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DDDV Ch 61 Part 1 – Guiyuan Sect (I)

A crisp chirp sounded as several beautiful cranes flew gracefully above the sky. Accompanied by the breeze, they passed through the splendid clouds and mist before finally descending on a pool at a mythical-looking open space. The cranes took a few steps on the shallow water, folded their wings, shook their feathers, and strolled leisurely in various postures.

These cranes were spirit beasts raised by Guiyuan Sect. Compared to aggressive spirit beasts in the wild, they were smarter and very docile.

The floor on the huge open square was made of white marble carved with natural-looking and beautiful patterns. Several disciples, clad in a blue-rimmed white robe uniform and sword in hands, stood on guard on all sides of the square, where many disciples in various sect robes scattered around in small groups. Those disciples were all elite disciples brought by the elders of their respective sects. Now that the elders were still discussing important matters in the main hall, they were not qualified to attend, so they waited outside and shared experiences with fellow disciples from other sects.

The return of the Guiyuan Sect’s spirit cranes attracted the attention of several disciples.

Ye Dongqing, a disciple from the Medicine Sect whose uniform was a purple robe, smiled charmingly at her three senior sisters: “The cranes in Guiyuan Sect are the most spiritual of all spirit beasts I have ever seen.”

Ye Qingdai smiled warmly, “Not only cranes, but all the spirit beasts kept in Guiyuan Sect’s beast garden are very spiritual.”

Ye Dongqing was amazed: “Really? Third Senior Sister, tell me more!” It was Ye Dongqing’s first time visiting the legendary number one sect in the Cultivation Realm, so she was very curious about everything.

Two beautiful female cultivators watched their two junior sisters with a gentle gaze.

At this moment, several male cultivators dressed in light green sect robes came over. The young man who led the group had a handsome face, but the pair of lecherous eyes ruined his charm.

“Zelan, so you’re here. I’ve been looking for you.”

Li Shengyuan openly leered at Ye Zelan, whose face turned icy in response. Seeing Li Shengyuan’s unconcealed gaze, the three junior sisters stood in front of their Eldest Senior Sister and glared back in anger.

Ye Qingdai was furious, “Li Shengyuan, put your dog eyes away!”

The four sisters were the personal disciples of Ye Chanyi, the deputy sect leader of the Medical Sect. They were all abandoned children adopted by their Master, hence the surname ‘Ye.’ All of them possessed superb talent in alchemy and medicine, each with their own distinctness.

The eldest disciple Ye Zelan had a cold temperament. Like the snow lotus blooming on the top of the snowy mountain, she was cool and elegant. The second disciple Ye Peilan had a cheerful and straightforward personality, the third disciple Ye Qingdai was gentle and warm, and the youngest disciple Ye Dongqing was lively and lovely.

The four sisters were very popular in the Cultivation Realm, and they had many admirers.

Li Shengyuan was one of Ye Zelan’s admirers. However, this person was very annoying. As the only son of the Sect Leader of the Wentian Sect, he was born the Young Sect Leader. His status was very high, but he was also very spoiled. He was flirtatious and frivolous, his dao mind was unstable, and his cultivation was wholly dependent on countless expensive pills and elixirs. Any decent female cultivator with a bit of firm character would never fancy such a man who depended entirely on his parents.

“Presumptuous! How dare you be disrespectful to the Young Sect Leader!” The lackey next to Li Shengyuan yelled angrily.

Li Shengyuan smiled, “Zelan, I have already mentioned you to my father. He promised to make a marriage proposal to Medicine Sect, so we can become a Daoist couple.”

“Nonsense! Our master will never agree!” Ye Dongqing retorted angrily.

Ye Zelan frowned slightly. She then said in a cold voice: “Zelan respects Young Sect Leader Li’s feeling, but Zelan is from a humble status and not worthy of you. Please find another suitable woman to be your dao companion.”

“You are worthy, of course you are worthy.” Li Shengyuan’s eyes swept across the icy face. He liked this kind of temperament very much, because only when he conquered it would he have a sense of accomplishment.

“Fellow Daoist Zelan, are you here?” A warm and clear voice suddenly sounded. Everyone turned their head toward the direction of the voice and saw a handsome young man walking towards them, followed by a few disciples.

The young man had an affable look, and there was a warm smile on his handsome face. He stood out among many handsome men and beautiful women, gathering everyone’s attention and causing a commotion in the square.

Lu Junyang greeted Ye Zelan, “Didn’t you make an appointment to discuss pill-making with Martial Uncle Mo?”

Elder Mo was the head of Guiyuan Sect’s Medicine Hall, and his alchemy skill was no worse than that of the Medicine Sect. In the Medicine Sect, everyone from the Sect Leader to the youngest disciple, anyone who had a chance to come to Guiyuan Sect could not wait to meet Elder Mo for discussions and advice.

Of course, not everyone was qualified to see Elder Mo.

“Young Sect Leader Li is also here?” Lu Junyang cupped his hands to Li Shengyuan, “Could it be that our Guiyuan Sect has provided you with bad hospitality?”

Li Shengyuan snorted coldly and answered sarcastically: “How could it be? Who dares to criticize you Guiyuan Sect’s hospitality?”

When other Wentian Sect’s disciples heard what their Young Sect Leader had just said, they all broke into a cold sweat. One of them bit the bullet and tugged at Li Shengyuan’s sleeve.

Li Shengyuan’s face became even more ugly, but he shut his mouth.

The disciples secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Before going out, the Sect Leader had sternly warned them to look after the Young Sect Leader and stop him from causing troubles in Guiyuan Sect. If Young Sect Leader really offended the only personal disciple of Guiyuan Sect Leader, they were the ones who would receive heavy punishment later.

When Ye Zelan looked at Lu Junyang, her face softened a lot. Her bright eyes flashed with a hint of joy, and she curtsied back: “Excuse me. We sisters got so engrossed when watching the cranes and forgot the appointment time with Martial Uncle Mo. We should go now.”

Ye Zelan took her three junior sisters and left.

Ye Dongqing covered her mouth and snickered. She tugged at Ye Qingdai, pointed at Ye Zelan, and then laughed softly.

Ye Qingdai gave her a helpless look. Why did this girl like to make fun of the Eldest Senior Sister?

Ye Zelan’s snow-white skin was flushed with a thin layer of red. She pretended not to notice her junior sister’s small actions and said with her usual tone: “Let’s go to Martial Uncle Mo.”

“Ah? Isn’t this just an excuse Senior Brother Lu made to help Eldest Senior Sister?”

Ye Zelan said solemnly: “Whether it is an excuse or not, we still have to go.”

The three junior sisters had no objection.

After seeing Ye Zelan and her junior sisters leaving, Li Shengyuan snorted and turned to leave. The disciples of Wentian Sect hastily cupped their hands at Lu Junyang, then quickly chased after their Young Sect Leader. Unexpectedly, Li Shengyuan suddenly flared out and kicked one of the disciples without warning.

Seeing this, disciples of the Guiyuan Sect frowned displeasedly, “Eldest Senior Brother…”

Lu Junyang also looked towards Wentian Sect, then shook his head, “Forget it.” At this moment, they shouldn’t meddle in other people’s business.

Lu Junyang turned his gaze to the left. There was worry in his eyes.


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