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DDDV Ch 66 Part 1 – The Devil Rat (I)

Lu Yaoyao listened attentively to Shen Changyuan telling the history of the Abyss he knew. It was the type of story she liked the most. “My Father said that everything has its origin. If I ever get stranded in an illusion or a secret realm by chance, I have to try to understand and decipher its core. Illusions, arrays… everything leaves traces, and nothing can be totally flawless. No matter how hopeless a situation is, there is always a silver lining somewhere. Only when we can find it can we survive.”

“The Abyss is the hopeless situation we are facing. Now, we have to find that silver lining.” Lu Yaoyao was very optimistic, “As long as it exists, there will definitely be traces.”

“Since we don’t know why the Abyss exists, let’s find it out.” Lu Yaoyao had an intuition. She felt that the reason for the Abyss’ existence was also the key to finding the silver lining.

“‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.'”1

When Shen Changyuan listened to the soft and childish voice narrating profound concepts in such a serious manner, his heart couldn’t help but soften. It was obvious that her parents had given her the best education. Although the cub was young and simple-minded, she knew a lot. Among them, there was even knowledge Shen Changyuan hadn’t heard before, which showed how well-learned the cubs’ parents were.

“Brother Yuanyuan, do you know who the longest living creature in the Abyss is?”

Shen Changyuan was silent for a moment, “It should be the one dwelling in the deepest part of the Abyss.”

“Who is more powerful between you and him?”

Shen Changyuan raised his face coldly, “He.” He was now just a waste demon without a cultivation base. He could conquer a territory relying solely on his new body, but the most terrifying existence in the Abyss was not something the current him could provoke.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes moved around, “Do you think it’s feasible to visit him?”

“Yes, but we will definitely end up as his snack.”

“Oh.” Lu Yaoyao temporarily gave up looking for the most powerful creature. “Apart from him? Who else has been alive for a long time?” Rationally speaking, those who had lived here for a long time had a high chance of knowing something they didn’t know. There was so much that she wanted to know, ah!

Shen Changyuan was literally the second newest addition to the Abyss right after Lu Yaoyao, and thus he only knew little about the Abyss. However, he knew someone who might have the information.

“Where are we going?” Lu Yaoyao asked. They had already reached a completely unfamiliar terrain, but Shen Changyuan began to purposely walk in one direction.

“Maybe the half-devil rat knows something.”

“Half-devil rat?” Lu Yaoyao heard an unfamiliar term.

“For thousands of years, demons are not the only race who have fallen into the Abyss. There are many devils and humans too. Later, there were many mixed-race…” Shen Changyuan’s words were vague, but Lu Yaoyao understood. It turned out to be mixed-race people!

“I heard from elders that the demon race, the human race, and the devil race are not in harmony with each other.” The elders Lu Yaoyao mentioned were the adult demons of Duanping Mountain Range, from whom the cubs liked to hear various stories. Lu Yaoyao once asked her Father and Daddy — is it true that the three races hate each other so much that they cannot live in peace? In response, Father patted her head and told her to see more and think about it herself after she grew up.

“Within the Abyss, only the rules of the jungle exist.” After all, it was even not uncommon for demons to eat fellow demons, so it was very normal for the relationship between different races to be more chaotic.

“Is there a source of water here?” Lu Yaoyao was lying on top of Shen Changyuan’s head, feeling that she had become a piece of dried dumpling. She had been living here for so long without seeing rain or water. After talking too much, she became thirsty. But she only had two or three fruits left, and was too reluctant to take even a bite.

Lu Yaoyao felt very miserable. There was no water, no plants, no sunshine. The Abyss was such a depressing place to live!

Lu Yaoyao muttered, “I want to drink water, I want to eat fruit, I want to eat delicious food…” It would even be better if there was water to take a bath.

Shen Changyuan said, “There are no such things in the Aby-…” Before he could finish his sentence, something suddenly hit his head.

At this moment, they were passing through a canyon. Something suddenly fell from the sky and hit the top of Shen Changyuan’s head before quickly rolling over and falling to the ground.

Shen Changyuan’s head was knocked, but it was Lu Yaoyao who cried out for him: “Ouch!”

The little dumpling rubbed the Shen Changyuan’s head with her small paw and asked,
“Brother Yuanyuan, does it hurt?”

“No.” Shen Changyuan’s eyes fell on the black fruit in front of him. It was not a soul fruit, but the color and shape were similar. Actually, there were plants and fruits in the Abyss. But they were extremely rare, and the chance of finding one was on the par with finding a rare heavenly treasure, and some creatures might never have encountered one in their lifetime.

Lu Yaoyao also looked at the black thingy that suddenly fell down from above. She jumped down, looked at the black round fruit, and picked it up. “A fruit?”


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  • My Whole Family Are Villains
  1. This is a very famous line from Sun Tzu, which, we can safely figure, does not exist in DDDV’s world.

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