten or so years; why did they leave so soon…

Adults were okay — although they were sad, they quickly accepted this sudden separation. But when the cubs heard the news, they all broke into a loud cry and bawled in disbelief. The entire Duanping Mountain Range was turned upside down by their sound pollution. The adults who had a headache because of the noise were busy coaxing the cubs and quickly forgetting their own sadness.

It didn’t take long for Duanping demons to learn that the silver wolf clan was also going to return to Demon Capital. The clan soon set off and left. Following the two departures, the entire Duanping Mountain Range suddenly became much more deserted, and the demons were not used to it for a long time.

But this was something to happen later. For now, let’s switch back to the present.

The mysterious people who disturbed the spirit beasts’ nest and caused them to flee to the wasteland were actually the rebels from Devil Realm. Devil Venerable had accumulated power in the Devil Realm for a long time and had many loyal subordinates. However, there were also equally many devils with rebellious minds. Because Devil Venerable had disappeared for many years, an arrogant Devil King who had been suppressed by Devil Venerable for so long finally could no longer control his ambitions.


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