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DDDV Ch 59 Part 2 – A Cute Little Furball (II)

The small furball jumped around very quickly. Even though this was Lu Yaoyao’s first time using her original form, it didn’t affect her use of spiritual aura, and her small body was still very nimble and flexible. She had just jumped off when a drooling spirit beast silently jumped onto the boulder where she had just been sitting at. The spirit beast was murky gray, and the scales on its body were full of mud and dirt, as if they could never be washed cleanly. Its mouth opened wide, revealing large, jagged fangs. Its pair of eyes were full of hungry greed.

Tsk! so ugly!

Although it was also a spirit beast, the spirit beasts Lu Yaoyao encountered in the wasteland looked much cleaner and better-looking in contrast. However, this ugly spirit beast made her feel threatened, so Lu Yaoyao didn’t waste a second and turned around before running away quickly.

The spirit beast immediately chased behind. Lu Yaoyao was unfamiliar with her surroundings. While observing the road she took, she ran around and managed to get rid of the spirit beast. Unexpectedly, before she could even take a breath, she was discovered by a scorpion beast that suddenly appeared, and so she was forced to run to the limit again. This happened again and again. Just after Lu Yaoyao got rid of the last one, another beast came out and chased after her, sometimes several different creatures at once.

Lu Yaoyao was forced to be on the run all day.

“Chi!” She is so small and not even enough to fill the gaps between the beasts’ teeth. Why are they so persistent in chasing after her?

Unknown to Lu Yaoyao, her whole body was full of spiritual aura, like a glowing dumpling that constantly attracted the attention of these creatures. She also didn’t know that the black hole she fell into had taken her to a special Abyss, located in a crack on the edge of Yuanqi Continent, separated from the rest of the world. The boundary isolating the Abyss from the rest of the Yuanqi Continent was unstable, and things often fell into it. The unlucky creatures that fell into the Abyss were trapped there for the rest of their lives, unable to find an exit.

The Abyss was very large, but the resources were even scarcer than Duanping Mountains Range. Even ordinary plants couldn’t survive here. Over time, the creatures began to kill each other to survive, making them very brutal and vicious.

The place where Lu Yaoyao fell was on the outskirts of the Abyss, so the beasts with territories there were not very strong. But Lu Yaoyao was being chased and ran further into the Abyss. The deeper she ran, the fewer creatures chasing her.

These chases went on until the night. Lu Yaoyao hid in the nest of dead branches. Her white fur was covered in dust and dirt, turning her into a gray furball. Her black eyes were dull with exhaustion.

Why do these beasts want to eat her so much?

Father, Daddy, why haven’t you found your baby yet?

The night in the Abyss was even more dangerous. Before Lu Yaoyao could rest, another creature began to chase her again. No matter how well Lu Yaoyao hid, dangers always found their way to her, preventing her from taking a rest at night. Furthermore, the beasts chasing her were getting more and more dangerous, and there were even carnivorous plants. Once, Lu Yaoyao almost failed to escape.

Lu Yaoyao ran as fast as she could, purely by blind instinct. As she ran deeper and deeper into the Abyss, she encountered fewer dangers, until she no longer felt anything chasing behind her. Lu Yaoyao finally could catch her breath.

It’s so dangerous here!

The dusty gray little dumpling sat behind a stone, vigilantly watching her surroundings as she rested. It was eerily quiet here, and Lu Yaoyao guessed that there must be something here that made other beasts wary. Otherwise, they wouldn’t stop chasing after her.

But Lu Yaoyao was optimistic. Since that something was so dangerous, maybe it wouldn’t take such a little dumpling like her into its eyes!

Even so, Lu Yaoyao didn’t dare to put down her vigilance. After a long time, no strange creatures appeared anymore, and Lu Yaoyao gradually became sleepy. Unable to hold back her sleepiness, the little furball fell asleep between the gap in the stones.

Illuminated by dark flame, a golden triangle-shaped mountain hung upside down, connected to the ground by winding stairs that extended upward. Blood flowed down from the stairs like a stream, covering the ground with dark red. Looking above, the first to enter the eyes was the sight of a huge square in front of a grand hall. Nine huge columns carved with the images of ferocious beasts stood around the square; their shadows fell upon the piles of corpses scattered all over the places. Blood overflowed from the corpses, covering the entire square in red before flowing down the stairs.

Redder than the blood itself, a hem of clothes flew past and appeared inside the grand hall. Lu Qingyu sat on a high throne, leaning lazily against soft cushions. Both of his hands were resting casually on the armchair as his slender fingers tapped rhythmically. Beneath his feet, a group of devils was kneeling on the ground. None of them dared to move, and the entire square was eerily silent. The only ones who could kneel here alive were either loyal to Lu Qingyu from the beginning to the end or had a second idea but didn’t have the time to act. As for those who dared to take rebellious actions during Lu Qingyu’s absence, all of them were now lying outside, lifeless. The devils who had rebellious minds trembled even more, fearing that they might also get executed.

“Clean it.” Lu Qingyu’s voice sounded with a lazy tone.

The devil guards quickly removed the piles of corpses from the square, while the devil maids methodically cleaned the blood from the pillars and the ground. They all moved swiftly and silently.

Lu Qingyu glanced at the devils in the hall. All of them knelt on the ground subserviently, not daring to even take a breath. Now that he had vented his bad mood and showed deterrence to the entire devil race, Lu Qingyu was too lazy to bother with these remaining devils, especially since he couldn’t just massacre all of them at will. So Lu Qingyu waved his hand and said lazily, “Get off.”

“Yes, Your Venerable.”

The devils bowed and retreated. It was not until they left the hall and the square that they dared to breathe again. The high-level devils looked at one another, seeing the same awe and fear in each other’s eyes. The thick smell of blood lingered in their noses and was not yet dissipated. No matter how much rebellious intent they previously had, all were beaten to dust in front of the terror and fear they had just experienced.

The devils left tremblingly. Who would have thought that as soon as His Venerable, who had disappeared for sixteen years, appeared, he would quell the rebellion with such iron-blooded means? Could it be that actually disappeared on purpose, just wanting to see who would dare to betray him…

All the devils had left the large hall, leaving Lu Qingyu, who was reclining leisurely, alone. His scarlet eyes had changed back into black. He was looking at the small concentric bell between his fair and slender fingers. As if thinking about something, Lu Qingyu’s lips curled up into a smile.

After a while, he put away the small bell.

Where is that kid now?

Will she return to him first?


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