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DDDV Ch 65 Part 1 – Looking for the Exit (I)

Lu Yaoyao finally knew that she was not hallucinating. Big Brother Black really spoke!

“Chi!” That fruit could make demons speak? Lu Yaoyao wondered where she could find a second fruit. She also wanted to speak!

The black qilin rested for a while, waiting until the most severe pain subsided from his body. After a while, he looked at the chirping little dumpling in front of him and said, “Shen Changyuan.”


“My name.”

“Chi, chi, chi…”

The black qilin stared at the lively little dumpling, and his cold eyes became softer. From now on, he would be Shen Changyuan. “Run your demon aura around your body…” Shen Changyuan’s voice was no longer so hoarse, and he began to teach the little dumpling how to speak the common language of the continent.

Demons in their original forms were not able to speak the common language from the beginning. Even so, it was not difficult to gain the ability to speak. With the guidance of an adult, even a newly born cub could do it. This made Shen Changyuan puzzled. Why didn’t the cub’s parents teach her to speak? Was it because they thought her chirps were cute and liked to listen to them? Which parents were so unreliable?

Lu Yaoyao blinked a few times. Then, as Shen Changyuan said, she tried to circulate the spiritual aura in her body.

“Chi chi…like this?” A soft and cute voice suddenly rang. When Lu Yaoyao heard the words that came out of her mouth, she jumped up with joy, “I can speak!” It turned out to be so simple, and now she could speak again!

“Finally, I can speak! It’s really hard to communicate when no one understands me talking…” Lu Yaoyao seemed to be pouring out all the words she wanted to say since she fell into this strange space. For a while, the entire cave was full of echoes of Lu Yaoyao’s cuddly voice until she jumped back to the black qilin’s side and finally remembered to introduce herself, “My name is Lu Yaoyao.”

She raised her little head, “Brother Yuanyuan1, can you take me out of this place so I can find my father and daddy? They will definitely repay your kindness.”

What? Brother Yuanyuan? Shen Changyuan suspected that he had heard it wrong, “Kid, what are you calling me?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked, “Brother Yuanyuan. Don’t you think this name is very cordial?” And also easier to call!

“Call me foster father.” Since he would be raising this cub from now on, they better have a formal relationship.

“!!!” Lu Yaoyao was shocked. I thought of you as a big brother, but you actually want to be my father!

She immediately shook her fluffy head, “No, my father and daddy will never agree. You will definitely get beaten by them!”

Back then, Xiaosi’s mom and dad also wanted her to be their goddaughter, but neither Father nor Daddy agreed. They took a turn to visit her house to persuade Father and Daddy for many days, but Xiaosi’s dad ended up beaten all day long, so pitiful!

Xiaosi’s mom was a girl, so she escaped being beaten.

As for Brother Yuanyuan, he was a good person, and Lu Yaoyao didn’t want to repay kindness with evil.

Father? Daddy? Shen Changyuan was puzzled.

Lu Yaoyao proudly puffed her small belly, “My Father and Daddy are amazing! They are the most powerful demons in the world! My Father’s name is Yao Jiuxiao, and my Daddy’s name is Lu Qingyu! You see, my Father…”

Shen Changyuan listened as Lu Yaoyao began to give a long introduction about her Father and Daddy. When the tender voice finally stopped, he quickly used the pause to ask, “What kind of demons are your father and daddy?”

“We are all stone demons!”

…Stone demon? How could a stone demon have an original form resembling a small furball? But the cub said it very confidently, showing how gullible and innocent she was. Shen Changyuan couldn’t say that he knew everything about the Demon Realm, but he was still very knowledgeable. He had never heard about such powerful stone demons, and he also didn’t believe that this little cub was a stone demon, but he didn’t say anything.

“Brother Yuanyuan, what kind of demon are you?” Lu Yaoyao felt this shape was familiar, but she couldn’t tell what kind of demon it was.

“Scaled…” Shen Changyuan was about to say ‘scaled dragon,’ only to realize that he was no longer one. In the end, he answered in a low voice, “I am a black qilin.”

