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DDDV Ch 63 Part 2 – She Collapsed in Front of the Black Qilin With a Pitiful Chirp (II)

“Chi, chi, chichi…!!!” Lu Yaoyao’s chirping voice was full of fear. Big Brother, they are so scary! They are demon eaters! They eat cubs!

When the demons saw the black qilin appear, they endured the dizziness and forced themselves to get up and face the black qilin vigilantly.

The black qilin’s eyes filled with a murderous aura. He stared coldly at the group of demon beasts, angry because they were disturbing his hunting.

The demons slowly retreated in caution. The cheetah demon didn’t want to conflict with the black qilin, so he said: “We didn’t enter your territory.” This place was very far from the black qilin’s territory, and they also specially evaded his hunting range.

The cheetah glanced at the little dumpling clinging to the black qilin’s front paw. Could it be that the Tyrant wants to raise this cub? Did he have such a compassionate heart?

When Taoji saw the target she was about to seduce, she walked out and transformed. In her human form, Taoji had what she needed to arouse a man’s desire: a pair of fox eyes full of charm, a hot body with a seductive line… The pair of fox ears on top of Taoji’s head trembled as she walked, and the foxtail behind her swayed slightly.

When Lu Yaoyao saw the fox transformed into a human form, she immediately felt disgusted upon remembering what they had just done.

Big Brother, don’t be seduced by that demon eater!

“Gentleman…” The voice was very charming, “Taoji has admired you for a long time. Seeing you today is my utmost fortu—”

Before Taoji could finish her words, the black qilin impatiently threw away the little dumpling on his claws, then lowered his body in an attacking stance before leaping like lightning: “Roar!”

Lu Yaoyao’s round body made a half-arc in the air before landing easily on a nearby rock. She quickly jumped twice, cheering on the side. Even when Big Brother Black was surrounded by enemies, he didn’t lose at all!

The scene was very bloody, but Lu Yaoyao felt relieved. When she watched how the group eagerly discussed about eating her just now, she knew they had done many similar things before. For such a cannibal group who had eaten countless of their fellow demons, it was better to kill them as soon as possible.

Soon, the black qilin finished killing all the demons. The bloody fight stimulated his beastly nature and made him even more bloodthirsty. The pair of red eyes were full of brutality, and the boiling beast blood in his body made him want to fight again. It was not until he heard the crips and tender chirps that he returned to sanity.

The black qilin was stunned. Lately, he gradually became more easily controlled by beastly nature, and blood was always quick to make him lose his mind.

The black qilin raised his foot and was about to leave.

Seeing this, Lu Yaoyao jumped quickly and fell in front of the black qilin with a pitiful chirp. Noticing the glance from the blood-colored eyes, Lu Yaoyao called out in a weak voice, “Chi…”

Lu Yaoyao’s moist round eyes looked up with panic and fear. She had encountered demon eaters! How scary!

Lu Yaoyao jumped weakly, as if her little claws were broken when she confronted the demons just now.

Her paws hurt, and she couldn’t walk anymore…

Weak, pitiful, helpless.

Black qilin: “…”

In the end, Lu Yaoyao successfully claimed the first ride on the black qilin’s head. The black qilin had a gloomy face, but he still brought the cub all the way back to his territory until they landed softly in front of his cave. He hated the injustice of heaven, hated his failure to see through the evil nature of others. After being tortured so much, there was only hatred left in him, but this small cub somehow could always evoke the last trace of compassion in his heart…

But that’s all. The black qilin didn’t have the intention to take care of this cub, and it’s enough to let her wander freely in his territory.

On the way, Lu Yaoyao lay comfortably on the head of the black qilin, but soon enough, she stood up to hold the beautiful horn.

The scenery moved very rapidly, but Lu Yaoyao stood very stably.

“Chi!” It feels like flying!

Before Lu Yaoyao had enough, the black qilin suddenly stopped and shook his head. Lu Yaoyao lost her balance and fell. When she struggled to get up on the ground, the black qilin had already jumped into the cave.

Sitting on the ground, Lu Yaoyao turned her head and saw the place she had lived in for several days. Feeling relieved, Lu Yaoyao jumped up and quickly used the dirt-removal spell a few times, turning herself back into a beautiful and clean white dumpling.

Lu Yaoyao then hopped to the entrance of the cave. Lying on her stomach, her bright black eyes squinting in. Rounding up, she and Big Brother were now comrades-in-arms who have stayed through adversity together, right? Why didn’t he invite her to sit in his cave?

After being rescued once by the black qilin, Lu Yaoyao felt even closer to him. Still, she couldn’t brashly enter someone’s house without the owner’s consent.

Lu Yaoyao touched her small pouch and remembered the gift she had found after so much effort. She then turned her eyes around, looking for a suitable place to plant the fruit. It didn’t take long for her to find a good place with softer soil.

Lu Yaoyao took out the small wooden sword, dug a hole, and planted the whole fruit. Smelling a nice fragrance, Lu Yaoyao’s little nose sniffed softly. She leaned over and tried to sniff harder — the smell was emanating from the fruit.

Could this fruit be edible?

Before Lu Yaoyao could figure out anything, the black qilin suddenly appeared behind her, his pair of blood-red eyes staring intently at the plant. A soul fruit!

Lu Yaoyao chirped happily when she saw the black qilin.

Big Brother, this is my gift for you!

When Lu Yaoyao saw the black qilin’s obvious interest in the fruit, she knew she had found the right gift! As long as Big Brother accepts the gift she prepared as the protection fee, she would be able to stay in his territory without a guilty feeling.

Lu Yaoyao was overjoyed. Now that the gift was finally delivered, she hopped back to her usual resting place. These past few days, Lu Yaoyao didn’t treat herself badly. For her temporary home, she chose a very hard big rock, dug a passage in it, then dug another big cavity inside the rock. The little dumpling was now living in a very spacious room that could protect her from the wind and rain… although she had never seen rain since she arrived in this strange place.

Lu Yaoyao took out several colorful pearls from her pouch and rolled them around. She had spent a lot of energy today. After playing for a while, Lu Yaoyao soon fell asleep.

The sleeping Lu Yaoyao didn’t know what was happening outside her rock at this moment. After the little furball left her gift behind, the black qilin kept staring at the soul fruit and didn’t move for a long time. Soul fruit was the only spiritual thing growing in the Abyss. It had a miraculous effect of cultivating one’s body and nourishing one’s soul.

This soul fruit was the one the black qilin needed most urgently now. He had been searching for it for so many years and raiding so many demon beasts’ nests, but failed to find a single soul fruit.

How did the cub find it?


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