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DDDV Ch 65 Part 2 – Looking for the Exit (II)

Shen Changyuan brought Lu Yaoyao out to hunt and returned with prey shortly after. Standing on top of the black qilin’s head, the little dumpling looked at the dead beast with a worried look, “This is not a demon beast, right?”

Lu Yaoyao was right to worry, as she could hardly distinguish spirit beasts from demon beasts unless they spoke. On top of that, she found that the creatures in the Abyss mainly had bizarre looks.

Shen Changyuan said patiently, “I don’t eat demon beasts.” Then he gestured for Lu Yaoyao to start eating the meat.

“???” In reaction, Lu Yaoyao jumped down in fright and let out a long chirp.

Father could only make strange food, but they were at least cooked! But this person, who wanted to be her third father, actually let her eat raw meat!

Lu Yaoyao resolutely refused, “I don’t eat raw meat!” Moreover, this beast lived in an environment where the sun was not seen all year round. Who knew if there was any strange substance in the meat? No, she should stop thinking about it. Otherwise, the meat would look even more unappetizing.

Seeing that the cub resisted so much, Shen Changyuan did not insist, but picked up the prey and walked back. Like the cub, he was also used to eating only cooked food before. If he hadn’t been stranded here, he also wouldn’t have resorted to eating raw meat, but the conditions here didn’t allow him to be picky in order to survive.

He understood the cub’s feeling, but since she was already here, she had to get used to the harsh environment; otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to survive.

Seeing Shen Changyuan’s silent movement, Lu Yaoyao felt a little uneasy. Brother Yuanyuan treated her so well. Seeing that she was hungry, he endured physical discomfort to hunt for her. She shouldn’t be so picky, but even though she was a demon, she still couldn’t make herself eat raw meat…

“Brother Yuanyuan, I’m sorry…” Lu Yaoyao was in a great dilemma, as she didn’t want to let down Brother Yuanyuan’s kindness.

Shen Changyuan glanced at the cub and found that she was still standing in the same place, looking dumbfounded and sad. He rolled her up with his tail, put her on his back, then quickly dashed back to the cave.

Lu Yaoyao was lying dumbfoundedly on the black qilin’s back. However, she was more used to standing on his head, so she quickly trotted over and sat securely there.

The place they went hunting was not too far away, and they soon returned to the cave entrance. Shen Changyuan put down the prey. In his mind, he thought that he should train the cub to be not as squeamish, or she might starve to death before finding a way home. However, Shen Changyuan’s body was more honest, as it began to look for dry wood that could be used to make a fire.

Shen Changyuan didn’t possess a fire spiritual root, nor had he ever subjugated a celestial fire. The soul fruit could repair his body, but not his cultivation base, so he had to start cultivating from the very beginning again. In other words, he currently had no way to conjure fire out of thin air.

But with his dragon core taken away, could he really redo his cultivation? Shen Changyuan’s eyes darkened.

Lu Yaoyao saw what Shen Changyuan was doing and happily went to help. The Abyss was bare everywhere, and the trees that occasionally grew here had no leaves, only branches that looked like hanging roots. These branches had similar characteristics: they were very thick and strong. Shen Changyuan looked around and finally chose a long branch to take back before splitting it into countless pieces with his claws.

Now that they had wood to burn, the previous question arose again: how to make a fire?

Lu Yaoyao rummaged through her pouch and finally found two flints, which she didn’t even remember putting in. After going through countless hardships, the two finally managed to make a fire and began to roast the pieces of meat cut by Shen Changyuan.

Having been used to the Abyss where the environment was so dark and humid, Lu Yaoyao felt the fire was very warm and enticing. Seeing that Lu Yaoyao was about to throw herself into the fire, Shen Changyuan pulled her back with his claw and wrapped her in his forelimbs, preventing the restless little dumpling from burning her own fur. Two figures, one big and one small, sat by the fire in silence. The flickering yellow light reflected their fur, bringing a comfortable warmth.

Lu Yaoyao looked eagerly at the piece of meat that was already giving off the roasted aroma. From time to time, she asked, “Is it done yet?”

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t cook delicious food, and so her two hopeless fathers. Because of this, there was no seasoning in her pouch, so the beast’s meat was roasted without seasoning. After the meat was done roasting, Lu Yaoyao finally began to eat.

