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DDDV Ch 60 Part 1 – Big Brother, I am Here to Pay Protection Fees! (I)

The Abyss was a space crack separated from the rest of the world. It was full of various creatures, consisting of the Abyss’ original creatures and creatures that often fell from the outside world like Lu Yaoyao. Due to the lack of sunlight year-round, most Abyss creatures mutated to survive, resulting in their strange shapes. To sum up, they were all uniquely ugly on their own.

The deeper the Abyss, the fewer creatures could be seen. More powerful creatures occupied larger territories and did not hesitate to attack anything that accidentally broke in.

A demon beast wandered on the edge of black land. There was no obstacle in front, but the invisible warning it sensed made it afraid to proceed.

There was a powerful demon beast lurking deep in the Abyss. A few years ago, when this demon beast first came to the Abyss, he was on the verge of death, attracting many creatures to covet his flesh. Other beasts who were too weak to grab a piece of the food could only watch from afar, thinking that this newcomer had been eaten clean.

When they saw the demon beast again, he was completely different from before. His whole body was emitting terror and pressure, and even his original form had changed. The beast fought for ten days and ten nights in various bloody battles, killing more than a dozen powerful beasts and taking over their territories, and finally became the ‘Tyrant of the Abyss.’

The demon beast who followed Lu Yaoyao’s smell was afraid to proceed, but the delicious prey it was chasing seemed to be close at hand. Able to smell but unable to eat was a kind of torture itself, and the Abyss hadn’t seen such excellent food for a long time. In the end, the beast couldn’t help being greedy. If it just entered the peripheral of the black territory and quickly caught the prey before immediately running back again, it wouldn’t be so unlucky to encounter the ‘Tyrant,’ right?

However, facts proved that the demon beast was indeed very unlucky. It had just stepped into the territory and happened to meet the ‘Tyrant’ who came out to hunt for food.

“Awo!” The demon beast turned around and ran away in fright.

The pitch-black figure didn’t look like a typical Abyss creature. His head resembled a dragon with a single sharp horn on the forehead. His four strong limbs gracefully stepped on the ground, silent and menacing. His tail was like a lion’s, and his body was covered with beautiful black scales. His blood-red eyes were cold and merciless as he walked silently with his four hooves.

It was a black qilin1, a legendary divine beast. However, unlike the auspicious beast in the legend, this black qilin’s eyes were cold and full of violent sense.

In fright, the demon beast thought that the ‘Tyrant’ might prioritize hunting the great prey if he found out about her, so it ran in quickly in the direction of the smell.

The black qilin chased after the beast unhurriedly. After a short while, he no longer enjoyed the thrill of chasing his prey and jumped into the air to start a one-sided killing.

Feeling the great sense of danger lingered nearby, Lu Yaoyao’s short legs twitched sharply, and her soft fur exploded. She jumped up suddenly, hitting the gray stone above her head.

The little furball looked around cautiously.

What’s happening? Did she accidentally enter the hunting range of a powerful beast?

A beast’s terrified screams could be heard outside. After a moment of deliberation, Lu Yaoyao decided to stay still in her hiding place. The scream abruptly ended. Lu Yaoyao kept hiding her presence and didn’t move for a long time.

After a while, Lu Yaoyao cautiously came out. The gray furball protruded herself from the cracks between the stones. She looked around vigilantly and saw a beast dead carcass not far away.

A terrifying beast might have been hunting outside just now.

Lu Yaoyao turned around inadvertently, only to see a large black beast lying on the top of a boulder — its scarlet eyes were staring at her indifferently.

“Chi!!!” Like an electric shock, the soft fur on Lu Yaoyao’s body exploded. The distance between them was so close, as if the beast could bite her to death before she could even make a move.

The little furball stared back at the black beast, motionless. Her black and bright little eyes were tense with fright.

Ah, ah, aaahhhh!!! This is the most terrifying beast she has ever encountered! Why didn’t she notice him earlier!!

Cub? A demon race cub? The black qilin stared at the little furball. It seemed that this newborn cub accidentally fell into the Abyss. She didn’t even hide her own breath and walked around carelessly. The black qilin could foresee the future of this cub. Without the protection of a strong beast, this little thing, which was equivalent to a delicious walking tonic, would definitely end up being eaten by the Abyss creatures. But what did it have to do with him? What’s more, there was no way out of this Abyss. Even if the cub managed to survive by miracles, she could only spend the rest of her life wandering in this gloomy and dangerous place.

When this thought hit the black qilin, a burst of resentment aroused in his chest. His scarlet eyes were full of anger. He was unwilling to be trapped here for the rest of his life, letting the mother and son who brought him to such an end live so glamorously outside.

The black qilin got up and jumped down.

At the moment when black qilin moved, Lu Yaoyao quickly bounced away and ran away with a bang, breaking through the speed record that she made in the past few days.

The black qilin didn’t care about the little guy, and he left slowly in the other direction.

Not long after the black qilin left, many tiny black creatures suddenly appeared on the ground, swarming towards the carcass left behind. After a while, the huge carcass was eaten clean without a single trace, and even the blood on the ground was also cleaned up. These ant-like creatures were unique creatures of the Abyss and also the most harmless creatures. They lived underground all the time, eating only dead beasts and not touching living things; otherwise, Lu Yaoyao wouldn’t be able to sleep so well in the stone crevices.

Lu Yaoyao ran for a while, only to realize later that the black beast hadn’t caught up.

Huh? The beast isn’t chasing her?

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t believe it. She carefully released her spiritual sense to prove around, but she found that the great danger she had sensed just now had disappeared.

After being chased countless times over the days, Lu Yaoyao finally met a beast who didn’t chase after her!


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  • The Healer Demands Payment!
  1. Qilin: The qilin is a legendary hooved chimerical creature that appears in Chinese mythology.

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