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DDDV Ch 6 Part 1 – The Baby Sighed: Life is not Easy (I)

Yao Jiuxiao’s white skin was blushing slightly, dispelling the perpetual coldness from his face. After living for more than one thousand years, he had always put on a proper distance with others, including teachers and friends, and had never been so close to anyone before.

How soft…this strange feeling seemed to envelop his whole body before spreading into his heart. Especially because the soft and smooth face was still so close to his face now…

The faint blush on Yao Jiuxiao’s cheeks spread to the base of his ears and neck.

An unabashed murderous aura returned Yao Jiuxiao to his sense. He instantly regained his cold expression and continued walking into the house with the child in his arms.

However, his pace was obviously stiffer than before.

Lu Qingyu stared at Yao Jiuxiao’s departing figure. His face was so gloomy that it seemed to drip ink. Indeed a mortal enemy, even Yao Jiuxiao’s back figure was a great eyesore in his eyes.

Lu Yaoyao was lying on her usual couch. She raised her little feet and folded her arms on her chest, thinking seriously. Why did her clothes dry instantly after she was out of water? Could this be the reason why Father and Daddy never changed her clothes? What kind of magical clothes was this?

Well, since the clothes dried so quickly, it was a good thing.

Lu Yaoyao felt that her two fathers were too poor to afford more clothes for her, so they could only give her such a simple and convenient one to wear.

She couldn’t be too demanding.

She was a sensible baby.

“Zhu’er, do you like Daddy or that person?” Beautiful Daddy leaned over the couch. His gaze was dark, as if trying to force an answer.

Yao Jiuxiao, who was meditating on the side, seemed to be unconcerned, but his spiritual sense was always watching.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes stared straight at the ceiling. Well, that gray ceiling looked very good, even the wood grain was pretty.

Just now, Beautiful Father ignored Beautiful Daddy’s deliberate provocation and directly put her back on the couch. However, just because the problem was ignored didn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

The gaze that was coming from the side became stronger and stronger, and finally, Lu Yaoyao could no longer feigned ignorance. She moved her head to the side. Seeing Beautiful Daddy that was staring at her with a gloomy face, she sighed in melancholy and reached out her small hands.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Lu Yaoyao babbled at Beautiful Daddy, motioning him to pick her up.

How else can she kiss him?

She is still so small that she can’t even sit up by herself.

This time, Beautiful Daddy magically understood her meaning. He was about to pick her up, but was a bit hesitant. These few days, he always called Yao Jiuxiao to hold the kid whenever something happened. So far, he only hugged her once, and the feeling of tensity all over his body that was even worse than facing a powerful enemy was still fresh in his memory.

He didn’t dare to try a second time.

But thinking about it, Yao Jiuxiao had been used to holding this kid now. How could he not be able to do the same?

With a strong rivalry feeling, Lu Qingyu reached out his hands and prepared to pick up the little kid. However, the moment his slender fingers touched the soft small body, he quickly withdrew it back. Lu Qingyu thought to himself: why is there such a terrible creature like this child in this world?

“Ah?” Lu Yaoyao didn’t know the turmoil inside Beautiful Daddy’s mind. How could she know that her Daddy didn’t dare to hug her? Seeing him unmoved for a long time, she urged him again.

Seeing a pair of beautiful hands stopped in front of her, Lu Yaoyao reached out her two small hands to hold one of the fingers.

She looked at her own little fingers. It was such great contrast.

Lu Yaoyao grasped Beautiful Daddy’s finger and pulled it down to her chest, then looked at him with her pair of pure and innocent eyes.

Lu Qingyu froze, unable to move his grasped finger. The little hands holding his finger were so soft that they almost seemed to be boneless. But her warm touch seemed to be burning to him, too strong to be ignored.

Lu Qingyu lowered his head, looking at the soft little creature. The gloomy aura in his body instantly dissipated a lot.

The pair of father and daughter, one big and one small, were looking at each other intently. After a while, Lu Qingyu moved his hands and finally picked up the little kid.

“It’s not difficult!” Just holding a little cub, of course it would be easy! Lu Qingyu felt a little proud. There was nothing that the Devil Venerable couldn’t do!

Lu Yaoyao was being held upright in front of Beautiful Daddy. She didn’t dare to move, feeling a great danger of falling off. Although Beautiful Father was unskilled at hugging a baby and made her uncomfortable, at least she felt safe in his arms. In contrast, Beautiful Daddy was a bit unreliable.

Lu Yaoyao reached out her hands towards Beautiful Daddy’s face, and then slobbered a wet kiss on both sides of his cheeks.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Lu Yaoyao babbled a few times.

Baby likes Father and also likes Daddy. Baby likes both of you. She likes Father and Daddy the most!

Like a spring breeze, Lu Qingyu’s expression instantly brightened at the speed visible to the naked eyes.

This child kissed Yao Jiuxiao only once, but kissed him twice. She obviously liked him more.

Lu Qingyu smiled. He snorted slightly: “You have a conscience.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief. He was finally coaxed. Beautiful Daddy was too jealous!

However, when Lu Yaoyao raised her eyes, Beautiful Father who was meditating nearby opened his eyes and looked at her silently.

Beautiful Father’s whole body seemed to be covered with a thick frost, and his eyes were so cold that they could freeze people.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

An hour later, Lu Yaoyao was lying on the couch again, gnawing at her little hands. Her small face was stiff, full of dejection of this world.

At only four days old, she already faced the great hardships of life. Not only did she have to worry about her livelihood, she was also caught between her two beautiful fathers, carefully favoring both equally, so as not to make the other jealous.

The baby sighed: life is not easy.


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