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DDDV Ch 60 Part 2 – Big Brother, I am Here to Pay Protection Fees! (II)

After being chased countless times over the days, Lu Yaoyao finally met a beast who didn’t chase after her!

In order to prove that the black beast was really not interested in her, Lu Yaoyao waited for a while, but the black figure never appeared. She ran back to the previous place, only to find that the ground was already clean. Both the powerful beast and the prey he killed were gone!

Lu Yaoyao was very touched.

She liked such a pure and unpretentious beast!

Lu Yaoyao had just seen the beast hunting here, so she knew that this was his territory. If the beast was not interested in eating her, then she could stay here and wait until her Father and Daddy found her. She would no longer have to be chased around all day. How great!

Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt relaxed.

When her Father and Faddy find her, she will repay him well!

Wait, that black beast didn’t eat her; could it be that he was also part of the demon race! He and she were of the same race!

Lu Yaoyao was very excited. The adults in Duanping taught the cubs that only the same race would not hunt each other. She finally met her kin! They met in such an unexpected place, but it turned out that they were still from the same race. Although this fellow demon didn’t look very friendly, he didn’t do anything bad to her. Lu Yaoyao had a lot of questions to ask. She decided to find this fellow demon, at least to ask where this place was and how to leave here.

Father and Daddy were too slow and unreliable! They hadn’t found her after so long, so she decided to go to find them!

But when Lu Yaoyao turned around and saw no sight of the demon, she suddenly regretted her action earlier. She just shouldn’t have run away…

Lu Yaoyao sat on the stone, holding a piece of fruit to chew on. She began to count her inventory. Because her snacks were rationed, she didn’t have many in her pouch, only ten days’ worth of supply. She also couldn’t get enough by just eating snacks. Lu Yaoyao touched her chubby belly and found that her appetite had not decreased despite her smaller body.

Lu Yaoyao stayed in the black demon territory for a while, and she really didn’t encounter any more danger. Finally having time to relax, she began to take more care of herself. First of all, cleaning. These past few days, she was constantly on the run. Her white fur was too conspicuous in this dark and gloomy environment, so Lu Yaoyao just let herself stay dirty over time.

Lu Yaoyao used the dirt-removal spell on herself several times. The grayish color quickly faded, and her fur regained its original whiteness. Unfortunately, there was no water nearby. Lu Yaoyao always felt that real washing should be done using water. When she remembered how she had crawled through the cracks in the ground, tree holes, and rocks, she quickly used dirt-removal spells a few more times.

After cleaning herself, Lu Yaoyao walked around, but didn’t encounter the black demon again. How was he so elusive?

Just when Lu Yaoyao was about to lament how unlucky she was, she suddenly heard some movement from a distance in front.

“Chi!” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, and she quickly dashed forward.

The sound became louder and louder. Lu Yaoyao jumped onto a bare tree branch. Not far away, she saw the black demon fighting with a strange-shaped spirit beast. The aura of the two beasts gave her a very dangerous feeling, which also came along with tremendous pressure.

It didn’t take long for the black demon to kill his opponent with an overwhelming victory.

Lu Yaoyao jumped around. This fellow demon’s so amazing!

After killing the demon beast that crossed into his territory, the black looked down at the corpse of his opponent with murderous eyes. Lu Yaoyao, who had already assumed that he was the same race as her, did not feel afraid and jumped down to say hello. The fellow demons Lu Yaoyao had met were all very kind towards the cubs. No matter how grumpy they were, they still had a gentle side towards the cubs.

“Chi, chi! Chi…” The chirping voices resounded endlessly.

Big Brother, I finally found you! What place is this? How to leave here? I want to find Father and Daddy!

Lu Yaoyao chirped everything she wanted to ask in one breath, then blinked her bright round eyes and waited for the black demon to answer.

The demon looked at her indifferently.

“Chi?” Lu Yaoyao thought that the black demon couldn’t recognize her after changing her fur color, so she quickly explained.

Big Brother, don’t you remember me? I’m that gray furball!

Lu Yaoyao suddenly discovered that the black demon didn’t seem to understand her chirpings. How did demons speak in their original forms?

Lu Yaoyao tried her best to speak, but she still couldn’t let out any words. All she could make were chirping voices.

She had come this far. Why couldn’t she communicate?

The black qilin stared coldly at chirping furball for a while, then turned around and left. After so many days, the cub was still alive and kicking and even seemed to be doing well. He still thought the cub would starve to death soon. The black qilin knew that she was wondering about the boundary of his territory. Because of this, many beasts that followed her smell also ran into his territory and were bitten to death by him.

Seeing the fellow demon was leaving, Lu Yaoyao hurriedly followed.

“Chi, chi!” Big Brother, can you tell me how to leave this place? I will repay your kindness…

The black qilin took a leap and quickly dashed forward.

Lu Yaoyao had a hard time catching up, “Chi…”

The black qilin seemed to be patrolling his site. He was roaming around all day, sometimes running and jumping, sometimes walking slowly.

Lu Yaoyao followed behind him.

Until it got dark, the black qilin suddenly turned around and let out a low growl at the little furball, making her stop in shock.

The undisguised killing intent made Lu Yaoyao’s body freeze instantly. After the black qilin left, Lu Yaoyao carefully chased after him, then she saw him jump a few times and enter a dark cave.

Is this the fellow demon’s home?

Feeling that she was disliked, Lu Yaoyao’s mood plummeted a bit. But after knowing where the fellow demon’s home was, she felt more at ease. Finally, she no longer had to search aimlessly.

Lu Yaoyao sat on a rock on the hillside, still close enough to vaguely see the entrance of the dark cave. She began to think seriously. The fellow demon seemed to dislike her so much; could it be because she had been living on his site for so long without paying the rent?

Lu Yaoyao rummaged through her small pouch. She had many precious items, but most of them were given by her Father and Daddy, and she was reluctant to give them away. She also still had a lot of fruits and candies. Still, because Father always emphasized that her snacks could only be eaten by herself, Lu Yaoyao was afraid that sending over these snacks would result in a backfiring effect. Except for these, there were also many beautiful things that she had collected herself since she was a child.

Lu Yaoyao fiddled with the small bits and pieces in her collection. When her surrounding was quiet, she always missed her Father, Daddy, friends, and everyone else in Duanping. She missed home…

There was a layer of water in the little dumpling’s black eyes, and she let out a small chirping whimper.

—No problem. After she ask about the way out, she can go home.

Lu Yaoyao put the pearl she loved the most when she was a child next to her and lay on the stone to sleep. The pearl glowed brilliantly in the dark and gave her a warm feeling.

The next day, the black qilin walked out of the cave and found a piece of cloth spread on the most conspicuous place right in front of the entrance. There were several beautiful stones on it.

The little white dumpling hid behind a dead tree, revealing a pair of lively eyes as she looked at him expectantly.

“Chi!” Big brother, I’m here to pay protection fees!

Black qilin: “…”


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