Without seasoning, the meat didn’t have any taste. Maybe because of its severe living environment, the meat even had a slightly muddy flavor. However, Lu Yaoyao was very hungry. If she refused to eat even this, she might really starve to death.

Lu Yaoyao ate a lot. After she was full, she patted her round belly and lay lazily on Shen Changyuan’s back.

The rest of the meat was eaten clean by Shen Changyuan. Probably it was the effect brought by having the little cub as a companion, making his life no longer so bleak, and thus Shen Changyuan had the leisure to eat cooked meat.

After the two ate their fill, Shen Changyuan carried the little dumpling back to the cave to rest.

Lu Yaoyao was lying on Shen Changyuan’s belly, using his fluffy tail as a quilt. The little dumpling was drowsy, but she said cheerfully, “Brother Yuanyuan, we’ll set off tomorrow!”

“I’ve already thought about it. Let’s go and find out if there are any strange rumors left in the Abyss. I think the exit must be in these places…”

“We will definitely find an exit, then go to find my Father and Daddy…”

Lu Yaoyao’s voice gradually became smaller, and she fell asleep after a while.

Shen Changyuan, who was listening silently, finally replied in a low voice, “We will…”

Even if it takes ten years, a hundred years… one day, they will definitely be able to leave this Abyss.

Early the next morning, Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan did some preparation before departing. First, Shen Changyuan taught Lu Yaoyao how to conceal her aura. If she didn’t learn this, she would attract a steady stream of Abyss creatures who wanted to eat her. Their purpose of going out was to find an exit, and there was no need to waste energy and time on fighting.

Lu Yaoyao was very smart and mastered it in a short time. Thus, the two set off to find strange rumors.

Despite living here for more than ten years, Shen Changyuan was not too familiar with the Abyss. Except for hunting for food, his mind was full of cultivation, and so he was only familiar with his own territory. Moreover, the Abyss was very vast, so vast that Shen Changyuan had never seen every corner of it. Occasionally, he would hear some unusual rumors when he set off to look for any resources that could help him cultivate. From these, Shen Changyuan knew there was an extremely dangerous creature in the deepest part of the Abyss, and he had once felt its terrifying aura on the periphery of its territory. Shen Changyuan was still seriously injured at that time, so he avoided the place. This time, his body was healed, but he was bringing a small cub, so he didn’t have the intention of coming close to the deepest part.

The black qilin leaped among the rocks and trees with lightning speed, quickly leaving the territory and proceeding towards the east. Lu Yaoyao sat on top of Shen Changyuan’s head, with her small paws holding on to his horn. It was very nice there. The divine beast ran very fast, causing the strong wind to blow on Lu Yaoyao’s soft fur. Even so, she could easily hide behind the tall horn, which sheltered her from the wind.

After Shen Changyuan ran for a long time, the surrounding environment finally changed. Lu Yaoyao looked around. It was much brighter here. The sky was still gray when she looked up, but the soil here was not black, so the environment didn’t look so gloomy.

After reaching this place, Shen Changyuan lowered his speed and no longer ran so fast. With a white dumpling on his head, the black qilin walked slowly. All the way, the two did not encounter any beasts.

Lu Yaoyao looked around and suddenly asked, “Brother Yuanyuan, do you know how the Abyss formed?”

“I don’t know. It’s not mentioned in the ancient records.”

Lu Yaoyao was a little disappointed, but Shen Changyuan was still not finished: “However, there is a popular theory claiming that the Abyss was formed by the drastic change in the continent ten thousand years ago. It apparently appeared together with the ascension or fall of the ancient demon clans…”

Yuanqi Continent was very prosperous ten thousand years ago, with countless Great Ascension powerhouses in the three races. However, for a reason unknown, those powerhouses either ascended or fell one after another in a short period of time. Yuanqi Continent began to decline after that.

Just look at the current situation. There were only two Great Ascension cultivators in the entire Yuanqi. And since then, no cultivators had ascended.

No one knew the origin of Abyss, but Shen Changyuan guessed that it may have something to do with the great change ten thousand years ago. It was a pity that the era was too long gone. There were not many records left from the era, so Shen Changyuan also didn’t know much.

Probably, no one in the three realms knew the answers.



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Author’s note:

The male lead is now called Shen Changyuan, but once he takes the top position, he will not be known by this name~

The real name of the Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable is not much known in the three realms. The Dao Venerable has always been known by the name ‘Hengwu’ to the public, while the Devil Venerable also has another name in the Devil Realm. Very few know their real names.

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