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DDDV Ch 64 Part 1 – “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” (I)

Father!! Daddy!!!

Lu Yaoyao’s little paws kicked around as she abruptly woke up from her dream, chirping in horror! She quickly picked up the pearl that rolled to the corner and hugged it tightly.

Lu Yaoyao had a terrible nightmare. She dreamed of being trapped here for the rest of her life, unable to find a way out until she died of old age. Meanwhile, Father and Daddy kept searching for her for a lifetime, but they could not find her and ended up depressed. Their family of three was obviously still living in the same world, but never to reunite again in their entire lives.

Just thinking of this worst-case scenario, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t stop crying.

Although Lu Yaoyao strongly said that she did not believe the words of those demon eaters, it still left a shadow in her heart. Was it really impossible to get out of this place? Father and Daddy were definitely looking for her now. So many days had passed; they should have found out that their daughter was missing, right?

Could it be that they couldn’t find her because they didn’t know where she fell? After realizing this fact, Lu Yaoyao didn’t dare to admit it. Would she never see her Father and Daddy again?

“Chi!!” Huge sadness and panic swept through, and Lu Yaoyao cried until she was out of breath.

No! Father and Daddy will definitely find her, and she will definitely return to them!

Those big baddies must have deceived her!

She doesn’t believe them!

The black qilin was still brooding around at the entrance of his cave. When the cub took out this soul fruit, it was already ripe and exuded an attractive aroma. The black qilin was in a dilemma for a long time, but he finally made a decision — the cub didn’t know the value of this fruit, but he couldn’t allow himself to take advantage of her ignorance.

The black qilin laughed at himself. He had already fallen this low, yet he always remembered his Mother Queen’s teaching. If this fruit belonged to any Abyss creatures, he would do absolutely anything to rob it, but the fruit was owned by a very young cub. The cub was pure-hearted and naive. At first glance, he could see that she was protected well by her parents and grew up in a honey pot. It was thanks to her sheltered upbringing that she developed such a pure temperament, but if someone with an impure mind approached her, she would quickly get deceived until her last drop of worth.

The black qilin thought, should he let the cub learn how dangerous this world is?

Suddenly there was a faint chirp from the nearby rockery. The voice was full of unease, fear, and sadness. The black qilin hesitated for a moment, but still went over. He walked to the lower side of a big rock and looked up at the faintly shining hole where the voice came from. The black qilin let out a low growl. The chirp paused for a moment, then it gradually became clearer.

Still crying, Lu Yaoyao crawled out of the hole and fell straight down on the black qilin’s head. Hugging the black horn, tears kept rolling down her eyes.

She is so homesick, she wants to go home…

She misses her Father and Daddy, woohoo…

Lu Yaoyao cried miserably.

Only a cub would cry so unbridledly. The black qilin turned around with an expressionless face and slowly walked back to the cave.

Suddenly, a thick demon aura mixed with a heavy bloody smell rushed in. Leaving a trail of muddy black dust in the air, a strange-shaped creature ran with lightning speed towards the soul fruit.

The black qilin’s blood-red eyes suddenly burst with murderous intent. The next moment, he leaped into the air and rushed towards the demon beast. His sharp claws cut through the beast’s body, leaving a few bloodstains on the ground. The beast groaned in pain and wanted to fight back, but the black qilin didn’t give it a chance to resist and had already launched his next attack.

Lu Yaoyao hiccupped and didn’t care to cry anymore. Clutching the qilin’s horn tightly, her reddish eyes watched the fight vigilantly. What an ugly beast! It had four eyes, and its shape was also strange.

Probably because of the cub hanging above his head, but the black qilin didn’t use his horn to fight. Lu Yaoyao saw how the already heavily-injured beast always desperately tried to rush in one particular direction. When Lu Yaoyao looked over, she saw the plant she planted not long ago.

Could it be that the plant was a precious treasure? Lu Yaoyao was startled. Was the danger caused by the gift she brought back? She had caused trouble for Big Brother…

Lu Yaoyao seized the opportunity, swooped in, and kicked the ugly beast hard with her two small paws. When the beast was stunned, the black qilin delivered the killing blow. The beast fell to the ground, full of unwillingness as it took its last breath.

The black qilin stood majestically in front of his enemy’s corpse.

Lu Yaoyao jumped down and quickly washed her eyes with a spell. She was so ugly just now!

The black qilin walked slowly to the soul fruit and let out a low growl at the little cub.

Lu Yaoyao walked over tentatively. She then raised her head and chirped at the black qilin.

Is he… telling her to take it back?

Big Brother doesn’t like this gift?

The black qilin knew that the cub had a storage space item. This ignorant little guy didn’t know how to hide her treasures and often took things out of thin air in front of his cave. A beast had already been tempted and even ignored the danger to steal the fruit, and it would take no time for the second, third, and more to come. Although this cub did not need to use the soul fruit now, she could keep it until she grew up. At that time, she could use the fruit to strengthen her soul, which was beneficial for her cultivation.

The black qilin motioned the little furball to put the fruit into her storage space. For such a young cub to have her own storage space item when she was barely just a few years old, she must be a child of very powerful demons. Even him, a prince, only had a storage space ring left behind after her Mother Queen passed away. Unfortunately, all his belongings were taken away when he was locked up.

The black qilin couldn’t recognize what kind of demon this cub was. However, the world was vast, so it was no wonder that there were many things he did not know.

It took Lu Yaoyao a long time to understand what Big Brother Black meant. Did he refuse to accept this fruit because he thought it was too valuable? Seeing how desperate that ugly beast was when it tried to rob the fruit, Lu Yaoyao knew that this fruit was very valuable, and it must be good for Big Brother Black, too. However, Big Brother was able to resist the temptation and return it to her. How admirable!

But this was the protection fee she gave to Big Brother Black. If he didn’t accept it, should she go out again to find another gift?


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