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DDDV Ch 62 Part 2 – Fellow Demons? (II)

Lu Yaoyao, who found her way out successfully, hopped around in happiness.

Not long after, she noticed some movement in the direction forward. She leaned over cautiously and pricked up her ears.

Uh? It seemed that someone was talking?

Lu Yaoyao’s small round eyes blinked, thinking that she misheard it. But she couldn’t help but approach the source of the voice.

“It’s just a demon beast whose cultivation base has been abolished. What’s there to be afraid of?” The voice was hoarse, like the rough sound of a blunt saw on a hardwood.

“But boss, that’s the ‘Tyrant’! How many territory lords have perished under his claws? Are we really his opponents?”

“As long we plan well, we can do it.”

“In this Abyss, who can refuse Taoji’s temptation?”

This was their trump card. Most of Abyss inhabitants were male, with only a few females, and Taoji was the most beautiful and enchanting of them all. Who could refuse this ‘Beauty Stratagem’?

A female voice, delicate and tender, sounded: “Don’t worry, boss, Taoji will definitely be able to help you achieve your goal.”


That was indeed a talking voice, not her illusion!

Lu Yaoyao was so excited that her soft fur exploded. But what were these people talking about? She instinctively felt that they were plotting something bad.

However, it was too late for Lu Yaoyao to hide. She was too close, and the group had noticed her presence.


A cheetah leaped like lightning, quickly blocking Lu Yaoyao’s retreat. In an instant, she was surrounded by several demon beasts. The bodies of these demon beasts were relatively clean, and they didn’t have a bizarre appearance either.

“Chu?” When Lu Yaoyao saw the cheetah, his form somehow reminded her of the Uncle Leopard in the Duanping Mountain Range. This similarity should make her feel close, but her intuition told her to be vigilant instead.

She chirped timidly, “Chi, chi, chi…”

A demon cub?

When the demon beasts saw the little dumpling with a rich spiritual aura, they couldn’t help but feel greedy. Was this the newly-fell cub recently rumored by other beasts? They heard that the cub ran into the Tyrant’s territory and thought that the Tyrant had already trampled it to death. They also regretted the loss of this great supplement and somehow wondered if they could find its thrown body outside the Tyrant’s territory.

These demon beasts were originally normal demons, but after living for so long in the Abyss, they gradually assimilated with the habits here and were most active in their original form. Although they still maintained the mind of the full demon race, their behavior was no longer different from that of demon beasts. In order to survive, they even hunt and eat their fellow demons.

The Tyrant was an outlier among them. No matter how many of the fellow demons he killed, he never took a bite.

Other demons watched his ridiculous persistence with cold eyes. When they first fell into the Abyss, they also refused to hunt their kin, but in the end, everyone wanted to live. Not to mention the creatures born in the Abyss, in these demons’ cognition, everyone else except for themselves was food.

The demons exchanged a glance. Taoji took a few steps forward, pretending to be gentle and caring: “Did you get separated from your family? Poor child…”

Taoji’s original form was a fox, and her brown-red fur was very eye-catching against the gray scenery.

“Chi?” Lu Yaoyao blinked. Big Sister, do you know how to get out of here?

Taoji’s voice was full of temptation, “Would you like to go with Big Sister? Big Sister will help you go home…”

Lu Yaoyao felt that these people were not very friendly, but she was hesitant. This was her first time meeting fellow demons here except for Big Brother. The temptation of going home was also too great, and Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but get tempted.

Maybe she hit it lucky?

In case they really could help her get out of this place…

Lu Yaoyao hesitated for a moment before she finally decided to accept the offer.

The black qilin had been cultivating stubbornly, but after another night, there was still no change in his body. His scarlet eyes were bloodshot, full of anger and unwillingness. He used to be the favored son of heaven, with a noble status and extraordinary talent, but in the end, he was conspired against by the people he trusted the most. For the ridiculous reason of status and power, the family affection he valued turned out to be worthless in their eyes. He was schemed against, imprisoned, his flesh and blood were cut open, and in the end, even his scaled-dragon core was dug out.

After losing his final value, he was thrown into the deep sea chasm, only to fall into the rumored Abyss by accident. He was dying, his body was broken, but he refused to succumb to death. Countless beasts surrounded him and coveted his flesh. They were just waiting for him to breathe his last breath before devouring him.

But he was unreconciled. His more than 300 years of life turned out to be a joke!

He didn’t want to die. He wanted revenge!

A strong emotion stimulated the bloodline of the divine beast qilin hidden in his body.

More than ten thousand years ago, the ancient demon clan either ascended or perished one after another. However, of the demon races left behind, there were descendants of the ancient divine beasts, but it was too long ago. His mother clan was said to be the descendants of the divine beast qilin, but after a too long time passed, the blood had been diluted too much.

After so many generations, he was the only one who had inherited the blood of the qilin, but that amounted to nothing because the stronger blood of scaled-dragon suppressed that small trace of qilin blood.

Until this time, his scaled-dragon core was dug out, and his body was heavily damaged. By chance, the trace of the qilin blood in his body was stimulated, and after the pain of rebuilding flesh and tendons, he became a black qilin.

But that’s all, apart from turning into a qilin, he still didn’t have a demon core and his cultivation base was still abolished. He tried to cultivate according to his previous experiences, but it was no use. He couldn’t cultivate, let alone speak. Except for retaining some sanity, he was no different from those beasts outside.

The Abyss didn’t have many resources, and he could not transform into a human form.

The black qilin’s eyes gradually became redder, which was the sign of devilization. His obsession was too deep, and he had already begun to degenerate into the devil.

It didn’t matter if he degenerated into a devil, as long as he could continue to cultivate…

When the black qilin came out of his cave, he habitually looked straight ahead. The place where the little cub diligently put her gifts every day was empty this time. He turned to look at the cub’s resting place, but didn’t see the tiny white figure. n.

Had she left?

The black qilin’s red eyes were cold and indifferent. After a while, he went hunting.

Whether she lived or died had nothing to do with him.


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