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DDDV Ch 59 Part 1 – A Cute Little Furball (I)

Beginning of Volume 2: The Teen’s Journey

The mottled shadows of trees crisscrossed on the rocky ground. The air was filled with a turbid and decadent smell. In this place where the sun never reached all year round, the environment was dark and humid. A small claw came out from the gap of moss-covered jagged rocks, revealing rice-sized claws and a soft, pink pad that looked very out of place.

The little paw swayed a few times, then retracted, and a moment later, a small fluffy head stuck out from the gap. It seemed that no danger was around. The white furball jumped on the stone. Her round little body was just the size of a palm, and her bright eyes looked around curiously and lively.

The furball looked around at the unfamiliar environment, feeling that the mountains, rocks, trees, and everything else were extremely tall. The gloomy atmosphere gave her a chill. The gust of wind even brought upon a strange smell.

“Chi?” Where…is this?

A tender and crisp cry sounded, and the round black pearl-like eyes flashed with a trace of confusion.

“Chi, chi!” Where does she fall into? Where are her Father and Daddy? What about her friends?

“Chichi? Chichi?” Father? Daddy? Where are you? Why cannot she speak?

Lu Yaoyao was totally baffled upon finding out that all the words she wanted to say turned into cute chirpings. She thought she was mishearing at first, but it really came from her mouth.

“Chi?” Amidst Lu Yaoyao’s confusion, the tender ‘chi, chi’ voice rang endlessly.

What happened? Had she turned back into her original form? But wasn’t she a stone demon? Why did she turn into a small animal? Was she actually a chicken demon?

Was this really her original form? Why was she turned into a small chirping animal instead of a colorful stone?

Lu Yaoyao was puzzled for a moment before she suddenly remembered that the certain Wukong who popped out of the stone was a monkey, so it wasn’t strange that she, who also popped out of a stone, turned to be a chicken demon. Thinking like this, Lu Yaoyao easily accepted this setting. She wanted to see her original form, so she stretched out her hands, and… eh? Why couldn’t she see her hands? She clearly felt that she had moved and stretched out her hands; why couldn’t she see it?

“Chi!” Where are her hands?!

Cute short paws stretched out from the furball, trying hard to lengthen themselves. But no matter how hard she tried, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t see her own hands. All she could see when looking down was fluffy white fur.

Lu Yaoyao took out a small mirror from her pouch. Apparently, although no pouch or anything was hanging on her fluffy body, she could still clearly feel the small pouch on her body. Lu Yaoyao moved her mind, and a palm-sized mirror appeared on her paw. Her current little paws couldn’t get a hold on the mirror that was even bigger than her body, so it fell to the ground with a bang.

Lu Yaoyao took a small step, jumped onto the mirror, and tried her best to look down. Doing this made her round body lose its balance, and she slammed onto the mirror. Fortunately, her little paws hugged the frame in time. Otherwise, he would definitely be rolling down now.

The small round eyes on the reality met the small round eyes in the reflection. When Lu Yaoyao blinked, the little animal in the mirror also blinked.

How cute!

Lu Yaoyao dragged the mirror up with a huff, then leaned it on the nearby stone. With this, she could see her entire small body on reflection. Lu Yaoyao stared intently and pondered. She didn’t seem to be a chicken demon. Chicks weren’t like this, were they? She had a small, round body that looked like a fluffy white ball. Looking closely, there were distinct facial features on her face, which was pretty cute.

What species is this?

Lu Yaoyao turned around twice while keeping her eyes on the mirror. She now had completely accepted her original form. Although it was not a colorful and shining stone she had once imagined, she was still a cute little furball!

Well, she didn’t need to think too hard now. Wait until she went back, and she could ask Father and Daddy.
Her original form was like this, which must be the same with Father and Daddy. Their family of three were all fluffy little pom-poms!

Father and Daddy were so bad. They lied to her and said that their original form was a stone. Although such a cute original form indeed did not match Father and Daddy’s handsome human forms, they shouldn’t be ashamed of it. What’s wrong with being cute pom-poms!

Lu Yaoyao carefully put the mirror back into her little pouch. Now she only had this mirror, given to her by her Daddy, so she couldn’t lose it.

Lu Yaoyao looked left and right, then skilfully jumped onto the highest stone. What exactly was this place? So gloomy without a single living thing in sight. Even though she wanted to ask for a direction, she couldn’t find a single demon to ask.

Where did that black hole send her to?

“Chi?” Hello?

“Chi, chi?” Is anyone here?

Lu Yaoyao tentatively chirped a few times. Her crisp and tender voice echoed in the otherwise silent air, but there was no response at all. Worried that her Father and Daddy might miss her when they come to find her, Lu Yaoyao didn’t dare to run around too far. She explored the vicinity and found that this place was even more desolate than the wasteland. The sky was gloomy gray, the ground was dry and cracked with white animal bones were scattered everywhere.

Lu Yaoyao jumped onto a relatively clean boulder, covered it with a small cloth pad, and sat down. The rotten-smelled wind blew her soft fur erratically. When would Father and Daddy find her? Lu Yaoyao felt hungry and took out a piece of fruit from her pouch to eat. The chubby little furball began to nibble on a fruit that was not much smaller than her own body. Suddenly, she felt a creepy tremor from behind. Lu Yaoyao quickly jumped, throwing the half-eaten fruit back into her small pouch while moving her body so quickly that it left an afterimage.

The small furball jumped around very quickly. Even though this was Lu Yaoyao’s first time using her original form, it didn’t affect her use of spiritual aura, and her small body was still very nimble and flexible. She had just jumped off when a drooling spirit beast silently jumped onto the boulder where she had just been sitting at. The spirit beast was murky gray, and the scales on its body were full of mud and dirt, as if they could never be washed cleanly. Its mouth opened wide, revealing large, jagged fangs. Its pair of eyes were full of hungry greed.


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