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DDDV Ch 58 Part 4 – Space-Time Crack (IV)

The mysterious people who disturbed the spirit beasts’ nest and caused them to flee to the wasteland were actually the rebels from Devil Realm. Devil Venerable had accumulated power in the Devil Realm for a long time and had many loyal subordinates. However, there were also equally many devils with rebellious minds. Because Devil Venerable had disappeared for many years, an arrogant Devil King who had been suppressed by Devil Venerable for so long finally could no longer control his ambitions.

The Devil King thought that the probability that Devil Venerable had fallen was very high. If not, he must be heavily injured after the fight with the human race’s Dao Venerable Hengwu and secretly returned to the Devil Palace to recuperate in retreat. For this reason, the Devil King, afraid of losing the first momentum, fought against Devil Venerable’s subordinates who were guarding the Devil Palace.

Finally, the Devil King’s faction learned that Devil Venerable’s subordinates had received an order to meet several years ago at the border between the Human Realm and the Demon Realm. Thanks to this intel, the Demon King’s military strategist became sure that even if Devil Venerable was still alive, he must be at death’s door.

Devil Venerable was definitely seriously injured in that ancient secret realm, so he could only recuperate in hiding. Since he hadn’t appeared for so many years, it meant that his injuries were very serious. This was definitely a great opportunity! As long as they could seize this opportunity and kill Devil Venerable, the entire Devil Realm would be theirs!

The Demon King sent several groups of subordinates to search in all directions around the meeting place designated by Devil Venerable back then, and one of the groups found the right direction by pure coincidence.

“General, is His Venerable really hiding here?” A soldier in black armor respectfully asked the general leading their group. The group was now in the Demon Realm. To avoid the eyes of nearby demons, they had to conceal their devil aura. Even so, this place was so barren, and most of the living things here were not spiritual. Would the dignified Devil Venerable be willing to low himself and hide in such a place? The soldier thought of Devil Venerable’s bloodthirsty methods and shivered in fright. Given hundred times of courage, he didn’t dare to oppose Devil Venerable. However, the king he served wanted to rebel, so he could only follow the orders.

The general replied: “Even if it’s not here, he is definitely not far away. Look carefully. If you find His Venerable, you will be rewarded.”

The soldier endured the fear in his heart and said again: “But even if we find His Venerable, we won’t be able to defeat him.”

“Let’s adapt to the situation. If we seem unable to fight him with just us, we can pretend to be courteous and distract his attention until Lord King arrives. Otherwise, we can reveal his whereabouts to other factions and let them kill him for us.” With the chaos in the Devil Realm, there were many devils who wanted to take advantage of the current situation.

Clap clap clap! Applause suddenly sounded, accompanied with a pleasant voice, “Good idea.”

The general was pleased, “Of course.” He was proud of his intelligence, which was no worse than those insidious and cunning human race. “You are not bad too. After we are back, This General will definitely promote you to Lord King.” The general turned around and saw someone standing not far away. It was a man, clad in blood-like red clothes. His handsome face was full of smiles, which was beautiful enough to charm all living beings, but made the general and all his men’s faces change drastically.

In front of Lu Qingyu, a group of devils knelt in a shiver, not daring to make any movement. Although they dared to rebel with the Devil King, years of fear that had long been immersed into their bone resurfaced the moment they really saw Devil Venerable, and they lost even the courage to resist. The burly devil general trembled uncontrollably and finally felt heavily on the ground. His teeth chattered uncontrollably: “Y-your Venerable…”

“Aren’t you looking for This Venerable? How come you be like this upon seeing This Venerable?” Lu Qingyu slowly paced over. For the devils, however, those light steps seemed to be stomping on their hearts, adding another layer of terror.

Lu Qingyu praised with a smile: “You are quite smart.”

The devil general trembled heavily, his voice full of fear, “Begging Your Venerable to spare this lowly one’s life…”

“It’s the King who wants to betray you, and this lowly one will never dare to…”

“Your Venerable, please spare this lowly one’s life…”

Lu Qingyu stepped on the general’s head, “Oh? Is that so?”

“But I don’t believe it.”

Amidst the cracking sound of the skull shattering, Lu Qingyu’s voice was like a sweet whisper.

When Yao Jiuxiao arrived at the scene, Lu Qingyu was already surrounded by corpses scattered on the ground, all died with a miserable posture and dyed the ground with thick foul-smelling blood. It was ridiculous, to say the least — although the three races of human, devil, and demon hated each other to no end, they all had the same red blood. Yao Jiuxiao frowned. What he disliked the most was the devil race’s brutal killings. Even on something that could easily be solved, they still used such cruel methods.

Lu Qingyu looked at Yao Jiuxiao and sneered, “What? Are you pitying these devils?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was cold: “Not all mistakes should be paid with one’s life. If they know their mistakes and are willing to repent, why the need of such massacre?” Yao Jiuxiao really couldn’t understand Lu Qingyu. As long as someone made mistakes, large or small did not matter, then their only end was death regardless of their position, status, or even race.

“It is not your turn to teach This Venerable how to do things. You should take good care of those human race of yours, otherwise—” Lu Qingyu waved his sleeve. At the same time as his figure disappeared, his arrogant voice sounded for the last time. “—This Venerable doesn’t mind taking action.”

Yao Jiuxiao frowned. He looked back in the direction of Duanping Mountain Range, as if he could see the small wooden house at the foot of Cangshan mountain, with the lovely little girl in red running towards him with an innocent smile. Yao Jiuxiao’s expression softened for a moment, but he soon returned to his usual coldness as his figure slowly disappeared.

Lu Yaoyao had no way of knowing what happened in the Demon Realm. Although she was sucked by the black hole, the magic weapons her two fathers gave protected her from any harm. She only felt that she was floating endlessly in a void. She even had leisure time to wonder when Father and Daddy would come to take her home.

Lu Yaoyao floated for a long time. Just when she thought she would float to the end of the world, her body suddenly lost gravity and fell straight down.


“Father, Daddy, help!!!”

“Aaaaaaaaaa-chi? Chi chi?”

“Chi chi?”


—End of Volume 1: New Neighbors at Cangshan Mountain


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  1. Did she turn into an animal/demon?😳 Or did she encounter one? Maybe an ancient demon? Is this where she encounters the male lead for the first time? Maybe she will have to explore this new dimension/place as a demon and she’ll gain experience and opportunities here. So many questions! I’m really looking forward to the next chapter!🙈 Thanks for the update!❤️

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