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DDDV Ch 63 Part 1 – She Collapsed in Front of the Black Qilin With a Pitiful Chirp (I)

Lu Yaoyao left with the group of demons. She was taking her distance from them, not too far and not too close. This distance made Lu Yaoyao feel more secure, as she could immediately run away once something happened. The demons didn’t seem to notice her sneaky movement, or more probably, they didn’t put a mere cub’s vigilance into the eyes.

Lu Yaoyao’s imagination went rampant. She recalled what the adults at Cangshan had told her — the world outside was scary and dangerous, with many bad demons who captured cubs to be sold far away, and the captured cubs would never be able to return home again!

Lu Yaoyao thought to herself: She can run very fast, and once she gets out of this place, she would immediately run away from them! How smart!

However, after walking a long way, the road they were taking was still very unfamiliar. The sky was as grey as ever, and the gloomy environment had not changed. Still unable to see the sun she missed very badly, Lu Yaoyao stopped and couldn’t help chirping: how long will it take to get out?

Taoji smiled and reassured, “Don’t worry, child. You will be reunited with your family soon.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at Taoji and felt that the fox’s smile was very creepy.

Other demons in the group also stopped and turned at Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao looked at them vigilantly.

Suddenly, a scorpion beast rushed out. Leaving a trail of dust in its wake, it hissed and rushed towards Lu Yaoyao furiously. The group of demons thought that the scorpion wanted to snatch their prey and immediately met its attack. However, the enraged scorpion was not easy to deal with, and it took the group combined efforts to fend off its attack. However, the scorpion itself was not very strong, and it took just a little time before it eventually got cornered.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes rolled around, and the next moment, she quickly ran in the opposite direction. The demons had always been paying attention to Lu Yaoyao. One of them quickly jumped forward, blocking her path. The cheetah demon smiled grimly, “Kid, where are you going?”

When Lu Yaoyao looked over, she saw that the scorpion had been bitten to death. After it fell, the group of demons began to devour its corpse. Even though a scorpion had no flesh, its body still contained a bit of spiritual energy, which was useful for their cultivations. At this moment, the demons no longer hid their intention, and all of them were looking at the little cub with unconcealed greed in their eyes.

Lu Yaoyao chirped a few times and pretended to be ignorant.

I suddenly think I might recognize the way now, so I wouldn’t trouble you anymore!

Chirping that, Lu Yaoyao turned and was about to leave.

Taoji, whose mouth was still covered in blood, walked to Lu Yaoyao. Her tender, cruel smile shattered the cub’s last hope. “Child, didn’t you say you want to find your family? Unfortunately, once you fall into the Abyss, you will never be able to get out again.”

Lu Yaoyao chirped in anger.

Nonsense, don’t think you can deceive her just because she is a cub! There is a way in, so there must be a way out!

“You are still young, so you maybe don’t know, but this Abyss is the only place totally closed off from the rest of Yuanqi Continent, and there is no way in or out. Anyway, you won’t be able to survive here alone, so why don’t you let us eat you? Consider it a good deed, as we will definitely make the most out of you.”

“Boss, since I will be doing a big mission after this, can you give me a bit of extra portion?”

This cub was small enough that her meat couldn’t fill the gap between their teeth, but the spiritual energy in her tiny body was so abundant, even comparable to adult spiritual beasts or demon beasts.

The boss hesitated for a moment, “Alright.”

The others in the group were dissatisfied with this request, but they understood that Taoji was the key to their next plan. If Taoji’s ‘beauty stratagem’ worked successfully and the Tyrant’s territory fell into their hands, they would no longer need to worry about obtaining food. In the end, no one objected. However, when they looked at the cub again, they couldn’t help but think how small their share would be.

“Boss, should we raise it a bit?”

“This cub seems to be just a few years old. How many years do you think will it take for a cub to grow up? If we have enough food to feed others, better to eat it ourselves!”

“…” Lu Yaoyao blinked. If she didn’t hear it wrong, these demons were discussing how to eat her?

Lu Yaoyao was extremely frightened. Weren’t they fellow demons? Didn’t adults say that people of the same race would not eat each other? From Lu Yaoyao’s point of view, intelligent creatures had long since left the food chain, and demons who ate demons were as terrifying as humans who ate humans!

How scary! She thought she had encountered demon slavers at most, but they turned out to be a group of demon eaters!

Under extreme fright, Lu Yaoyao shrieked in horror and exploded with unprecedented power. Her small fluffy body bounced at the speed of light and slammed at the head of the cheetah demon blocking her road.

Lu Yaoyao slammed like a cannonball. When other demons rushed up, she quickly slammed at them too, screeching in horror as she slammed back and forth.

They actually eat fellow demons!

She has encountered demon eaters!

Ah, ah, aaaah!!! So scary!!!

The group of demons didn’t expect that the small cub who looked so weak would actually explode with such massive power. When the small furball slammed their heads, there was a buzzing sound in their heads, which did not disappear for a long time. After staggering a few times, the weaker ones fell to the ground, too dizzy to keep standing.

The black qilin who went out to hunt and came here by accident: …

When the black qilin arrived, he happened to see the little furball knocking down at a group of demon beasts with lightning speed, stripping them off their combat effectiveness in a blink of an eye.

When Lu Yaoyao saw the black figure, she suddenly let out a long chirp of excitement and joy as if seeing a family member. The little furball hopped towards the black qilin in an instant, and her small claws hugged his forelimb tightly.

“Chi, chi, chichi…!!!” Lu Yaoyao’s chirping voice was full of fear. Big Brother, they are so scary! They are demon eaters! They eat cubs!


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