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DDDV Ch 66 Part 2 – The Devil Rat (II)

Lu Yaoyao also looked at the black thingy that suddenly fell down from above. She jumped down, looked the black round fruit, and picked it up. “A fruit?”

Lu Yaoyao asked Shen Changyuan, “Is it edible?”

Shen Changyuan was not sure either, but there was a high chance that it was edible.

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan looked up at the towering cliff. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t wait anymore. She dispatched the aura inside her body and made a great jump upward. There must be more fruits above!

Shen Changyuan quickly jumped behind. His head propped the small furball and gave her more jumping leverage.

Before long, the two saw a clump of fruit trees on the cliff wall that made up the canyon.

“Chi!!” Lu Yaoyao was very excited, “A lot of fruit!”

Lu Yaoyao was about to run to pick the fruits when Shen Changyuan said, “I will do it.”

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly said: “Let’s uproot the whole trees, take them back to the cave, and plant them there!” Lu Yaoyao wanted to praise herself. If they could plant it back home, they could easily get fruits from now on. How clever!

Shen Changyuan nodded in response.

At first glance, there seemed to be a lot of fruits, but there were actually only two or three plants, with a dozen or so fruits in total, all safely stored inside Lu Yaoyao’s pouch now. The little dumpling couldn’t resist taking a few bites. The fruit was bursting with sweet juice, moisturizing her parched throat.

Lu Yaoyao gave one of the fruit to Shen Changyuan, but Shen Changyuan didn’t accept it. He wanted Lu Yaoyao to keep all the fruits for herself and eat them slowly, but Lu Yaoyao forcefully stuffed the fruit into his mouth.

“Brother Yuanyuan, you are just like my Father and Daddy.” Lu Yaoyao sighed like a little adult, “Just like them, you always give the food to me and cannot bear to eat it yourself. This is not right. I know you feel distressed and cannot bear to see me suffer, but I feel distressed for you too!”

Shen Changyuan carried Lu Yaoyao on his back and continued to walk forward, only responding with a little hum.

“How are Father and Daddy now? Are they fighting again? They always fight behind my back. Actually, I knew it, but they didn’t want me to know, so I pretended not to know and tried my best to ease their relationship. I don’t know if it worked or not.”

Except for when they were jealous, Father and Daddy always looked harmonious with each other in front of her, but she often found subtle traces of fighting that happened during her absents. Seeing how Father and Daddy were a bit sloppy in some aspects, they probably did not notice that they had been exposed.

“Now that I’m not with them, they must be fighting every day. It’s really troublesome.”

Accompanied by Lu Yaoyao’s lively chirping, Shen Changyuan walked for another half an hour and suddenly found a tiny water flow seeping from a crack in the ground. The water flow was minuscule, as it only emerged slowly before being absorbed back by the soil, but this sight was enough to make Lu Yaoyao jump up with joy, “Water! Brother Yuanyuan, there is water!”

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly let Shen Changyuan drink first before filling various bins and jars in her pouch with the water. After collecting as much water as she could, Lu Yaoyao jumped off excitedly. She spun and rolled in the puddle, diving and swimming, enjoying the long-lost sensation of bathing to the fullest.

Shen Changyuan lay on the side, looking at the little dumpling with pondering eyes. No matter how slow he was, at this point, he already realized how good this cub’s luck was. The soul fruit, told to rarely be seen once in hundreds of years, was easily found by her. He had been looking for a soul fruit everywhere for more than ten years, but failed to find one. Shen Changyuan couldn’t help but think, was this little dumpling a natural treasure magnet?

The water in the ground gradually decreased until it finally stopped flowing, and only then did Lu Yaoyao get up reluctantly. Lu Yaoyao shook herself, flying droplets of water around. Even in her wet state with her fluffy fur stuck to her body, she was still a very round little ball. Lu Yaoyao used the spiritual aura to dry her fur over and over again before climbing back to Shen Changyuan’s head and sitting on her exclusive seat with satisfaction.

Around sunset, Shen Changyuan and Lu Yaoyao arrived at a place. Shen Changyuan brought Lu Yaoyao to a stone, lay his body down, and then waited silently.

Lu Yaoyao looked around. There was nothing special here, and she couldn’t see anything unusual. Still, Lu Yaoyao obediently held her breath and waited silently in ambush with Shen Changyuan.

After a while, there was a slight movement under the stone. The next moment, a big rat walking on two feet and wearing clothes made from a beast’s skin appeared.

Shen Changyuan stood up silently and took a quick vertical leap, pressing the devil rat that was about to run away under his claws.

“Squeak!!!” The devil rat let out a loud squeak. He just came out to play. Why did he encounter an ambush?

“Sir, please spare my life. This humble one is very useful and knows all kinds of information!” The frightened rat looked up at his assailant. When he saw a pair of blood-red eyes, he was so frightened and almost got a heart attack.

It’s that terrifying Tyrant!

My life is over!

The devil rat begged for mercy: “This humble one truly doesn’t have the information you want!”

The devil rat wanted to curse his bad luck. Anytime this Tyrant wanted to obtain information, he always came to his place. In the end, to avoid trouble, he simply chose to hole in his nest for a long time without going out. It was his first time leaving his nest after a long time, but he ended up encountering this Tyrant again!

Which territory’s lord was this scary guy going to kill this time?

At this moment, a white dumpling suddenly comes out, “Is this the devil rat?”

Wasn’t he just an enlarged version of a talking mouse from the cartoon? She thought he would look like a bizarre mix of a beast and a rat!

When the devil rat saw this lively and cute little dumpling, he suddenly felt a fondness for some reason.

So it turned out that the rumor that the Tyrant was raising a cub was true? For a moment, the rat forgot his fear and introduced himself to the little dumpling, “I am a devil rat.”

The rat was a weak creature that survived on the corner of the Tyrant’s territory. He not only heard about the countless killings done by the Tyrant, but also saw how he once went on a murdering spree, killing every being that entered his eyes. Facing the blood-red eyes that were full of a murderous aura, he couldn’t help but tremble, “Do you have an order, Sir?”

Shen Changyuan looked at the demon rat coldly, “This kid wants to hear stories.”

Lu Yaoyao smiled and said, “Yes, I want to hear stories. Uncle, can you tell me very interesting stories about the Abyss?!”

“??!!” The devil rat’s eyes stared in disbelief. They came all the way just to make him the cub’s storyteller?!


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