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DDDV Ch 6 Part 2 – The Baby Sighed: Life is not Easy (II)

The baby sighed. Her life was not easy, but in any case, since she was born in this world, she had to live this life fully.

Fortunately, she now could take a bath every day!

Although Father used a mysterious spell every day to clean her whole body, she always felt dirty without taking a real bath.

From now on, she could take a bath three times a day!

The lake was freezing cold, which meant that her physique was good. Otherwise, a baby who had just born a few days ago wouldn’t be able to stand bathing in such cold water.

In addition, Lu Yaoyao also had other activities every day. She no longer just lay on the couch all day. Every day, Beautiful Father and Beautiful Daddy would hold her in turn and took a stroll outside.

Lu Qingyu saw that the child was so close to his rival, maybe because Yao Jiuxiao was the one who always hugged her before. Therefore, Lu Qingyu felt a sense of crisis and started to hold the child too.

Once, twice, three times…after a few times, Lu Qingyu had became used to the task and no longer fidgeted every time he touched the small soft body.

Practice made perfect. In the beginning, the two clueless fathers didn’t even dare to touch their daughter. But it took only half a month to change them from a noob baby hugger to a skilled baby hugger.

Under Lu Yaoyao’s deliberate guidance, the two fathers finally mastered the art of hugging a baby. She no longer had to worry about falling down suddenly, nor did she have to endure being hugged uncomfortably.

Lu Yaoyao was satisfied.

After taking a full nap, Lu Yaoyao woke up and found only Beautiful Daddy by her side. Daddy was leaning on the couch, propping his forehead with one hand and casually waving a jade fan with another.

As soon as Lu Yaoyao opened her eyes, she was mesmerized by Beautiful Daddy’s beauty, and her little head that hadn’t fully awaken yet became even dizzier.

When Beautiful Daddy heard the movement, his pair of peach blossom eyes turned to the, very flirtatious.

“Zhu’er is awake?”

“Aaaah!!!” Lu Yaoyao stared at Beautiful Daddy’s hands and yelled: “Yah!! Ahh, ahh!!”

Daddy, don’t stop. Keep waving the fan!

Daddy looks so handsome when waving the fan, double critical hit!

Lu Yaoyao was extremely excited!

Today her daddy was as handsome as usual. She stared at Beautiful Daddy’s face and drooled.

Lu Yaoyao wanted to look like Daddy in the future! She would grow up to be very beautiful!

…However, Father was also very handsome. Being look like Father was also good.

Lu Yaoyao fell into a dilemma.

To look like Father or to look like Daddy, which one should she choose?

Lu Yaoyao’s little mind suddenly lit up. She would be half look like Father, and half look like Daddy. This way, she would have double beauty!

She is so smart!

Lu Yaoyao smiled with joy.

“Silly kid. What are you happy about?” Beautiful Daddy lowered his gaze and touched her little nose lightly. “Your food is almost gone, you know?”

“Ah?” What?

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened. She looked at Beautiful Daddy stupidly.

What? Her fragrant milk is almost gone?

Lu Yaoyao gnawed on her little hands, her black round eyes were pure and innocent.

“Ah, ah!” She tried to explain to Beautiful Father. She didn’t mean to drink so much, she actually wanted to save some food. But her two fathers didn’t cooperate with her. Every time she cried, their first reaction was to give her a bottle of milk. She was just a young, innocent, and simple-minded baby. How could she stand the temptation of delicious and fragrant milk? No way. She always accidentally drank too much.

But in the future, she would definitely be more frugal!

Lu Qingyu had no idea about his daughter’s resolution. Yao Jiuxiao was going out to ask their neighbor the peach blossom demon to exchange for more spiritual milk. Before, the peach blossom demon helped them buying spiritual milk not only from neighbors in Cangshan, but also from the several nearby mountains, and even from the entire Duanpin Mountain Range. In the end, they managed to gather a lot of spiritual milk, but the child’s daily consummation was equally huge. The little bit left in the house now was not enough for five days.

However, the spiritual milk had indeed worked. In only half a month, the girl’s little chubby face had become fatter, which tempted him to poke it even more.

When Yao Jiuxiao hadn’t come back yet after a long time, Lu Qingyu stared at the little kid by his side. The child was gnawing her own hand, looking at him with her black and innocent eyes. After thinking for a moment, Lu Qingyu took out an ordinary-looking fruit from his grotto-space. He peeled the skin from the fruit and handed it to Lu Yaoyao.

The fruit was small, but Lu Yaoyao’s hands were even smaller. It took her both hands to hold the fruit. Lu Yaoyao was determined to prove to her fathers that she wasn’t expensive to raise. She wasn’t a picky eater, and she didn’t need to drink only expensive spiritual milk!

Lu Yaoyao babbled a little, then extorted her strength to gnaw at the little fruit.

Oh, she was still toothless now. So Lu Yaoyao simply sucked the fruit juice from the skinless part that Beautiful Daddy peeled for her.

Ah, it’s so sweet.

The fruit was full of juice. Lu Yaoyao sucked hard and quickly, making her chubby cheeks flush red.

“Don’t be hasty. Eat slowly.” Lu Qingyu’s eyes glinted slightly. He touched the top of Lu Yaoyao’s head, then his hand came down and covered her bulging small belly.

An invisible devilish aura entered Lu Yaoyao’s body from Lu Qingyu’s palm.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t feel any abnormalities. She even felt warm and comfortable, and narrowed her eyes contentedly.

After a while, Lu Qingyu retracted his hand. There was a smile at the corners of his lips.

When Yao Jiuxiao came back, he saw this scene. The little girl was hugging a gray fruit in her chubby hands, sucking on its juice with gusto. Her two little feet were dangling around comfortably.

After seeing what the child was eating, Yao Jiuxiao’s complexion changed. He hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed the fruit. He then took the child’s hand and infused a wave of spiritual aura into her body.

Lu Yaoyao was sucking vigorously when her hands were suddenly empty. She blinked a few times in confusion: “Huh?”

Lu Yaoyao kicked around in dissatisfaction. Why did Father steal her fruit?


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