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DDDV Ch 62 Part 1 – Fellow Demons? (I)

Lu Yaoyao planned it very well. She would try to look outside, and if she encountered any dangerous beasts again, she would immediately run back to safety. Recalling her countless escape experiences, Lu Yaoyao instantly became even more confident. The little white furball shook her soft fur proudly and made a chirping sound. In terms of speed, those nasty beasts were definitely not her opponents!

When she was at it, she could also explore the way. If she could find her way home, it would be the best!

So when it was barely dawn the next day, Lu Yaoyao jumped out like a cannonball. After following the Big Brother patrolling, Lu Yaoyao learned about the boundary of his territory. Knowing that she was still in Big Brother’s territory, Lu Yaoyao jumped very relaxedly at first. Speaking of which, this Big Brother was very strong. Not only had he never lost a fight, but even his territory was also very vast.

The creatures here were all strange-looking and ugly, each with its own characteristics, but only the Big Brother she unilaterally recognized as relatively good-looking. The only downside was he was a bit too dark. Except for his beautiful pair of red eyes, his whole body was pitch black. If only he could become more colorful, he would look even prettier!

When Lu Yaoyao finally approached the territory’s border, she stopped for a while. After deliberating for a moment, she quickly dirtied her body, turning herself into a dusty, dirt-colored furball before jumping out vigilantly.

Lu Yaoyao actually had another problem: she was running out of food, and she didn’t know what kind of food was available here. She had never hunted alone, and all the beasts she encountered were all ugly and dirty, making her lost appetite. But Lu Yaoyao also knew that she would have to live here until she found a way home. In order not to starve to death, she probably would have to eat those nasty beasts soon.

In this gloomy, dangerous place, Lu Yaoyao only knew Big Brother Black, but it was unfortunate that they never exchanged a word. She didn’t know what place here was. She had not seen the sun for so many days, and the light was very dim. When she raised her head to look at the sky, it was totally gray.

The land was very barren, with only many gray rocks scattered everywhere in irregular shapes. Even though there were trees, they were also bare without leaves. Their roots exposed and intertwined, twisting into strange knots. The ground was also very black, with broken bone fragments embedded here and there, faintly visible amidst the color contrast.

Lu Yaoyao jumped onto a rock and scanned left and right, but saw no creatures passing by, nor anything else that looked edible.

Lu Yaoyao was very worried. There were no normal-looking trees; where could she find fruits?

Should she really hunt those ugly beasts?

This time, Lu Yaoyao was very cautious. Her spiritual consciousness was always on alert, paying attention to her surroundings so that she could run away anytime she sensed any movement. Thanks to her precautions, Lu Yaoyao was not found by any mutant beast this time. Her exploration went very smoothly, but she failed to find anything. In the end, Lu Yaoyao thought that she should observe what the beasts here eat. Not all of them eat each other, right?

Lu Yaoyao looked up at the sky and couldn’t help but chirp: Heaven, please let her find a present for Big Brother…

After she finished praying, Lu Yaoyao kept looking at the sky. The gray sky was silent, but she also never expected a gift to suddenly fall from the sky.

Lu Yaoyao retracted her gaze, ready to continue her search. She jumped forward and landed on the nearest rock. Unexpectedly, the seemingly hard rock was actually so fragile that it couldn’t bear her small weight and crumbled into sands.


The dusty little dumpling fell down with the crumbling rock, rolled a few times on the ground, and fell into a crack before disappearing completely.

After falling into the crack, the little dumpling continued to roll down along the sloping land until she finally fell headfirst into a small hole, leaving only her fat butt and two small paws kicking outside.

The small paws kicked hard many times before the little dumpling finally escaped from the hole.

Lu Yaoyao’s small body swayed, shaking her soft fur hard as she looked up and scanned her surrounding. Her two little eyes were full of confusion: where is this place?

Lu Yaoyao began to walk around carefully. Gradually, the area became wider, and then she saw a plant growing on the rock wall right before her.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up instantly, and she was so excited that she quickly jumped up next to the plant.

After so many days, she finally saw a plant again!

The leaves were not like normal leaves, more like tuber’s stem, but it was still the most plant-like plant Lu Yaoyao had ever seen here, and it even had a small black fruit in the middle.

She didn’t know if this fruit was edible or not, but she could dig it back and plant it by the entrance of Big Brother’s cave!

Lu Yaoyao took out the wooden sword from her small pouch, hugged the sword with difficulty, and then began to dig. The small wooden sword Yao Jiuxiao made was suitable for Lu Yaoyao’s child body shape, but it was still too big for a mini-size little furball. Lu Yaoyao huffed and puffed, trying her best to dig the soil. Thanks to her hard work, the plant was finally uprooted and put safely in her small pouch.

The little dumpling jumped up and down while chirping happily. Then she turned and looked for a way out, ready to go back.

Unbeknown to Lu Yaoyao, not long after she left, a scorpion beast over one meter long crawled in from another dark hole. He crawled up the steep wall and was shocked to find that the treasure he had been guarding for so long was gone!

The scorpion roared angrily. Who is it? Who stole his soul fruit?

For the sake of taking this soul fruit as his own, he was seriously injured when killing the previous demon beast who guarded this thing.

Who is it! He’s going to kill it!

The scorpion sniffed out the remaining scent in the air and chased angrily.

Lu Yaoyao finally crawled out of the crack. Her small body cautiously protruded halfway; her eyes scanned around vigilantly before she jumped out.

She’s finally out!

Lu Yaoyao, who found her way out successfully, hopped around in happiness.

Not long after, she noticed some movement in the direction forward. She leaned over cautiously and pricked up her ears.

Uh? It seemed that someone was talking?


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