“Wow!” Lu Yaoyao was amazed, “A divine Beast!” Just the name alone was already much more powerful than a stone demon! No wonder Brother Yuanyuan was so powerful! He was a divine beast!

Lu Yaoyao held Shen Changyuan’s front paw; her little bead-like eyes were full of expectation, “Brother Yuanyuan, can you take me out to find Father and Daddy?”

Shen Changyuan’s voice suddenly turned cold, “There is no way out of the Abyss.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t believe it, “No, it’s impossible.”

“You are still young, so it’s no wonder you don’t know. This place is called Abyss, and the exact location is unknown. However, all the cultivators in the entire Yuanqi Continent know that once you accidentally fell into the Abyss, you will never be able to get out again.”

“I’m not young!” Lu Yaoyao retorted, “I’m fifteen!”

Shen Changyuan was more certain after hearing this. For the demon race who only reached adulthood at the age of one hundred, fifteen years old was indeed still very young. Such a young cub still ignorant of the world fell into the Abyss and was separated from her family. He didn’t know who was more pitiful between them. He had lived for more than 300 years, but he was still a youngster in the Demon Realm. However, he at least had experienced much more than this cub.

After Lu Yaoyao told her age to Shen Changyuan, she retorted seriously, “There is definitely an exit.”

Shen Changyuan broke Lu Yaoyao’s naive thought, “It’s impossible to leave the Abyss.”

“How do you know for sure?”

“In the entire three realms, who doesn’t know this?”

“That’s odd,” Lu Yaoyao had her own reasoning, “If no one can get out, then how do people outside know about the Abyss’ existence?”

“If no one really can get out, then all the creatures who know about the Abyss will be trapped here until they die. If this is the case, no one outside the Abyss should know about its existence.” Lu Yaoyao said with certainty, “So, at least some people must have gone out.”

Shen Changyuan: “…” He wanted to tell the cub that she was talking nonsense, but after thinking about it, he felt that what she said made sense. If no one had ever gone out, then how did the world outside know about the Abyss’ existence? And even had it written in various records?

An unprecedented hope arose in Shen Changyuan’s heart.

Yes, some people must have gone out!

However, the creatures of the Abyss failed to find an exit even after thousands of years of searching. Most of them returned without success, and many powerful beings we’re trapped here until the end of their lives.

Could the two of them really find the exit?

Shen Changyuan had a doubt in his heart, but when he thought of the mother and son who lived comfortably on his bones and blood, his heart was full of anger. He must go out, and then…

Various means of revenge burned inside Shen Changyuan’s mind, but he was pulled back to his senses by a movement so soft and negligible.

Lu Yaoyao used her small paw to pat Shen Changyuan’s forelimb, “Brother Yuanyuan, what’s the matter with you?”

“It’s nothing.” He looked at the little dumpling, “Okay, let’s find a way together.”

Lu Yaoyao was ecstatic, “That’s great!”

The next moment, Lu Yaoyao’s belly made a grumbling sound. She hurriedly covered her belly, and the soft skin under the white fur turned a light pink. The snacks inside her pouch were almost gone. These past two days, she began to ration her snacks, hoping to make them last a few days more, causing Lu Yaoyao to not eat her fill.

Shen Changyuan stood up and walked out.

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly followed, “Where are you going? Are we going to look for the exit now? Why don’t you take a rest first? No need to hurry…”

Lu Yaoyao was still traumatized by Shen Changyuan’s painful reaction just now and was quite worried as a result, for fear that he was not yet fully recovered. Lu Yaoyao was indeed very eager to find a way home, but now that Shen Changyuan had promised her, she was no longer in a hurry. Big Brother must take care of himself first!

Shen Changyuan replied, “I’m fine.”

In fact, the effect of the soul fruit was still repairing his body even now, but he could bear this level of pain.


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  1. Shen Changyuan’s name is written 沈长渊, with the word 渊 (yuan) means ‘deep’ or ‘profound’ and also one of the characters that make up the word Abyss (地渊 Abyss). Meanwhile, Yaoyao calls her Brother Yuanyuan (圆圆) with the character 圆 that means ’round.’ The connotation is much cuter.

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